Help & Useful Tips


Using the Site

There are two primary ways to interact with the information in the Mapping West Philadelphia 1777 site:

The Interactive Map ...

The Browse Landowners feature allows you to find particular landowners by name, township, or date the parcel was purchased. It also shows you the size of the deeded land.

Using the Interactive Map

Our Interactive Map interface uses Google Maps to display our historic map resources along with modern maps.

Zooming: To zoom in or out, use the two finger pinching and spreading motions. Depending on your mobile device, there may also be dedication + and - buttons that you can tap to zoom in and out.

Panning: To pan (move) around the map, simply drag the map with your finger.

Changing Maps: To change which map layers are displayed, tap the gear icon at the top of the window. Tap the checkbox for any of the map layers to turn it on or off. You may adjust the visibility (opacity) of the parcels layer by tapping on the dropdown box and choosing the desired percentage (100% is fully visible, 0% is fully transparent). Tap the "Modern Streets Overlay" option to turn on or off the street lines and names. When done selecting map layers, choose "Back to Map" at the top of the page.

View Parcel Details: You can view information on any parcel by tapping on the desired property. A window will appear with some information; you may view additional information (when available) by tapping the "details" link.