Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

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Registry Plan No.:019S13-0037
Address:3800 WALNUT ST
Area:17,534.3 sq ft

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Deed Book/Page:CJP 1592/285
Property File No.:85
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Sterrett, James P., and Fidelity-Philadelphia Trust Company (remaining trustee of the will of James P. Sterrett) and Sterrett, W. North, and Sterrett, Harold E., and Florence M., his wife, and McCahan, Ray E., and Anna Sterrett, his wife, and Sterrett, Edgar E., and Campbell, John W., and Emma J. Sterrett, his wife, and Sterrett, James T., and Elizabeth Schweyer, his wife, and Sterrett, Edgar B., and Elizabeth R., his wife, and Smith, Eleanor S, and Sterrett Jr., James R., and Phyllis D., his wife, and Chess, P.S., and Marion S., his wife
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania