Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

Parcel Detail

Registry Plan No.:019S15-0183
Address:3638-3690 WALNUT ST
201-221 S 37TH ST
Area:29,613.4 sq ft
Notes:University City Urban Renewal Area, Unit 4, Parcel 10

Transaction 1 of 1

Deed Book/Page:JRS 49/98
Property File No.:364
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Transaction Notes:
RDA acquired this property through condemnation proceedings on 1 December 1966 in the Court of Common Pleas No. 9, September Term 1966, No. 4919. Redevelopment contract dated 1 December 1966 (CAD 884.176).