Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

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Registry Plan No.:019S17-0067
Address:3423 WOODLAND AVE
Area:1,327.1 sq ft

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Deed Book/Page:CJP 1026/285
Property File No.:11
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Krewson, Robert H., and Mary L., his wife, and Aiken, Charles S., and Christine K., his wife, and Krewson, Charles, and Ethel B., his wife, and MacFarlane, Alistair P., and Elsie K., his wife, and Hadfield, John T., and Helen K., his wife, and Stalker, William F., and Lillian H., his wife, and Hamilton, Esther, and Morrison, Robert J., and Marian H., his wife, and Bowen, Robert O., and Edith H., his wife, and Hamilton Jr., Robert C., and Helen L., his wife, and Welsh, Jennie M., and Schellhammer, Claude D., and Mary H., his wife, and King, Earl, and Sarah R., his wife, and Gray, Timothy, and Marion E., his wife, and Lane Lane, Clara G., and Lane Lane, Clara G., (guardian of William C. Dennis) and French, Francis F., and French, F. Raymond, and Dorothy I., his wife, and French, Albert H., and Laura, his wife, and Hutt, Albert S., and Ethel A., his wife, and Hamilton, Samuel G., and Elizabeth, his wife, and Hamilton Jr., Thomas J., and Katherine M., his wife, and Dorricott, Walter, and Ethel J., his wife, and Hamilton, John R., and Lillian, his wife, and Hamilton, Elmer S., and Blanche, his wife, and Hartzig, Gordon, and Sarah H., his wife, and Hamilton, Kathryn C., and Hamilton Jr., Robert E., and Rath, Harry B., and Emma L., his wife
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