Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

Parcel Detail

Registry Plan No.:019S18-0104
Address:3318 WALNUT ST
Area:2,678.3 sq ft

Transaction 1 of 2

Type:Deed (of confirmation)
Deed Book/Page:JMH 856/447
Property File No.:107
Other included parcels:
019S18-01013324 WALNUT ST
019S18-01023322 WALNUT ST
019S18-01033320 WALNUT ST
019S18-01053314 WALNUT ST
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Girard Trust Company
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Transaction Notes:
These properties were purchased for the Univ. by the Girard Trust Company. Subject to three mortgage debts: $19,400, $3,000, $4,000.

Transaction 2 of 2

Deed Book/Page:ELT 357/381
Property File No.:107
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Sutton, Howard P., and Grace, his wife
Girard Trust Company (straw party for the University)
Transaction Notes:
Girard Trust Company was a straw party for the University in this purchase according to agreement 17 June 1914. Subject to a $3,000 mortgage.