Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

Parcel Detail

Registry Plan No.:019S18-0176
Address: 100 S 33RD ST
Area:8,499.9 sq ft
Notes:University Redevelopment Area, Project A, Units 2

Transaction 1 of 1

Deed Book/Page:CAB 108/334
Property File No.:263
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Transaction Notes:
Bed of the west side of 33rd St, as stricken from the City Plan in 1958. RDA acquired this property through condemnation proceedings on 20 Dec. 1957 in the Court of Common Pleas No. 4, Sept. Term 1957, No. 500. and Ordinance to revise 33rd St. lines.