Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

Parcel Detail

Registry Plan No.:036S03-0016
Address:3000 SOUTH ST
Area:763,554.2 sq ft

Transaction 1 of 1

Deed Book/Page:WSV 1312/467
Property File No.:119
Other included parcels:
036S03-00123260 REAR SOUTH ST
036S03-00143331 WEST RIVER DR
036S03-00173600 CIVIC CENTER BLV
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
City of Philadelphia
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania
Transaction Notes:
Subject to a yearly ground rent to the City of $1,000 (released on 5 Dec. 1950). By court order in 1916 Univ. had to relinquish title to Commercial Museum property (see Phila. Museums vs. City of Phila. & Univ. of Pa.: Supr. Ct, Jan.Term 1914, No. 358)