Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

Parcel Detail

Registry Plan No.:019S16-0072
Address:3453 WALNUT ST
Area:3,143.9 sq ft

Transaction 1 of 1

Deed Book/Page:CAD 353/263
Other included parcels:
019S16-0027125 S 36TH ST
019S16-0028121 S 36TH ST
019S16-0029123 S 36TH ST
019S16-00623455 WALNUT ST
019S16-00783447 WALNUT ST
019S16-00793445 WALNUT ST
019S16-00803438-3490 SANSOM ST
019S16-00853451 WALNUT ST
019S16-00863443 WALNUT ST
019S16-00873441 WALNUT ST
019S16-00893449 WALNUT ST
019S16-00933453 REAR WALNUT ST
019S16-09903492 SANSOM ST
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Averna, Salvatore P., and Antoinette, his wife, and Krol, Most Rev. John J., and Rugnetta, Giuseppe, and trustee for Maria A., his wife, and Kravitz, Harriet Tyson, and Harry, his wife, and Looby, John P., and Mary G., his wife
General State Authority
Transaction Notes:
GSA acquired this property through condemnation proceedings in the Court of Common Pleas, June Term 1964, No. 5063 (notice in CAD 256, p. 599). Some properties have recital to CAD 256.599