About Mapping West Philadelphia: Landowners in October 1777

“Mapping West Philadelphia: Landowners in October 1777” is a web-based, geographic data application open to the public. It was developed by the University of Pennsylvania's University Archives and Records Center from research provided by J.M. Duffin. The website is designed to assist scholarly research and the general public in efforts to analyze, interpret and understand the history of the growth of West Philadelphia and the greater Philadelphia area at the time of the American Revolution.  It is a work-in-progress which will be updated on a periodic basis as research for different parts of Philadelphia area is completed.

Mapping West Philadelphia directly supports broad and detailed analysis of the growth of the Philadelphia area in the eighteenth century. The online mapping tools can be used to focus on a specific lot or name and browse all lots by name, location, area, or year of acquisition. Users are able to create queries and layer maps to current street conditions.

Mapping West Philadelphia was created from original research in Philadelphia area land and road opening records as well as historic maps and atlases.  The data from these sources was used to create GIS shapefiles positioned or georeferenced to current locations in ArcGIS.  In most instances the data came from metes and bounds descriptions in deed records or survey courses and distances from road opening records.

Users have the ability to access, analyze and map data. Currently, Mapping West Philadelphia incorporates nine data elements found in two layers:


A variety of primary sources were used to create the layers.

The 1777 Parcel layer was compiled from the deed books maintained by Philadelphia County Recorder of Deeds now at the City Archives of Philadelphia as well as the deed books of the Montgomery County Recorder of Deeds.  This was supplemented with wills and estate records from the Philadelphia Register of Wills and the clerk of Orphans' Court.  Additional material was consulted in the Land Office Records at the Pennsylvania State Archives.  In some cases original unrecorded deeds and briefs of title were used from the collections from a number of local archives, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Germantown Historical Society and the Historical Society of Montgomery County being chief among them.

The 1777 Rivers and Creeks layer was created primarily from tracing the courses of creek and river edges from georeferenced scans of maps and atlases from the eighteenth and nineteenth century.  Since there are no detailed maps of all the streams and water courses in the Philadelphia in 1777, the locations are approximate for that date.  The courses and lines are based upon later maps which begin in the 1780s.

The 1777 Roads layer was created primarily from the road petition files and road docket records of Philadelphia County Court of Quarter Session records at the City Archives of Philadelphia.  Later maps and atlases of Philadelphia as well as Philadelphia Deed Registry plans at the City Archives and on-line at Atlas (under the Deeds heading) were consulted to help place the roads, or portions of roads, at their modern location.  In some cases the placement is approximate.

The 1777 Jurisdiction Boundary layer was created from John E. Daly's Genealogy of Philadelphia County Subdivisions (Philadelphia, 1966).

Information regarding street addresses was compiled from a variety of sources. Most of the modern addresses came from the Philadelphia Deed Registry Records at the City Archives of Philadelphia as well as property atlases, many of which are on the Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network. The 1791 numbering addresses were derived primarily from the 1798 Federal Direct Tax for the City of Philadelphia as well as Edmond Hogan’s 1795 city directory in addition to references in the later deeds to the properties.


Walter Rice, Jr., of R&R Computer Solutions, provided invaluable design work for the creation of this site.

Leon Levine and The Lower Merion Historical Society were very helpful in providing access to GIS data and historical maps that were invaluable in helping to plot the historical property lines in Lower Merion Township.

Joseph J. Menkevich and Fred Moore for their invaluable assistance with property research in Northeast Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire for permission to link to their on-line digital archives.

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