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Owner Township Year Acq. Area Source Contrib. Survey 1791 Address Modern Address
Ishmael and Sarah, Prince and Margaret "Negros"Lower Dublin50 acres
Conrad AbelcityD 55.48123 Arch St329 Arch St
James AbercrombiecityH 9.3
James Abercrombiecityr. D 5.127
James AbercrombieGermantownCP A-1.244; r. D 61.275
James AbercrombieGermantownCP A-1.244; r. D 61.275
John Martin AbishNorriton5 acres, 96 sq. perchesr. 5.63
John Martin AbishNorriton71 acresI 4.174
Isaac AbrahamLower Merion346 acresr. 7.710
Conrad AchenbackFrederick98 acres, 150 sq. perchesr. 12.432
Conrad AchenbackFrederick72 acres, 78 sq. perchesr. 12.432
John & Phoebe AdamsBlockley1.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 16.413
John & Phoebe AdamsBlockley15.75 acres, 28 sq. perchesI 16.413
Jonathan and Susanna AdamscityI 16.114108-110 Race St310-312 Race St
Jacob Adams (Hogermoed)
Jacob Adams (Hogermoed)
Jacob Adams (Hogermoed)Germantown14 acresEF 28.623
William Adams EstateDistrict of SouthwarkD 48.424Christian St
William AdcockUpper Merion50 acresD 5.148
Joseph AddisLower Dublin31 acres, 70 sq. perchesFTW 196.405
Joseph AddisLower Dublin3 acres, 117 sq. perchesFTW 196.405
Joseph AddisLower Dublin12 acres, 32 sq. perchesFTW 196.405
John AdolphGermantown1.75 acresD 9.542
John AdolphGermantown2.5 acresD 10.129
John AdolphGermantown1 acre, 146 sq. perchesD 20.130
Michael AkehoughLower Dublin2 acres, 100 sq. perchesIC 8.83
Michael AkehoughLower Dublin8 acres, 110 sq. perchesIC 8.81
Christian AlbergerNorthern LibertiesD 41.306Lawrence St
Christian AlbergerNorthern LibertiesD 45.24Lawrence St
Philip AlbergerNorthern LibertiesD 23.123
Philip AlbergerNorthern LibertiesD 23.124
Philip AlbergerNorthern LibertiesD 35.319
Christian Alberger EstateNorthern LibertiesD 42.301
Christian Alberger EstateNorthern LibertiesRLL 40.46
Philip AlberticityACH 90.28759 Arch St209 Arch St
Mary and Ricloff AlbertsonNorthern Liberties1 acre, 135 sq. perchesCP Part. 1.232
Jacob AlderferLower Salford159 acresr. 11.220
Jacob AlderferUpper Salford51 acresr. 11.220
Robert AlisonSouthwarkI 16.129George St
Alexander Allairecityr. D 18.145
Alexander AllaireNorthern LibertiesD 18.171Richmond St
Alexander AllaireNorthern Libertiesr. RLL 31.249
Charles AllenBlockley25 acresr. D 6.316
Hannah Allencity
Hannah AllenMoyamensing
Hannah AllenMoyamensing8 acres, 11 sq. perches
Hannah AllenPassyunk11.5 acresr. D 44.164
Isaac and Sarah Allencityr. IC 13.708
John Allencityr. D 20.19772 Spruce St212 Spruce St
John AllenDistrict of Southwark2.25 acresEF 6.89
John AllenDistrict of Southwark2.25 acresEF 6.89
Joseph Allencityr. D 31.21S 2nd St
Joseph AllencityD 12.34060 Spruce St200 Spruce St
Joseph Allencityr. D 31.21S 2nd St
Joseph Allencityr. EF 17.208304 S 2nd St
Nathaniel Allencityr. D 8.504436 Spruce St
Samuel AllenMoreland0.5 acres, 13 sq. perchesr. D 34.384
Sarah AllenNorthern Liberties4 acresr. IC 14.304
Sarah AllenNorthern Liberties3 acres, 137 sq. perchesr. IC 1.175
William AllencityG 3.11
William AllencityG 3.11
William Allencityr. IC 3.486
William AllencityF 3.11
William AllencityH 11.616
William AllencityH 11.616
William AllencityI 8.420; r. EF 10.337157-159 3rd St N
William AllenGermantown10.75 acres, 19 sq. perchesEF 7.84
William AllenGermantownEF 7.86
William AllenGermantown41.5 acresEF 7.88
William AllenGermantown37.5 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenGermantown12 acresEF 7.89
William AllenGermantown0.5 acres, 37.5 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenGermantown37.5 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenGermantown0.5 acres, 6 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenGermantown37.5 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenGermantown37.5 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenGermantown0.75 acres, 30 sq. perchesEF 7.82
William AllenNorthern Liberties4 acresGS 40.376
William AllenNorthern Liberties10 acresGS 40.378
William AllenNorthern Liberties30 acresF 8.552
Nathaniel Allen & Joana PottsPassyunk73 acres, 102 sq. perchesr. D 20.191; will & 1754
Nathaniel Allen & Joana PottsPassyunk2 acres, 156 sq. perchesr. D 20.191; will & 1754
Nathaniel Allen & Joana PottsPassyunk9 acres, 51 sq. perchesr. D 20.191; will & 1754
Nathaniel Allen EstatecityG 11.631
William AllisoncityI 1.348
William AllisoncityI 1.348122 S Front St
William AllisoncityD 55.416
William AllisoncityI 1.346Morris Alley
William AllisoncityI 1.358
William AllisonMoyamensing
John AllowayRoxborough8 acres
Frederick AltemusCheltenham72.5 acres29.111
Frederick AltemusOxford20 acres, 40 sq. perchesMR 13.266
William AlthouseFranconia93 acres, 143 sq. perchesI 7.68
William AlthouseFranconia120 acres4.49
George AmanWhitemarsh51 acres, 123 sq. perches3.199
Jacob AmosRoxborough100 acres
Isaac AndrewscityIC 2.360
Isaac AndrewscityI 11.457
Mary Andrews EstatecityEF 29.57; r. D 14.398209 S Water St
Mary Andrews EstatecityH 14.143
Anglican ChurchLower Dublin
Frederick AntesFrederick175 acres4.219
William AntesNew Hanover65 acresr. 1.488
William and Frederick Antes?New Hanover76 acresWill of Henry Antes
Jacob AnthonyNorthern LibertiesI 16.179327 N 2nd St
Stephen Anthony EstatecityH 17.4077 S 2nd St121 S 2nd St
Stephen Anthony EstatecityF 5.24; r. TH 36.19379 S 2nd St123 S 2nd St
Mary and Sarah AppleNorthern LibertiesMR 1.355; r. MR 1.320
Michael AptNorthern LibertiesD 59.416301 Queen/Richmond St
Elizabeth Armitcityr. LRB 35.296
John Armit Estatecityr. D 35.275Morris Alley
John Armit Estatecityr. D 35.27564 S Front St120 S Front St
Stephen Armit EstatecityEF 5.608338 S 2nd St
Benjamin ArmitageBristol200 acres
Benjamin ArmitageBristol
Benjamin ArmitageBristol
Elizabeth ArmittcityRLL 1.44230 S 2nd St
Mary Armittcityr. D 7.485Cherry St
Mary Armittcityr. IC 24.25952 S Front St108 S Front St
Ephraim ArmstrongNorriton166 acres, 120 sq. perchesWBk O.38; r. 26.328
Simon ArmstrongPlymouth121.5 acresr. 32.423
Simon ArmstrongPlymouth15.75 acresr. 32.423
Andrew ArparthRoxborough16 acres
Caleb AshKingsessing22 acresD 3.238
Caleb AshPassyunk3.75 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 15.227
Caleb AshPassyunk3.75 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 15.228
Caleb AshPassyunk12.75 acres
Caleb AshPassyunk30 acresD 6.215
Caleb AshPassyunk3 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 15.227
Joshua AshPassyunk5 acres, 135 sq. perchesFTW 88.22
Elizabeth AshbridgeAbington103 acresWBk U.1; 34.326
William AshbridgeNorthern Liberties50 acresI 5.205
John AshmeadRoxborough21 acres, 23 sq. perches
Samuel AshmeadGermantown16 acres
Samuel AshmeadGermantown
Samuel AshmeadGermantown8 acres
Samuel AshmeadGermantown26.5 acresWBk F.318
Samuel AshmeadGermantown4 acres
Samuel AshmeadNorthern Liberties16 acres
Samuel AshmeadNorthern LibertiesWBk F.318
William AshmeadGermantown
William AshmeadGermantown0.75 acresEF 5.437
William AshmeadNorthern Liberties
William AshmeadNorthern LibertiesH 18.384
William AshmeadNorthern LibertiesH 18.384
William AshmeadNorthern Liberties2 acres, 155 sq. perchesH 20.266
Ann AshtonMoyamensingCP Part. 1.43
Ann AshtonMoyamensing1 acre, 106 sq. perchesCP Part. 1.43
Ann AshtonMoyamensing3 acres, 33.5 sq. perchesCP Part. 1.43
Hannah and Charles Ashtoncityr. D 1.321704-706 Market St
Isaac AshtoncityADB 32.377th St N
Isaac AshtonLower Dublin64 acresD 69.364
Jacob AshtonLower Dublin41 acresGWR 32.52 & 54
Jacob AshtonLower Dublin3 acres, 10 sq. perchesGWR 32.52 & 54
Jacob AshtonLower DublinGWR 32.52 & 54
Joseph AshtonLower Dublin250 acresTH 55.443
Mary AshtonLower Dublin500 acres
Thomas AshtonLower Dublin83 acres, 147 sq. perches
Benjamin Ashton EstateLower Dublin9 acresr. IC 8.175
Mathias AspdencityH 1.142N Front St
William AtkinsoncityH 3.359128 Elfreths Alley
William AtkinsoncityD 59.400
Caleb AttmorecityI 1.49933 N 2nd St
Robert AudleyBlockley13 acres, 113 sq. perchesr. AM 54.552
Joseph AustinAbington160 acres, 49 sq. perchesr. I 14.112
Thomas AustinMoreland10 acres, 30 sq. perchesr. 8.515
Thomas AustinMoreland43 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. 8.515
Thomas AustinMoreland61 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. 8.515
Samuel Austin Estatecity1767 will, WBk O.161; r. EF 9.27, r. 22.540Water St
Peter AxeGermantown
Peter AxeGermantown
Peter AxeGermantown
Peter AxeGermantown2 acres
Peter AxeGermantown
Samuel AyresMoreland1 acreI 15.296
Samuel AyresMoreland3 acres, 2 sq. perchesI 15.296
Henry BachmanMarlborough30 acres, 145 sq. perchesPatBk AA 15.66
Henry BachmanMarlborough50 acres, 150 sq. perchesPatBk AA 15.68
John BachmanMarlborough50 acres, 54 sq. perches329.289
David BaconcityI 9.41724 S 2nd St36 S 2nd St
David BaconNorthern LibertiesH 19.321, 328Hanover St
David and Mary BaconDistrict of Southwark3 acres, 97 sq. perchesSHF 14.632; WBk P.21
Job BaconcityH 12.430N 3rd St
Job BaconPassyunk3 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 13.191
Job BaconPassyunk3.75 acres, 19 sq. perchesI 13.191
Job & Mary BaconPassyunk2 acres
Job & Mary BaconPassyunk12 acres, 92 sq. perches
Robert BaileyDistrict of SouthwarkH 10.340752 S Front St
Ernst Ludwig BaischcityEF 3.67135 N 2nd St165 N 2nd St
Christopher BakercityEF 11.547
Conrad BakerNorthern LibertiesD 8.122
George BakerNorriton172 acres, 52 sq. perchesr. 46.413
George & Elizabeth BakerWhitemarsh62.25 acresD 1.213
Joseph Baker22 acres, 48 sq. perchesD 72.514
Joseph Bakercity305 Cherry St
Joseph Bakercityr. EF 7.7429 Market St111 Market St
Joseph BakerMoyamensing2 acres
Joseph BakerPassyunk36 acresEF 6.422
Michael BakerBristol
Michael BakerNorthern Liberties212 Queen/Richmond St
Michael BakerNorthern LibertiesEF 27.186210 Queen/Richmond St
Peter BakerNorthern LibertiesI 2.300Richmond St
Samuel BakerNorthern LibertiesI 7.552Queen/Richmond St
Sophia Catharine BakerNorthern LibertiesI 2.300; I 2.256Richmond St
Valentine BakerNorthern LibertiesI 2.300
Conrad Baker EstateNorthern LibertiesD 48.108642-644 Queen/Richmond St
John Baldwin3 acresIC 16.37
John BaldwincityI 15.518Market St
John BaldwinNorthern LibertiesI 5.427
John BaldwinNorthern LibertiesI 15.20N Front St
John Baldwin EstatecityH 16.539, EF 30.32954 S 2nd St102-106 S 2nd St
Joseph BallNorthern Liberties53 acres, 65 sq. perches
William BallcityD 9.941 Market St125 Market St
William BallcityD 4.118300 S Front St
William BallcityD 4.244114 Jones Alley
William BallNorthern LibertiesD 4.63Queen/Richmond St
William BallNorthern LibertiesD 3.475Richmond St
William BallNorthern Liberties42 acres, 14 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties56 acres, 96 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties14 acres
William BallNorthern Liberties37 acres, 63.5 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties53 acres, 82.5 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties14 acres, 42 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties14 acres, 39 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties3 acres, 82 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties3 acres, 24 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties4 acres, 27 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties4 acres, 14 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties3 acres, 8 sq. perches
William BallNorthern Liberties3 acres, 54 sq. perches
Ann BankscityWBk P.556; r. IC 8.13324 N 3rd St
Jacob BanksonMoyamensing18 acresG 6.135
Jacob BanksonMoyamensing26 acresG 6.135
Baptist CongregationcityH 13.119131 3rd St N
Baptist Congregationcityr. D 56.336
Baptist CongregationcityD 56.338
Baptist CongregationcityH 13.119129 3rd St N
Baptist CongregationcityH 13.119127 3rd St N
Baptist CongregationLower Dublin2.5 acresI 5.450
Baptist CongregationLower Dublin1 acreE-6.7.113
Alexander BarclaycityH 9.5
Alexander BarclaycityH 9.5
Mary BarclayMoyamensing3 acresr. GGP 132.363
Thomas BarclaycityD 33.192
Jacob BargecityD 16.181189 Market St435 Market St
Jacob BargecityI 8.435Market St
Jacob BargecityJMH 1742.11-3 N 5th St
John BargeGermantown
John BargeGermantown5 acres
John BargeGermantown2.5 acres
John BargeWhitemarsh1.5 acres
Andrew Barge & Joseph MatherGermantown46.75 acresSHF 18.505
Andrew Barge & Joseph MatherGermantown50 acresSHF 18.505
Andrew Barge & Joseph MatherGermantown143 acresSHF 18.505
John BarkeyUpper Salford176 acres7.481
John BarkeyUpper Salford4 acresPatBk P 18.437
Mary BarkleyDistrict of SouthwarkI 1.181, 281; I 3.112756 S Front St
Mary BarkleyDistrict of SouthwarkI 1.181, 281; I 3.112754 S Front St
Daniel BarndollarGermantown1 acrer. EF 22.171
Daniel BarndollarRoxborough
John BarndollarRoxborough5 acres
John BarndollarRoxborough3 acres, 141 sq. perches
John BarndollarRoxborough61 acres
John BarndollarRoxborough56 acres, 37 sq. perchesH 18.365
Nicholas BarndollarBristol62 acres, 25 sq. perchesD 57.197
Barnaby BarnescityI 16.11; r. GWR 18.351
Barnaby BarnescityI 16.1166 N 2nd St116 N 2nd St
Barnaby BarnesNorthern Liberties2 acres, 23 sq. perches
Barnaby Barnes?Northern Liberties
Isaac BarnetcityD 3.424186 Race St524 Race St
John BarnhillcityD 65.10013 N 3rd St17 N 3rd St
John Barnhill?Germantown1.5 acres
Robert BarnsMoreland75 acres, 138 sq. perches8.672
Jacob BarrcityRDW 112.558426 S 2nd St
Barrack Lots (Pennsylvania)Northern Liberties2 acres, 115 sq. perchesD 66.187
Barrack Lots (Pennsylvania)Northern Liberties2 acres, 154 sq. perchesD 66.185
Edward BarretDistrict of Southwark
Richard BarrettcityRLL 12.220
Thomas BartholomewcityH 16.87124 N 5th St
Thomas Bartholomew Jr.cityI 1.18752 N 5th St104 N 5th St
George Bartholomew EstateMoreland0.5 acres, 8 sq. perchesEF 8.244; r. EF 8.245
Bartle BartlesonNorriton100 acresD 2.239
Bartle BartlesonNorriton8 acres1
Bartle BartlesonNorriton50 acresD 2.236
Nicholas BartlesonNorriton123 acres6.215
Bartle Bartleson?Norriton30 acresr. MontCo OCt 1.342
Christlieb BartlingcityD 25.104136 6th St N
Christlieb BartlingcityD 40.47471 N 6th St133 N 6th St
Christlieb BartlingcityD 40.474
Samuel BartoletNew Hanover15 acres, 12 sq. perchesI 15.94
Susanna BartonNorthern Libertiesr. D 39.45244-246 Queen/Richmond St
George BartramcityI 2.39068 S 2nd St118 S 2nd St
George BartramDistrict of SouthwarkI 8.213
George BartramNorthern Liberties97 acres, 120 sq. perchesI 16.444
Isaac and Moses Bartramcityr. D 3.369235 Market St603 Market St
Isaac and Moses BartramNorthern Liberties9 acres, 17 sq. perches
James BartramKingsessing64 acresD 71.368
John BartramKingsessing37 acres, 140 sq. perchesH 2.252
John BartramKingsessing102 acresGWC 41.356
Moses BartramcityD 16.158 N 2nd St106 N 2nd St
Alexander Bartram?District of Southwarkr. D 16.235
Andrew Bartram?Cheltenham55.25 acres, 15 sq. perches
Robert BasscityI 7.334
Robert BasscityI 7.334
Frederick BastLower Dublin84 acresI 14.514
John BatescityI 17.396329 S 4th St
John BatescityD 2.369
Charles Batho EstatecityI 4.505; r. D 20.41721 Walnut St111 Walnut St
Jacob BauerMoyamensing0.75 acres, 22 sq. perches
Jacob BauerMoyamensing
Jacob BauerMoyamensing
Jonathan BavingtonOxford18 acresH 19.185
Jonathan BavingtonOxford183 acresCP A.1.175
James BaxtercityD 72.273
John BayardPlymouth2 acres, 1 sq. perchr. 13.149
John BayardPlymouth2 acres, 94 sq. perchesr. 13.149
John Baylycityr. GWR 30.83406 S Front St
John and Elizabeth Baylycityr. EF 9.122
John and Elizabeth BaylycityD 60.260228 Race St
Baylycity408 S Front St
Peter BayntoncityRDW 132.107
Peter BayntoncityRDW 132.10777 Arch St227 Arch St
Peter and Elizabeth Bayntoncityr. D 24.284
Peter and Elizabeth Bayntoncityr. D 24.28456 Walnut St228 Walnut St
Edmund Beachcityr. H 11.56222 Lombard St208 Lombard St
John BeakscityWBk O.114; r. D 17.629S 4th St
Joseph BeakscityWBk O.114; r. D 17.147S 4th St
Joseph Beaks EstatecityH 7.223
Thomas BeansAbington145 acresD 1.248
Stephen BeaslyDistrict of SouthwarkIC 15.70215 Christian St
George Beathle?Douglas9 acres, 30 sq. perchesr. 447.140
David Beavancityr. D 45.450Pine St
George BechtelDouglas4 acresr. 39.541
George BechtelDouglas13.25 acresr. 39.541
George BechtelDouglas21 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. 39.545
George BechtelDouglas64 acres, 59 sq. perchesr. 39.545 and r. 424.274
George BechtelDouglas4 acresr. 39.541
George BechtelNew Hanover193 acres, 120 sq. perchesWBk O. ; r. 102.548
Isaac BechtelNew Hanover75 acres, 18 sq. perchesr. 25.199
Isaac BechtelNew Hanover50 acresr. 39.34
Martin BechtelNew Hanover102.8 acresG 3.309
Martin BechtelNew Hanover54.75 acresG 2.542
Martin BechtelNew Hanover100 acresI 13.447
Martin BechtelNew Hanover131 acresG 3.309
Henry BeckGermantown2.5 acres, 17 sq. perchesI 13.474
John Diellman BeckcityI 9.497
Martin BeckGermantown1 acre, 8 sq. perchesH 11.123
Paul BeckcityRDW 117.6912 South Alley523 South Alley
Frederick BeckingLower Merion150 acresH 19.302
Frederick BeckingLower Merion105 acresD 10.155
Jonathan BeerecityH 14.498
Jonathan BeerecityADB 5.118Carters Alley
Jonathan Beerecityr. D 66.15844 Strawberry Alley36-38 Strawberry Alley
Jacob BeidemanNorthern Libertiesr. EF 14.560Queen/Richmond St
Jacob BeidemanNorthern LibertiesH 10.73Richmond St
John BeiglercityEF 6.413729 Zane St
Isaiah BellcityEF 31.586; EF 31.584
Isaiah BellcityEF 31.58870 Arch St240 Arch St
Isaiah BellNorthern Liberties8 acres, 76 sq. perches
Jacob BellcityD 18.62971 N Front St
John BellcityD 47.464182 Race St520 Race St
William BellcityI 9.191137-139 Front St N
William BellUpper Merion135 acres, 134 sq. perchesChester Co WBk F.15; Pa Archives 6 Ser, v. 12, p. 209
Samuel Bell EstateNorthern LibertiesD 12.481707-709 Vine St
Henry Benbridgecityr. D 6.39420 S 5th St
Moses BenderNew Hanover100 acres
Moses BenderNew Hanover156 acres132.279
Moses BenderNew Hanover41.5 acres
Moses BenderNew Hanover166 acres, 70 sq. perches
Nicholas BenderNorthern LibertiesGWC 30.180Hanover St
Anthony BenezetcityD 2.293115 Chestnut St
Daniel BenezetcityD 21.354109 N 2nd St
Daniel BenezetcityD 52.46
Daniel BenezetcityH 18.296N 2nd St
Daniel BenezetcityD 52.61103 N 2nd St
Daniel BenezetcityD 52.48
Daniel BenezetcityH 18.29549 Arch St135 Arch St
Daniel BenezetcityH 18.284133 Arch St
Daniel BenezetcityI 9.33
Daniel BenezetcityD 52.22; D 52.63
Daniel Benezetcity
Daniel BenezetNorthern Liberties3 acres, 9 sq. perchesD 21.373
Daniel BenezetNorthern Liberties
Daniel BenezetUpper Salford277 acres, 30 sq. perchesPatBk P 1.262
James BenezetAbington30 acresH 21.15; 14.437
James BenezetAbington33.5 acresH 21.15; 14.437
James BenezetAbington49.5 acresH 21.15; 14.437
James BenezetAbington10.5 acresH 21.15; 14.437
James BenezetcityADB 13.521
James BenezetMoyamensing3 acres
James BenezetOxford63 acresD 65.331
James and Ann BenezetcityH 7.275
Philip BenezetcityI 3.59080 S Front St138 S Front St
Philip BenezetGermantown7 acres, 46 sq. perchesAWM 14.179
Christian BennerFranconia156 acres, 78 sq. perchesr. 4.104
Christian BennerFranconia90 acresr. 30.529
Christian BennerFranconia100 acres3.273
George BennerNorthern Liberties1 acre, 159 sq. perchesI 2.278
Isaac BennerFranconia50 acresr. 38.181
Isaac BennerFranconia4 acresr. 38.181
Isaac BennerFranconia46 acresr. 38.181
John BennerFranconia225 acresr. 3.5
Sebastian Benner EstateFranconia150 acresr. 3.486
Jacob BennetLower Dublin130 acresAM 24.305
Jacob BenninghovecityD 30.119
Jacob BenninghovecityD 30.119
Charles BenselGermantown0.75 acresD 75.295
Charles BenselGermantown2.75 acres, 16 sq. perchesr. EF 5.442
Charles BenselGermantown1.25 acres, 28 sq. perches
Charles BenselGermantown4 acresr. EF 9.442
Charles BenselGermantown0.75 acresEF 5.440
Charles BenselGermantown1 acre, 76 sq. perches
Charles BenselGermantown1.25 acres, 22 sq. perchesD 17.316
Charles BenselRoxborough18.5 acresD 77.318
George BenselGermantown
John Benson Estatecity50 S 2nd St
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk5.25 acres, 10 sq. perchesH 6.440
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk3 acres, 140 sq. perchesEF 8.239
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk6 acresIC 24.609
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk4 acresEF 8.239
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk4 acresEF 8.239
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk12 acresIC 2.605
Christian BerkenboilPassyunk4.58 acresEF 8.239
Isaac BerkeyFranconia65 acres6.457
Isaac BerkeyFranconia110 acres6.463
Michael BerkeyLower Salford150 acres
John BernDouglassr. 25.26
John BernDouglassr. 25.26
John BernDouglassr. 25.26
John Henry Bernard EstateFranconia75 acresr. 7.498
John Henry Bernard EstateFranconia22 acresr. 7.498
John Henry Bernard EstateUpper Salford11 acres, 62 sq. perchesr. PatBk A 19.335
John Henry Bernard EstateUpper Salford156 acresr. PatBk A 19.96
John Henry Bernard EstateUpper Salford152 acresr. PatBk A19.96
Margaret & Peter BerndollarWhitemarsh101 acres, 105 sq. perchesr. 6.527
Margaret and Peter Berndollarcityr. IH 3.721115 Front St N
Ludwig BernhardGermantown5 acres, 124 sq. perchesEF 10.405
John Bernt?Upper Salford and Rockhill102 acres, 46 sq. perchesr. P 14.151
Joseph Berrymancity9th St N
Lydia Bettle EstatecityGS 7.304
Lydia Bettle EstatecityGS 7.30328 Strawberry Alley26 Strawberry Alley
William Bettle EstateNorthern LibertiesD 7.518Noble St
Christian BetzcityD 20.387135 Arch St405 Arch St
Charles BevanLower Merion300 acres
David BeveridgeBlockley15 acresI 15.574
David BeveridgeBlockley29 acresI 14.301
George BewleyMoreland39 acresI 16.246
Nathan Bewley EstatecityH 2.92116 Race St318 Race St
Abraham BeyerNorriton73 acresWBk P.405; r. 37.540
Abraham BeyerNorriton180.5 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 13.63
George Frederick BeyercityH 16.547N Front St
Jacob BeyerNorriton50 acres, 116 sq. perchesWBk P.405
Christopher BeyerlycityI 14.11486-88 6th St N126-132 6th St N
Christiana Bickhamcityr. MtgBk M 1.249207 Arch St
Abraham Bickleycity
Abraham BickleycityI 10.203
Henry BickleyNorthern Liberties27 acres, 118 sq. perches
Henry BickleyNorthern Liberties42.75 acres
Henry BickleyNorthern Liberties3 acres, 92 sq. perches
Henry BickleyOxford40 acres
Henry BickleyOxford20 acresD 31.41
Abraham Bickley Estatecity21-25 Market St
John BiddisGermantown3 acres, 116 sq. perches
John BiddisGermantown9 acresD 11.384
Samuel BiddisGermantown1.25 acres, 4 sq. perchesr. D 68.619
William BiddisGermantown
John BiddlecityEF 15.114714-716 Zane's St
John and Sarah BiddlecityPatBk AA 4.153713-715 Market St
Owen BiddleGermantownIW 16.302
Owen BiddleMoyamensing9 acresD 3.8
Ludwig BilgerFranconia115 acresI 16.180
Isaac BilleauMoreland24 acresr. 15.95; OC Dk 5, p. 130
Isaac BilleauMoreland300 acresr. Bucks Co. 31B.147
Daniel BillewMoreland13 acres, 132 sq. perchesI 13.468
Daniel BillewMoreland10 acres, 28 sq. perchesD 4,265
Daniel BillewMoreland57 acres, 137 sq. perchesD 4.265
Jacob BinderNorthern Liberties305 Queen/Richmond St
(William?) BinghamOxford10.75 acres
William Binghamcity14 Bank St
William Binghamcity59 S 2nd St103 S 2nd St
William and Mary Binghamcityr. D 8.5133 S 2nd St
William Bingham EstatecityWBk F.54; r. D 5.21633 N 3rd St37 N 3rd St
William Bingham EstatecityCP A-2.6343 N 3rd St
William Bingham EstatecityWBk F.54; r. D 5.216
William Bingham EstatecityWBk F.54; r. D 5.21649 N 3rd St
John Peter BinkisNew Hanover54 acres, 116 sq. perchesr. 250.351
John Peter BinkisUpper Hanover54 acres, 116 sq. perchesr. 250.351
John BirchallcityGWR 5.19445 S 4th St
Rebekah BirchallcityGWR 5.19443 S 4th St
Bernard BisbingSpringfield2 acres
Bernard BisbingSpringfield10 acres
Bernard BisbingSpringfield84 acresI 7.60
Bernard BisbingSpringfield106.75 acres
Jacob BishopNew Hanover132 acresr. 1.514
Jacob BishopNew Hanover4 acres, 36 sq. perchesr. 1.513
Elizabeth (Gant) BisphamBlockley125 acresOC Dk 7.241
Elizabeth (Gant) BisphamBlockley15 acresOC Dk 7.241; r. D 41.404
Samuel BisselNorthern Liberties20 acres, 2 sq. perchesI 13.536
John BissellcityD 10.9121 S 3rd St31 S 3rd St
John BissellcityD 10.91; D 9.50119 S 3rd St29 S 3rd St
Samuel Bissell?city17 S 3rd St27 S 3rd St
Deborah and Robert Bissettcityr. D 43.715th St N
Robert BissettPassyunk10 acres, 20 sq. perchesr. D 51.7
Lewis BittingcityI 14.36226 5th St N
Yost BittingNew Hanover108 acresr. 13.24
Yost BittingNew Hanover107 acresPatBk A 9.367
Yost Bitting?New Hanover37 acresr. 35.332
James BlackcityEF 2.444
Robert BlackMoyamensing1 acre, 16.75 sq. perchesAM 73.219
Robert BlackMoyamensing1 acre, 16.75 sq. perchesAM 73.220
Richard BlackhamcityEF 9.29752 N Front St52 N Front St
Richard Blackhamcityr. D 28.44622 N Front St
Richard BlackhamNorthern Libertiesr. D 10.303
Richard BlackhamNorthern Libertiesr. D 10.303
John BlackledgeMoreland147.5 acresH 16.319
Thomas BlackledgeRoxborough23 acres, 10 sq. perches
Richard BlackumNorthern LibertiesI 10.56
John BlakeLower Dublin21 acres, 136 sq. perchesD 31.25
John BlakeLower Dublin3 acres, 145 sq. perchesD 31.25
Elizabeth BlakelycityH 14.12639 S 2nd St
John BlankleyBlockleyWBk L.350
John BlankleyBlockleyWBk L.350
John BlankleyBlockleyWBk L.350
Joseph BlaverDistrict of Southwarkr. EF 18.59231 Christian St
John Bleakley EstatecityI 5.3825 N 3rd St9 N 3rd St
John Bleakley EstateKingsessing500 acresG 6.211
John Bleakley EstateMoyamensingH 8.62
John Bleakley EstateMoyamensingH 5.401
John Bleakley EstateMoyamensing3 acres, 12 sq. perchesI 2.233
John Bleakley EstateMoyamensing3 acresI 2.233
John Bleakley EstateMoyamensingH 10.273
John Bleakley EstateMoyamensingH 9.512
Christian BleimNew Hanover156.5 acres21.307
Christian Bleim Jr.Douglass275 acres, 124 sq. perches71.306
Joseph BlewerNorthern LibertiesCP B-3.176Shackamaxon St
Frederick BoarNorriton45 acresr. D7.391
Godfrey BockiusGermantown1 acreH 20.344
John BockiusGermantown3 acres, 27 sq. perchesI 8.392
John BockiusGermantown10.5 acresI 8.392
John BockiusGermantown20 acresCP B-3.15
Peter BockiusGermantown3 acres, 60 sq. perchesD 4.439
Peter BockiusGermantown23 acres, 58 sq. perchesI 12.347
Peter BockiusGermantown5 acres, 24 sq. perchesD 18.636
Philip BoehmcityI 9.137
Philip BoehmcityI 2.29696 N 2nd St146 N 2nd St
Adam BohlMoyamensing
Adam BohlMoyamensingI 13.463
Adam BohlMoyamensing
John Bolithocityr. EF 18.107, D 25.329,33040 Chestnut St136 Chestnut St
Everard BoltoncityI 14.34738 N Front St
Joseph BoltonBlockley79.5 acresI 10.479
Joseph BoltoncityI 9.3568 Coombs Alley
Lawrence BombergerNorthern LibertiesD 34.2412nd St N
Ann and Thomas BondcityI 16.145
Joseph BondDistrict of SouthwarkIC 9.64326-28 Queen St
Thomas BondcityD 18.17885 S 2nd St129 S 2nd St
Thomas BondcityH 21.28583 S 2nd St127 S 2nd St
Thomas BondcityD 7.14210 S 2nd St20 S 2nd St
Thomas BondNorthern Liberties51.25 acres
Thomas BondNorthern Liberties20 acres
Thomas BondNorthern Liberties50 acres, 115 sq. perches
Thomas Bond Jr.Northern Liberties15 acres, 70 sq. perches
Phineas Bond EstatecityCP A-1.34963 Chestnut St219 Chestnut St
Phineas Bond EstatecityEF 26.356; r. D 37.398
Phineas Bond EstateMoyamensing2 acres, 6 sq. perchesr. IC 15.101
Phineas Bond EstateMoyamensing1 acre, 154 sq. perchesr. IC 15.101
Ephraim BonhamcityD 4.13416 Arch St108 Arch St
Ephraim BonhamcityGS 18.619101 Arch St
Rudolph BonnerNorthern Libertiesr. I 17.95Garden St
Rudolph BonnerNorthern Libertiesr. I 17.95Garden St
Benjamin BonsallKingsessing38 acres, 41 sq. perchesIW 10.499
Benjamin BonsallKingsessingD 17.257
Benjamin BonsallKingsessing89 acresIW 10.499
Benjamin BonsallKingsessing10.25 acres, 38 sq. perchesIW 10.499
Edward Bonsallcityr. D 5.134241 S 5th St
Edward BonsallcityMR 3.276321 S 4th St
Edward BonsallcityD 59.376156-158 S 4th St332-334 S 4th St
Edward BonsallcityD 2.22683 S 4th St333-335 S 4th St
Edward BonsallMoyamensing
Edward BonsallMoyamensing
Edward BonsallMoyamensingGWR 7.526
Edward Bonsall?New Hanover36 acres, 93 sq. perchesr. 19.379
Edward Bonsall?New Hanover8 acres, 67 sq. perchesr. 19.379
William BoonKingsessing
William BoonKingsessing
William BoonKingsessing96 acres, 3 sq. perchesWBk D.21
Sarah Bordlycityr. MR 19.290
Sarah Bordlycityr. MR 19.290
Christel BornemanDouglass20 acres1286.256
Henry BornemanUpper Hanover157.5 acres15.444
Martin & Martha BoroughDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Martin & Martha BoroughDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Adam BossartMarlborough150 acresr. Warrant to AB, 1763 (Phila. Co. B-182, State Archives)
Thomas BournecityPatBk AA12.37116-18 5th St N
John BoutcherMoreland260 acresWBk c.57; r. 15.135
Samuel BoutcherMoreland10 acres, 40 sq. perches7.601
Samuel BoutcherMoreland38 acresD 43.368
Samuel BoutcherMoreland40 acresD 43.368
Samuel Boutcher Jr.Moreland123 acres7.603
Charles BowerRoxborough
John Andrew BowerWhitemarsh20 acresr. 40.273
John Andrew BowerWhitemarsh10 acresD 77.333
John Andrew BowerWhitemarsh10 acresH10.394
Samuel BowerUpper Hanover48 acres, 90 sq. perchesr. 2.139
Samuel BowerUpper Hanover10 acres, 110 sq. perchesr. 2.139
Samuel BowerUpper Hanover15 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. 2.139
Charlotte BowesNorthern Liberties16 acres, 64 sq. perchesWBk Q.238; r. D 53.323
Charlotte BowesNorthern Liberties5 acres, 120 sq. perchesWBk Q.238; r. D 53.323
Thomas BowlbyNorthern Liberties75 acres
Charles BowmanDistrict of SouthwarkAM 28.254
Charles BowmanDistrict of SouthwarkAM 28.254
Jacob BowmanGermantown3 acresEF 7.388
Jacob BowmanGermantown10.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 43.25
Jacob BowmanNew Hanover59.75 acres3.25
Roger BowmancityI 16.37077 Walnut St
Blaze BoyercityI 11.49356 N 5th St108 N 5th St
George BoyerFrederick100 acres, 24 sq. perches6.205
George Frederick BoyerNorthern LibertiesH 16.542
Henry Boyer Sr.Frederick306 acres2.106
John BoyerBristol64 acresD 13.581
Leonard BoyerFrederick174 acresr. 70.337
Philip BoyerFrederick200 acres2.24
Andrew Boyer?Frederick149 acresr. 6.207
Andrew Boyer?Frederick25 acresr. 6.207
Andrew Boyer?Frederick18 acresr. 6.207
Hannah BoylecityG 8.402165 Market St409 Market St
Elias BoysDistrict of SouthwarkI 11.525
Esther BoytNorthern LibertiesEF 27.639Warren St
Philip Boyte EstateNorthern LibertiesH 19.240Queen/Richmond St
Andrew Bradford EstatecityADB 13.524; r. D 8.42
Andrew Bradford Estatecityr. D 8.42
Arthur BradisUpper Dublin24 acresr. 48.177
Adam BrantNew Hanover30 acresI 13.238
Nicholas BrehautDistrict of SouthwarkD 14.416S Front St
Nicholas BrehautDistrict of SouthwarkD 14.413S Front St
George BreyMarlborough98 acresr. PatBk AA 1.83
George BreyMarlborough25 acres, 87 sq. perchesr. PatBk AA 1.83
George BreyMarlborough34 acres, 156 sq. perchesPatBk AA 15.67
Wendel BreyMarlborough31.5 acresr. 9.417
John Brickillcityr. AM 18.102; r. IC 1.9, IC 12.202417 S 3rd St
George BrieningNorthern LibertiesH 6.206640 Queen/Richmond St
George BringhurstGermantown134 acresIC 20.448
George BringhurstGermantown13.75 acres, 105 sq. perchesGWC 83.493
George BringhurstNorthern Liberties1 acreIC 3.733
James BringhurstcityD 49.51623 Delancey St205 Delancey St
James BringhurstcityD 13.300227 S Front St
James BringhurstcityI 17.384170 S Front St330 S Front St
James BringhurstcityH 19.79172 S Front St332 S Front St
James BringhurstcityIC 10.731Delancey St
James BringhurstPassyunk2 acres, 58 sq. perchesI 17.385
James BringhurstPassyunk12.25 acresI 17.385
James BringhurstPassyunk8.25 acres, 10 sq. perchesI 16.519, 540; D 13.276; EF 26.491
James BringhurstPassyunk30 sq. perchesI 17.385
James BringhurstPassyunk8 acres, 85 sq. perchesI 16.519, 540; D 13.276; EF 26.491
John BringhurstDistrict of SouthwarkI 13.83
John BringhurstGermantown67 sq. perchesD 46.441
John BringhurstGermantown4.75 acres, 32 sq. perchesD 77.329
John BringhurstGermantown2.75 acresD 46.441
John BringhurstGermantown20 acresD 45.413
John BringhurstGermantown6.25 acresD 75.331
John BringhurstGermantown6.25 acresD 77.331
John BringhurstGermantown2.75 acresr. AM 16.785
John BringhurstGermantown1.5 acres, 29 sq. perchesD 56.231
John BringhurstGermantown16 acres, 37 sq. perchesD 51.116
John BringhurstNorthern Liberties3 acresAM 11.491
John BringhurstNorthern Liberties10.25 acresEF 6.17
John BringhurstNorthern Liberties12.5 acresEF 6.17
Joseph BringhurstcityI 3.416227 S Water St
Samuel BringhurstGermantownAWM 61.469
John Bringhurst EstatecityH 3.160232 S Front St
Thomas BristollOxford58.5 acresI 14.427; r. D14.423
Thomas BristollOxford41 acres, 60 sq. perchesI 14.427; r. D14.423
Thomas BristonLower Merion93 acres, 131.5 sq. perchesI 6.251
Catherine BrittnerLower Merion200 acresWBk Q.72; r. 14.32
John BrittonBlockley58 acresEF 7.724
John BrittonMoreland192 acresWBk L.544
John BrittonMoreland
John BrittonNorthern Liberties1 acre, 159 sq. perchesIC 14.418; GWR 4.185
John BrittonPassyunk27 acres, 105 sq. perchesCP A-2.
William BrittonOxford
William BrittonOxford13 acres, 15 sq. perches
William Coates and John BrittonUpper Merion60 acresI 15.467
Andrew BroaderickcityLW 122.17331 8th St N
Andrew BroaderickcityD 30.7825 8th N
Sarah and John BrockAbington3 acres, 15 sq. perches34.276
Edward Brocks Jr.cityH 2.174
Edward Brocks Jr.cityH 2.174
Hannah and Mary Bromwellcityr. D 56.30626 Strawberry Alley
William Bromwich EstatecityTH 174.154104 Arch St
William Bromwich Estatecityr. D 22.211102 Arch St
Jonathan BrookLower Merion103 acres, 79 sq. perches257.383
Bowyer BrookeNorthern LibertiesI 3.172831 2nd St N
Bowyer BrookeNorthern Liberties1 acre, 55.75 sq. perchesI 3.172
Bowyer BrookeNorthern LibertiesI 3.172
John BrookeNew Hanover100 acres, 42 sq. perchesI 2.364
Matthew BrookeNew Hanover176.75 acresComBk A 2.418
Matthew BrookeNew Hanover50 acresr. 3.406
Samuel BrookePlymouth107.5 acresI 1.167
Samuel BrookePlymouth100 acresI 1.167
William BrookeNew Hanover26 acresG 7.133
Edward Brooks Jr.cityH 13.8384 N Front St114 N Front St
George and Sarah BrookscityRLL 3.2738 Chestnut St105 Chestnut St
Jacob BrownBristol43.75 acres
Jacob BrownGermantown19 acresr. EF 14.486
James BrowncityLW 9.349
Joseph Browncity
Magdalen BrowncityWBk K.547; r. I 17.40619 N 3rd St23 N 3rd St
Magdalen Browncityr. I 17.406
Mary BrownLower Dublin2.5 acresSHF 5.701
Mary BrownLower Dublin1 acreSHF 5.701
Mary BrownLower Dublin27 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 16.510
Mary BrownPassyunk12 acres, 50 sq. perches
Samuel BrownNorriton104.5 acresH 18.548
William BrowncityH 9.550255 S 2nd St
William BrowncityD 59.2769 N 6th St131 N 6th St
Sarah Brown Estatecityr. EF 6.644
William Brown?city
John BrowneNorthern Liberties
John BrowneNorthern LibertiesOC Dk 5.190
John BrowneNorthern Libertiesr. D 8444Front St N
John BrowneNorthern LibertiesCP Partition2nd St N
Jonathan BrowneNorthern Liberties17 acres, 31 sq. perchesI 16.12
Jonathan BrowneNorthern Liberties17 acres, 31 sq. perchesI 16.12
Nathaniel Browner. CP E.229
Nathaniel BrownecityEF 21.614
Nathaniel BrownecityIC 23.131
Peter BrowneNorthern LibertiesD 1.149
Peter BrowneNorthern LibertiesD 1.147Queen/Richmond St
Peter Browne EstatecityEF 29.565
Peter Browne EstatecityG 1.231
Peter Browne EstatecityG 1.231
Peter Browne EstateNorthern LibertiesD 67.213
Henry Brunner EstatecityD 19.5280 4th St N152 4th St N
Henry BrussterNorthern LibertiesD 18.360234 Queen/Richmond St
Samuel BrustarNorthern LibertiesD 11.158Queen/Richmond St
Sarah Bryancityr. ADB 147.134
Sarah BryancityD 32.105; r. ADB 147.13466 Arch St236 Arch St
George Dieter BucherNew Hanover68 acresr. 12.67
George Dieter BucherNew Hanover75 acresr. 12.67
George Dieter BucherNew Hanover49 acresr. 12.67
Sebastian BucherNew Hanover84 acres, 96 sq. perchesr. 5.173
Sebastian BucherNew Hanover6 acresr. 5.173
Sarah BuckleycityH 9.29585 S 3rd St
Levi BuddNorthern LibertiesN Front St
Levi BuddNorthern Libertiesr. GWR 25.644N Front St
Levi BuddNorthern LibertiesH 5.323; I 13.82
Thomas BuddNorthern LibertiesI 13.150Second St N
Thomas BuddNorthern Liberties2 acres, 13 sq. perchesI 13.150
William Straker and James BuddencityLRB 175.4926 N Front St
Richard Budden Estatecityr. EF 16.703
Richard Budden EstatecityG 12.137
Jacob Buhnercityr. D 41.11
William BullNorriton35 acres6.273
William BullNorriton143 acres, 130 sq. perches
William BullNorriton137 acresr. 5.534
William BullNorriton68 acres, 130 sq. perches2.29
George BullockcityD 22.511Chestnut St
Joseph BullockcityD 40.562Walnut St
Joseph Bullockcityr. D 24.284
Joseph Bullockcityr. D 24.28458 Walnut St230 Walnut St
Joseph BullockMoyamensing4 acres
George Bullock EstatecityDHL 105.231151 Arch St419 Arch St
George Bullock EstatecityEF 7.334424 Walnut St
George Bullock Estatecityr. D 14.181Morris Alley
George Bullock EstatecityCP A-1.230Walnut St
George Bullock EstatecityD 38.47183 Dock St
George Bullock EstateMoyamensing6 acres, 16 sq. perches
Robert BullycityD 1.9483 Arch St233 Arch St
Jacob BummNorthern LibertiesI 10.447Hanover St
Jacob BummNorthern LibertiesI 10.447Hanover St
Rudolph Bunnerr. D 48.203104 Race St306 Race St
Rudolph BunnercityCP A-2.184106 Race St308 Race St
Rudolph BunnercityCP A-2.234102 Race St304 Race St
Rudolph BunnerMoyamensing3 acres, 6 sq. perchesD 8.283
John Burchellcityr. EF 33.118Walnut St
Samuel BurgecityH 2.12231 N 3rd St35 N 3rd St
Samuel Burgecityr. RLL 12.49629 N 3rd St33 N 3rd St
Samuel BurgecityH 21.9427 N 3rd St31 N 3rd St
Daniel Burghart EstatecityD 7.38066 Race St216 Race St
Edward BurkGermantown58 sq. perches
Edward BurkUpper Dublin75 acres, 60 sq. perches317.391
John BurkLower Dublin33.75 acres
John BurkMoreland33.5 acresD 1.96
John BurkUpper Dublin44 acres, 100 sq. perches317.389
Edward Burk EstateUpper Dublin25.5 acresr. 5.260
Edward Burk EstateUpper Dublin55 acres, 30 sq. perchesr. 105.287
Jacob BurketNorthern LibertiesIC 6.634Budd St N
Jacob BurketNorthern LibertiesIC 6.637Budd St N
Andrew BurkhartcityI 10.15397 Arch St247 Arch St
Andrew BurkhartcityI 10.153
Andrew BurkhartcityACH 76.51061 Arch St211 Arch St
George BurkhartNew Hanover129 acresr. 27.337
Nicholas BurkhartBristol32 acres
Nicholas BurkhartGermantown3 acres, 3 sq. perches, 47 sq. ft.I 14.319
Nicholas BurkhartRoxborough35.75 acres
Philip Burkhart Estatecityr. EF 10.367
Philip Burkhart Estatecityr. EF 10.367
Isaac BurkloecityELT 404.507220 Stampers Alley
Samuel BurkloecityAM 45.75222 Stampers Alley
Samuel BurmanLower Dublin20 acresD 1.222
Samuel BurmanLower Dublin20 acresD 1.79
Samuel Burrcityr. D 41.40436 5th St N40 5th St N
Arthur Burrowscityr. EF 29.398106 Arch St
Burying GroundByberry1 acre
Burying GroundLower Dublin1 acre
Burying GroundNew Hanover
Burying Ground LotWhitemarsh0.5 acresH 16.557
Matthias BushGermantown21 acres, 100 sq. perchesCP B-3.152
Matthias BushGermantown3.5 acres, 10 sq. perchesCP B-3.152
Jacob BussertLower Salford73 acres, 87 sq. perchesr. 2.507
Bartholomew BussierMoyamensing
Elizabeth ButtonNorthern Liberties1 acre, 113 sq. perchesr. EF 14.513
Elizabeth ButtonNorthern Libertiesr. I 17.152Richmond St
Elizabeth ButtonNorthern Liberties1 acre, 146.2 sq. perchesr. EF 14.513
Abraham BuzbyOxford2 acresD 56.401
Abraham BuzbyOxford2 acres, 60 sq. perchesD 56.401
Abraham BuzbyOxford90 acresD 49.356
Isaac BuzbyOxford157.5 acresr. IH 10.26
William BuzbyOxford165 acresD 2.210
William BuzbyOxford165 acresD 2.210
Byberry Quaker MeetingByberry1 acreE-2.5.279; r. I 3.283
James ByrnecityH 19.47964 S 2nd St114 S 2nd St
James ByrnecityD 27.273, 276; r. IC 20.754165 Arch St433 Arch St
Patrick ByrnecityI 14.29
Patrick ByrnecityI 14.29
Jervis BywaterKensingtonr. RLL 40.263Richmond St
William Bywater EstatecityH 8.5105 Front St N
Isaac CadwaladerMoreland2 acres, 2 sq. perches328.141
Isaac CadwaladerMoreland10 acresr. 12.131
Isaac CadwaladerMoreland51.25 acres323.139
Isaac CadwaladerMoreland8 acres, 8 sq. perchesr. 12.131
Isaac CadwaladerMoreland81 sq. perches323.144
Isaac CadwaladerMoreland108 sq. perchesr. 12.131
John CadwaladercityI 15.521S 2nd St
John CadwaladercityI 11.545
John CadwaladercityI 6.535
John CadwaladercityI 6.535
John CadwaladercityI 17.329307 S 3rd St
John CadwaladerMoyamensing4 acresI 11.541
John Cadwalader EstateKingsessing34.5 acresD 18.191; r. D 45.440
Abraham CadwalladerAbington56.5 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 9.538
Abraham CadwalladerAbington3.25 acresI 15.496
Thomas CadwalladercityI 10.381; I 11.552Chestnut St
Thomas CadwalladerDistrict of Southwark2.5 acres
Thomas CadwalladerPassyunk14.13 acresD 33.62
Thomas CadwalladerPassyunk4 acres, 56 sq. perchesI 10.377
Thomas CadwalladerPassyunk12.63 acresD 33.62
Alexander CaldwellcityD 13.316
Joseph CammelSpringfield20 acresD 8.274
Joseph CammelSpringfield10 acresD 8.274
Andrew CampbellGermantown0.5 acresI 14.407
Andrew CampbellGermantown1 acreH 16.260
Andrew CampbellSpringfield10 acres
George CampbellLower Dublin13 acresD 10.75
George CampbellLower Dublin29 acresD 10.75
George CampbellMoyamensingI 15.38
George CampbellMoyamensingI 15.38
George CampbellMoyamensingI 15.38
James CampbellPlymouth143 acres, 90.5 sq. perchesH 9.192
Peter CampbellcityWBk M.420; r. D 11.104138 Chestnut St
Peter CampbellcityWBk M.420; r. D 11.104
Peter CampbellcityWBk M.420; r. D 11.104
Peter Campbell?Passyunk3 acresr. D 3.384
Michael CannercityD 5.337
James CannoncityD 76.38486 S 3rd St218 S 3rd St
Peter CareRoxborough3 acres, 72 sq. perchesI 14.279; I 16.209
Peter CareRoxborough27 acresI 14.279; I 16.209
Peter CareRoxborough2 acres, 149.5 sq. perchesI 14.279; I 16.209
Abraham CarlislecityH 4.157
Abraham CarlislecityH 4.157
Abraham CarlislecityH 4.157136 Front St N
Alexander CarlylecityI 10.404219-221 S 5th St
Alexander CarlylecityI 10.326225 S 5th St
Caleb CarmaltPassyunk4 acres, 152.5 sq. perchesI 13.388
Peter Carmickcityr. D 72.166
Stephen CarmickcityH 18.490N Water St
Stephen CarmickDistrict of Southwark3.5 acres, 10 sq. perchesH 17.216
Stephen CarmickDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.469
Stephen CarmickDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.469
Stephen CarmickDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.469
Stephen CarmickMoyamensing4 acresI 7.222
Stephen CarmickNorthern Liberties7 acres, 110 sq. perches
Stephen CarmickNorthern Liberties7 acres, 20 sq. perches
Stephen and Ann Carmickcityr. EF 28.172; H 18.488Mulberry St
Preston CarpentercityI 14.126; r. D 11.168
Preston CarpentercityI 14.126; r. D 11.168
Rachael CarpentercityI 14.126; r. D 11.179
Rachael CarpentercityI 14.126; r. D 11.179
Stephen CarpenterOxford300 acresD 75.269
Thomas and Samuel Inglishby CarpenterI 14.126; r. D 11.176
Thomas and Samuel Inglishby CarpenterI 14.126; r. D 11.176
Thomas Carpenter EstatecityI 14.126; r. D 11.168
Thomas Carpenter EstatecityI 14.126; r. D 11.168
Carpenters' CompanycityI 4.146; r. I 7.46, I 7.48
John CarrDistrict of Southwark35 Christian St
Thomas Carrell Jr.cityIH 9.72670 Spruce St210 Spruce St
Timothy CarrellcityD 8.414
Timothy Carrolcityr. D 44.29
Timothy Carrolcityr. D 61.316
Andrew CarsoncityD 1.116203 Market St503 Market St
Joseph CarsoncityD 1.36273 Market St217 Market St
Joseph CarsonDistrict of Southwark3 acres, 127 sq. perchesr. D 43.334
Robert CarsonMoyamensingAM 67.104
William CarsoncityI 4.486Elbow Lane
William CarsoncityD 46.118
William CarsoncityI 4.486Elbow Lane
William CarsonPassyunk11 acres, 15 sq. perchesIC 14.691
James CartercityI 15.564
James CartercityI 16.375
William CarterNorthern Libertiesr. D 18.303Queen/Richmond St
Richard CarvelCheltenham10 acres
Isaac CarverByberry150 acresH 4.242
John CarvercityI 6.304236-238 Spruce St
John Carver JrByberry2 acres, 30 sq. perchesD 70.418
John Carver Jr.Byberry237 acresG 10.280
John Carver Jr.Byberry28 acres, 110 sq. perchesD 70.418
Ezra CaryNorthern Liberties5 acres, 48 sq. perches
Thomas CasdropDistrict of Southwarkr. CP C-4.32530 Queen St
John CaseMoreland3.75 acresD 11.192
John CaseMoreland1 acre, 94 sq. perchesD 11.192
Thomas CashcityWBk P.378; r. D 41.275213 S 4th St
Thomas CashcityD 71.435329 S 2nd St
Caleb Cash EstatecityIC 5.594220 Carters Alley
Berret CasperUpper Hanover20 acresr. 929.59
Israel CasselcityI 1.233124 Elfreths Alley
Jacob CasselUpper Salford100 acresWBk Q.270; r. PatBk H 1.111
Joseph CassincityEF 11.578307 Lombard St
George CastorOxford202 acresI 14.193
George CattoncityI 13.201130 S 4th St300 S 4th St
John CauffmanNorthern LibertiesI 17.209Shackamaxon St
Joseph CauffmancityI 17.51275 S Front St
Joseph CauffmancityI 6.15014 Cherry St310 Cherry St
John ChainNorriton176 acres22.505
Charles ChamberlaincityD 23.257South St
Charles ChamberlaincityD 23.258209 Market St509 Market St
William Chancellor EstateNorthern Libertiesr. D 11.49
James ChapmanNorthern Libertiesr. I 11.194, MR 7.391Marlborough St
Thomas ChappelOxford100 acres
Thomas ChappelOxford6 acres, 143 sq. perches
Thomas CharltoncityGS 15.63223 S 2nd St
Sarah CheesemancityRDW 74.30265 N 2nd St65 N 2nd St
Sarah Cheesemancityr. AM 4.24340 Arch St132 Arch St
Eleanor and John ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. G 5.449
Eleanor Berkeley ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.424
Eleanor Berkeley ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.424
Eleanor Berkeley ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.424
John ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.424
John ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.424
John ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.424
John ChevalierNorthern Libertiesr. D 7.272
Benjamin ChewcityI 9.279
Benjamin ChewcityI 9.279
Benjamin ChewcityI 9.279
Benjamin ChewGermantown3.75 acresI 15.561
Benjamin ChewGermantown4 acres, 6 sq. perchesADB 73.134
Benjamin ChewGermantown11 acres, 60 sq. perchesADB 73.145
Benjamin and Elizabeth ChewcityRDW 92.240
Benjamin and Elizabeth Chewcityr. IC 5.547
Benjamin and Elizabeth ChewcityRDW 92.240
John ChildBristol100 acresr. EF 21.460
John Childs?DouglassMontCo Shf Bk A.63
Christ ChurchF 3.419
Christ Churchcity
Christ Church Burial GroundcityChrist Church Archives, Register of Titles
Christ Church Burial GroundcityChrist Church Archives, Register of Titles
Christ Church Burial GroundcityChrist Church Archives, Register of Titles
Christ Church Parsonage Lotcity
Jacob ChristmanFrederick105.25 acres2.562; 2.525
Jacob ChristmanFrederick62 acres, 138 sq. perches2.562; 2.525
Jacob ChrystlercityH 17.52271 Arch St221 Arch St
Jacob ChrystlercityI 3.287157 Arch St425 Arch St
Jacob Chrystlercityr. GWR 7.634159 Arch St427 Arch St
Jacob ChrystlercityI 7.74109-111 N 6th St
Jennett ChurchcityG 11.154
Jennett ChurchcityG 11.154
Jennett ChurchcityG 11.154
Jennett ChurchcityG 11.154
Jennett ChurchcityG 11.154
Jennett ChurchcityG 11.154
John Church Estatecityr. D 32.358Mulberry St
John Church EstatecityG 2.252; r. D 7.547
John Church EstateDistrict of SouthwarkH 16.28123-25 Christian St
City of PhiladelphiacityF 9.225; H 7.92257 S Front St
City of Philadelphiacity1701 City Charter; r. PatBk AA 12.80
City of PhiladelphiacityF 3.265; r. F 3.266
Anna Maria ClampffercityI 6.465130-134 Elfreths Alley
George Clare estatecityr. I 12.78; r. EF 10.625Chestnut St
Jeffrey ClarkDistrict of SouthwarkI 5.23033 Christian St
Mary and Hannah ClarkcityTH 17.49226 N 4th St30 N 4th St
Samuel ClarkcityComBk A 3.20740 5th St N44 5th St N
Samuel ClarkcityD 30.3338 5th St N42 5th St N
Joseph & Rebecca Clark?Northern LibertiesD 1.163
Deborah Claypoolecityr. IC 4.45120 Market St
Deborah Claypoolecityr. IC 4.4536 Market St120 Market St
George ClaypoolecityI 4.47561 Dock St
Joseph Claypoolecityr. D 18.5116th St N
Joseph Claypoole?city39 Walnut St125 Walnut St
Richard Clayton EstateMorelandr. 11.2
Isaac CleaverCheltenham93.5 acres
Isaac CleaverUpper Dublin121 acres3.309
John CleaverUpper Dublin84.5 acresH 5.122
John CleaverUpper Merion99 acres, 60 sq. perchesr. 7.705
Peter CleaverUpper Dublin165 acresD 6.376
William CleaverUpper Merion196.75 acres, 22 sq. perches11.265
William CleaverUpper Merion1 acrer. 50.187
Henry ClemmerFranconia156 acresr. 43.305, r. 27.636
Thomas CliffordcityH 18.168
Thomas CliffordcityH 18.168
Thomas CliffordNorthern Liberties3 acresr. GWR 37.276
Thomas Clifford EstatecityH 14.15; r. EF 13.20137 N Front St
Thomas Clifford EstatecityH 14.5; r. EF 13.301N Water St
William CliftonDistrict of Southwark2 acres, 113 sq. perchesD 43.413
William CliftonMoyamensing6.25 acres
William CliftonMoyamensing9.75 acresEF 6.358
Michael ClineLower Merion14 acres, 66 sq. perches7.904
Michael ClineLower Merion20 acres7.908
Jacob ClosNorthern Libertiesr. D 66.290Hanover St
Jacob ClosNorthern LibertiesD 4.332Hanover St
Thomas Clulowcityr. AWM 49.494; r. LW 107.208725 Zane St
Baltez ClymercityMR 20.726
Baltez ClymercityD 67.414Market St
Baltez ClymercityD 68.6327 6th St N
Baltez ClymercityD 67.208210 Market St616 Market St
Baltez ClymercityH 12.18815 7th St S23-25 7th St S
Daniel ClymerNorthern Liberties8 acres, 70 sq. perches
Daniel C. ClymercityH 5.481; r. IC 17.35130 Arch St122 Arch St
George Clymercityr. I 14.391
George ClymercityI 10.31
George ClymercityI 6.39193 S Front St141 S Front St
George ClymerDistrict of Southwark5 acresr. D 53.364
George ClymerDistrict of Southwarkr. EF 3.28
George ClymerDistrict of Southwarkr. EF 3.28
George ClymerMoyamensing5.25 acresr. D 57.204
George ClymerNorthern Liberties2 acresr. D 77.66
Margaret ClymercityADB 123.13420 Cherry St316 Cherry St
Robert ClymerGermantown3 acres
Robert ClymerGermantown0.75 acres, 36 sq. perchesTH 37.504
Robert ClymerGermantown0.75 acres, 11 sq. perchesTH 37.312
William Clymer EstatecityH 4.473101 Front St N
David CoalerUpper Dublin3.5 acresr. 3.518
John CoalerUpper Dublin6 acres7.919
John CoalerUpper Dublin7 acresr. 7.214
Isaac & Elizabeth CoarseMoyamensingr. D 2.245
Isaac CoatesNorthern Liberties1 acre, 68 sq. perchesWBk L.409
Isaac CoatesNorthern Liberties1 acre, 68 sq. perchesWBk L.409
Isaac CoatesNorthern LibertiesGS 16.639
Joseph Coatescity87 Market St233 Market St
Josiah Langdale CoatescityD 10.299
Lindsay CoatesUpper Merion136.75 acresI 13.318
Septimus CoatesNorthern Liberties4 acresr. EF 14.207
Thomas CoatesNorthern Liberties47 acres, 38 sq. perchesWBk D.131; r. D 57.213
Thomas CoatesPassyunk9 acresr. IH 2.444
William CoatesNorthern LibertiesShf Bk CP B-3.175Spring St
William CoatesNorthern LibertiesShf Bk CP B-3.175JSpring St
Abraham CoatsNorthern LibertiesIC 11.33Front St N
Isaac CoatsNorthern Liberties2 acres
Isaac CoatsNorthern Liberties0.38 acresD 6.322
Isaac Coats Sr.Northern LibertiesD 6.322Front St N
Isaac Coats Sr.Northern LibertiesD 6.322Front St N
John CoatsNorthern Liberties2 acres, 90 sq. perchesr. I 17.241
Lindsay CoatscityD 2.225300-302 S 2nd St
Lindsay Coatscityr. D 47.226
Lindsey CoatsPassyunk6 acres, 143.5 sq. perchesD 37.196
Ruth CoatsPassyunk7 acresJTO 23.193
Thomas CoatsNorthern Liberties2 acres, 29 sq. perchesCP Part. 1.232
Warwick CoatsNorthern LibertiesI 9.394Front St N
William CoatsNorthern Liberties1.5 acres, 5 sq. perchesCP Part.; r. CP C.225
William CoatsNorthern Liberties4 acres, 27 sq. perchesCP Part.
William CoatsNorthern Libertiesr. AM 8.521Cable Lane
William CoatsNorthern LibertiesH 17.315N Front St
William Coats JrcityH 17.31413 N 2nd St
Abraham Coats EstateNorthern Liberties
Abraham Coats EstateNorthern LibertiesGS 45.504
Abraham Coats EstateNorthern Liberties
Abraham Coats EstateNorthern Liberties2 acresr. D 38.210
John Coats EstateNorthern Liberties1 acre, 110 sq. perchesCP Part. 1.232; r. D 2.157
Jacob CoblantzCheltenham3 acres213.29
Jacob CoblantzCheltenham20 acres213.29
George Cobler HeirsPassyunk6 acresCP A-1.300
George Cobler HeirsPassyunk6 acresH 11.425
George Cobler HeirsPassyunk12 acres, 130 sq. perches
John CobourncityI 7.24722 Arch St114 Arch St
John CobourncityI 12.1657 Coombs Alley107 Coombs Alley
John CobourncityEF 7.586
Thomas CochranLower Merion150 acresI 1.326
John CockshuttNorthern Liberties8 acres, 142 sq. perches
Jacob CoffingAbington50 acresr. 7.126
Abraham Coffing EstateAbington138 acres, 42 sq. perchesr. 143.280
William Coffing EstatecityD 50.413; r. D 53.43270 N 3rd St126 N 3rd St
Jacob ColemanGermantown23 acres, 69 sq. perchesD 3.460
Jacob ColemanLower Merion39.5 acres26.238
Jacob ColemanRoxborough1 acre
Joseph ColemancityComBk A-3.290
Henry ColfleshUpper Merion100 acresOC Dk 1.182; r. 3.80
Frederick ColleGermantown2 acresGGP 541.233
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityH 5.168
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityH 7.449
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityI 6.663
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityH 5.3
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityH 5.3
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityH 7.449
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityI 6.663
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityH 7.449
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.cityI 6.663
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.Norriton484 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 17.60
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.Norriton88 acres
College, Academy & Charitable Schools of Phila.Rockhill, Bucks County2,500 acresD 22.465; BucksCo 42.368
Alexander ColleyPlymouth225 acresH 12.371
Alexander ColleyPlymouth67 acres, 151 sq. perchesI 9.521
Elizabeth CollingscityEF 1.279126 Front St N
Stephen CollinscityI 7.37429 N 2nd St
Stephen CollinscityH 20.26960 N 3rd St114 N 3rd St
Ralph Collins?cityr. D 10.6221 Pine St
Ann Collumcityr. D 19.288106 Elfreths Alley
John CollumAbington100 acres24.282
David CombesAbington1 acre, 93 sq. perchesr. 6.624
Isaac ComlyByberry3 acres, 39 sq. perchesACH 75.262
Isaac ComlyByberry40 acres, 42 sq. perchesACH
Isaac ComlyByberry56 acres, 130 sq. perchesACH 75.256
Isaac ComlyByberry50 acresACH 75.256
Jacob ComlyMoreland4 acres, 12 sq. perchesD 57.110
Jacob ComlyMoreland10 acresD 57.110
Jacob ComlyMoreland1 acre, 143 sq. perchesr. D 8.77
Jacob ComlyMoreland1 acre, 152 sq. perchesr. D 8.77
Johnathan ComlyMoreland80 acresWBk P.313
Johnathan ComlyMoreland100 acresWBk P.313; r. GWC 109.441
Joseph ComlyMoreland100 acresWBk P.313; r. GWC 109.441
Joshua ComlyMorelandWBk P.313
Joshua ComlyMorelandWBk P.313
Joshua ComlyMoreland5 acres, 116 sq. perchesGWR 14.640
Joshua and Johnathan ComlyMoreland10 acresWBk P.313; r. GWR 21.403
Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaMarlborough52 acres, 112 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 19.293
Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaMarlborough6 acres, 89 sq. perchesPatBk H 3.71
Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaUpper Hanover & Lower Milford66 acres, 17 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 14.437
Commonwealth of PennsylvaniaUpper Salford22.25 acresr. PatBk P 3.150
Dennis ConardNorriton49 acres, 96 sq. perchesr. 8.487
Dennis ConardNorriton27 acres, 110 sq. perchesI 13.175
John ConnardNorriton54 acresr. 24.24
Charles Connor Estatecityr. D 13.42820 5th St N
Cornelius ConradGermantown4 acres
Contributors of Pennsylvania HospitalNorthern Liberties0.75 acres, 5.25 sq. perchesAM 62.374
Anthony CookRoxborough
Anthony CookRoxborough11 acres, 155 sq. perches
Jacob CookUpper Merion1 acreI 16.41
Nathan CookcityH 3.22718 Cherry St314 Cherry St
Anthony Cook?Roxborough2 acres, 114 sq. perches
Anthony Cook?Roxborough2 acres, 57 sq. perches
Nathan CookecityH 3.469N 2nd St
Thomas CoombeSpringfield125 acresD 1.212
John Coon/KuhnNorthern LibertiesShf Bk CP A-1.333Spring St
John Coon/KuhnNorthern LibertiesSpring St
Henry CoonsSpringfield5 acres
Jacob CoonsSpringfield
George CoopercityD 25.147
George CoopercityD 25.142130 Market St400 Market St
Jacob CoopercityH 5.376Coombs Alley
Jacob CoopercityH 5.27645 N 2nd St45 N 2nd St
Jacob CooperNorthern Libertiesr. EF 10.300
Jacob CooperNorthern LibertiesH 14.519
Jacob CooperNorthern Liberties1 acre, 13 sq. perches, 7 sq. ft.CP A-1.385
Jacob CooperNorthern Liberties2 acresCP A-1.385
Jacob CooperNorthern Liberties5 acresWBk O.109; r. D19.274
Jacob CooperNorthern Liberties1 acreH 14.146
Jacob CooperNorthern Liberties2 acresr. D 4.129
Jacob & Elizabeth Coopercityr. D 3.37175 Arch St225 Arch St
James CooperMoreland5 acresr. IH 6.439
James CooperNorthern Liberties11 acres, 100 sq. perchesI 12.338
James CooperNorthern Liberties9 acres, 116 sq. perchesD 5.388
John CoopercityD 9.454Front St N
Thomas CooperByberry12 acres, 25 sq. perchesr. D 77.350
Rebecca Cooper EstatecityH 14.43855 N Front St
Samuel Cooper EstateNorthern LibertiesH 18.371Old York Road
William Cooper EstatecityGWC 23.46648 N Front St
William Cooper Estatecityr. D 68.9448 N Front St48 N Front St
Caleb and Joshua CopecityEF 28.323, EF 28.325199 Arch St529 Arch St
Jacob CopeFranconia147.5 acresI 7.23
Cord CordescityD 38.229419 Appletree Alley
Deborah Cordrycityr. D 17.74222 S Front St
Thomas Corgie?cityr. D 11.532332 S 2nd St
William Corker Estatecity35 Arch St121 Arch St
Simeon CornellLower Dublin12 acres
Simeon CornellLower Dublin154 acresD 20.583
Simeon CornellLower Dublin17 acres, 4 sq. perchesD 20.583
Simeon CornellLower Dublin2 acresD 20.583
Simeon CornellLower Dublin2.5 acresD 20.583
John CorreycityH 18.403
John CorreycityH 18.3188 N 3rd St
John CorreycityH 20.452
Robert CorreycityI 11.7538 Moravian Alley146 Moravian Alley
Robert CorreycityH 20.47340 Delancey St208 Delancey St
Robert CorreyMoyamensing3 acresCP A-2.98
Robert CorreyMoyamensing12 acres, 44 sq. perchesI 8.460
Robert CorreyMoyamensing5 acres, 81 sq. perchesI 8.460
Samuel CorreycityAM 1.2645 N 3rd St
John Correy EstatePassyunk7 acresH 9.171
John Correy EstatePassyunk4 acres, 91 sq. perchesCP A-1.177
Richard CorsonMoreland20 acresI 15.139
Benjamin Cottman Jr.Lower Dublin14.75 acres, 10 sq. perchesWBk O.118
Benjamin Cottman Jr.Lower Dublin96 acresI 14.530
Benjamin Cottman Jr.Oxford45 acresI 14.530
John CottmanOxford172 acresD 33.414
Nathan CottmanOxford44.25 acresI 14.587
Catherine CottringercityI 6.261134 Walnut St
Catherine CottringercityD 26.29570 Chestnut St230 Chestnut St
John Cottringer?MoyamensingCP B-3.97
Samuel CouchUpper Merion14 acres, 103 sq. perchesI 15.355
Samuel CouchUpper Merion12 acresI 15.355
Samuel CouchUpper Merion3 acresI 15.355
Barnabas CoulstonPlymouth107.4 acresI 11.314
Barnabas CoulstonPlymouth20.4 acresI 11.314
Barnabas CoulstonPlymouth27 acresr. 2.409
Henry CoulstonNew Hanover24 acres, 110 sq. perchesr. 228.277
John CoulstonNorriton100 acres6.609
John CoulstonNorriton100 acresr. 6.555
John CoulstonPlymouth88.5 acres21.364
Jonathan Coulston EstateNorriton15 acres, 140 sq. perchesr. 10.250
James and Elizabeth CoultascityEF 12.225; r. D 5.24847 Walnut St131 Walnut St
William CoultonBlockley60 acresTH 117.66
William Cowpercityr. D 9.52434 Arch St126 Arch St
Andrew Cox Jr.Kingsessing153 acresI 3.467
Andrew Cox Jr.Kingsessing
Hannah and John CoxNorthern Liberties1 acre, 136 sq. perchesOC Dkt 9.317; r. D 2.447Buttonwood St
Isaac CoxcityI 7.323S Front St
Isaac Coxcityr. D 1.327225 S Front St
Isaac Coxcityr. D 8.9225 S Water St
John Coxcity137 Market St
John Coxcityr. D 58.23594 4th St N166 4th St N
John CoxcityH 11.100; r. D 6.359109 Chestnut St
John and Sarah Coxcityr. D 18.37915 N 3rd St19 N 3rd St
Joseph CoxDistrict of Southwarkr. IW 1.31
Moses CoxcityD 1.358242 S Front St
Moses CoxcityEF 8.210
Moses Coxcity
Moses CoxPassyunk7 acresEF 25.131
Moses CoxPassyunk0.75 acresr. D 12.192
Paul CoxcityD 13.95
Sarah Edgell CoxcityWBk I.549; r. D 19.100
Thomas CoxWhitemarsh11 acres, 54 sq. perches32.474
Zacharias CoxKingsessingD 46.472
Zacharias CoxKingsessingD 46.472
Ann and Charles Cox EstateMoyamensing5.5 acres, 30 sq. perchesr. EF 26.577
Ann and Charles Cox EstateMoyamensing22 acresr. D 67.407
William CoxecityH 13.15882 S 3rd St
William CoxecityH 13.163
William CoxeMoyamensing5.25 acres, 4 sq. perchesr. D 26.266
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Tench Coxe?Northern Liberties
Barnett CraftAbington64.5 acres16.41
Barnett CraftAbington10 acres16.44
George Craigcity63-65 Arch St213-215 Arch St
James CraigcityI 14.60
James CraigcityI 11.468261 S 2nd St
James CraigGermantown6 acres, 10 sq. perchesD 1.93
James CraigNorthern Liberties20 acres, 1 sq. perchI 11.413
Robert CraigcityD 57.31192 4th St N164 4th St N
William CraigcityI 11.42557 N 2nd St57 N 2nd St
William CraigDistrict of Southwark2 acres, 34 sq. perchesI 7.157
William CraigDistrict of SouthwarkI 1.477S Front St
William CraigNorthern LibertiesI 4.41
William CraigNorthern LibertiesI 4.41
William CraigPassyunk6 acresH 13.286
William CraigPassyunk13 acres, 132 sq. perchesH 13.280
William CraigPassyunk4 acresI 1.485
Christian Cramercityr. D 30.368304 Cherry St
Andrew CrawfordNorriton105 acresCP A-1.28
Andrew CrawfordPlymouth24 acres, 30 sq. perchesH 10.17
Andrew CrawfordPlymouth82 acresH 20.21
Hugh CrawfordRoxborough179.5 acresComBk A-3.391
Robert CrawfordcityEF 17.483716 Mulberry St
William CrawfordUpper Merion103 acres262.260
Richard CreanBlockley28.25 acres
Richard CreanBlockley40 acresD 40.314
Richard CreanBlockley51.75 acresD 40.312
Henry CressGermantown
Henry CressGermantown1.7 acres
Henry CressSpringfield
Anthony Cressmancityadjacent property deeds
George CressmanFranconia200 acresr. 190.427
George CressmanWhitemarsh10 acresI 13. 533
John CressmanFranconia2 acres3.298
John CressmanFranconia1 acre, 154 sq. perches3.297
Caleb CressoncityI 12.501
James CressoncityD 6.274
James CressoncityD 6.274145-153 S 3rd St319-327 S 3rd St
James Cressoncityr. IH 10.141Strawberry Alley
James CressoncityD 6.274
James Cressoncity
James & Jeremiah CressonMoyamensingr. IC 7.592
Jeremiah Cressoncityr. MR 1.2619 Strawberry Alley13 Strawberry Alley
Jeremiah Cressoncityr. MR 13.5967 Strawberry Alley11 Strawberry Alley
Jeremiah CressoncityI 2.237
Jeremiah CressoncityI 1.53125 S 4th St49 S 4th St
John CressoncityD 41.22
Joshua CressoncityI 16.3737 Market St121 Market St
Joshua Cressoncity521 Cherry St
Joshua Cressoncityr. D 14.34287 N 6th St149 N 6th St
Joshua Cressoncityr. D 6.432166 Race St506 Race St
Joshua Cressoncityr. D 14.34985 N 6th St147 N 6th St
Rebecca CressoncityStrawberry Alley
Henry CriessNorthern LibertiesGS 48.5622nd St N
Philip CripsMoreland2 acresr. 2.516
Philip CripsMoreland2.5 acresr. 2.516
Silas CrispinLower Dublin71 acresr. EF 17.257
George CroghanNorthern Liberties6 acres, 14 sq. perches
George CroghanNorthern Liberties4 acresD 68.653
George CroghanNorthern Liberties7 acres, 70 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 13.335; auction plan
Michael CrollUpper Salford150 acresr. PatBk AA 10.401
Michael CrollUpper Salford123 acresr. PatBk P 1.58
Charles CrosleyMoreland8.25 acres
Charles CrosleyMoreland4 acres
Charles CrosleyMoreland15 acres
Charles CrosleyMoreland9 acresr. 48.500
Charles CrosleyMoreland4.75 acres, 6 sq. perches
Charles CrosleyMoreland15 acresr. MtgBk X 3.17
Charles CrosleyMoreland10 acres, 50 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 3.17
Ann Forbes CrostonNorthern Liberties53 acres, 82 sq. perchesH 5.603
Ann Forbes CrostonNorthern Liberties30 acres, 13 sq. perches
Ann Forbes CrostonNorthern LibertiesH 5.603N
Eleanor CrostonMoyamensing60.5 acres, 23 sq. perchesr. D 38.319
Frederick CrowLower Merion150.5 acresD 12.233
Henry and Barbarah CrowcityD 6.194712 Zane's St
Charles CruikshanksBlockley52 acresI 13.383
Charles CruikshanksLower Merion120 acresI 13.386
Andrew Cruikshanks EstateLower Merion36 acres106.457; r. 106.459
Andrew Cruikshanks EstateLower Merion23 acres, 20 sq. perches106.457; r. 106.459
Andrew Cruikshanks EstateLower Merion10 acres, 60 sq. perches106.457; r. 106.459
Jacob CublerUpper Dublin4 acres, 55 sq. perches256.416
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Thomas CullenDouglass4.170
Henry CulpUpper Salford50 acres, 51 sq. perches1.396
David CummingcityD 4.25980 N Front St110 N Front St
Andrew Craig and Thomas CummingsNorthern LibertiesShfBk CP B-3.345Garden St
David CummingsSpringfield75 acres
Robert CurryNorriton108 acres, 20 sq. perchesH 20.212
William Curry Estatecityr. GWR 2.37283 S Front St131 S Front St
Edward CutbushNorthern LibertiesEF 11.168N Front St
Ann and Thomas Cuthbertcityr. D 42.405Water St N
Ann and Thomas Cuthbertcityr. D 42.405Water St N
Ann and Thomas Cuthbertcityr. D 42.405117 Front St N
Thomas CuthbertcityH 21.441434 S 2nd St
Christian DanneckercityI 7.9132 S 3rd St44 S 3rd St
Christian DanneckercityH 20.36534 S 3rd St46 S 3rd St
George Plim and Christian DanneckercityI 13.47; r. MR 18.14395 Chestnut St
George DannehowerBristol10 acresEF 5.355
George DannehowerBristol7 acres, 110 sq. perchesADB 105.476
George DannehowerBristol25 sq. perchesEF 5.355
George DannehowerGermantown0.5 acres, 31.75 sq. perchesIC 21.401
George DannehowerGermantown7.25 acresCP A-1.305
George DannehowerGermantown6.75 acresr. EF 5.96
George DannehowerGermantownCP A-1.305
George DannehowerGermantown11 acres, 29 sq. perchesH 7.82
George DannehowerGermantown6 acres, 138 sq. perchesEF 10.167
Jacob DastMarlborough38 acresr. MtgBk X 8.349
Jacob DastMarlborough58 acresr. PatBk AA 11.390
Jacob DastMarlborough3 acres, 67 sq. perchesH 18.540
Jacob DastMarlborough20 acresr. PatBk AA 13.37; r. 11.486
Jacob DastMarlborough37 acres, 102 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 8.349
Jacob DastMarlborough17 acres, 9 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 8.349
Jacob Dast?Marlborough14.8 acres
Magdalena Daubendistlecityr. D 18.59830 6th St N
Magdalene Daubendistlecityr. I 17.18888 4th St N160 4th St N
Frederick DauberNorthern Liberties5 acresAWM 83.154
Hugh & Elizabeth DaveyPassyunk66 acres, 53 sq. perches
Cummings DavidMoreland14.5 acresr. 7.921
Elizabeth DavidcityH 17.35322-24 N 4th St24-26 N 4th St
Margaret DavidDistrict of Southwark842 Swanson St
Margaret DavidDistrict of Southwark
Margaret Parham DavidDistrict of SouthwarkD 37.258
Margaret Parham DavidDistrict of Southwark
Margaret Parham DavidMoyamensing2.5 acresr. D 39.30
Margaret Parham DavidMoyamensing4 acres, 144 sq. perchesD 42.202
Samuel David EstateUpper Merion327 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. 45.409
Sarah Greenleafe DavidscityWBk P.169; r. EF 29.539
Mungo DavidsoncityI 15.125133 Walnut St
David and Rebecca DaviesMoreland8 acres20.287
Benjamin DaviscityI 17.256181 Arch St505 Arch St
David DavisLower Merion57.75 acres, 5 sq. perchesr. Survey C.125, Land Office Records, State Archives, PMHC
David DavisLower Merion172.25 acresr. Survey B-3.523, Land Office Records, State Archives, PMHC
David DavisPlymouth66 acres, 53 sq. perches76.249
David DavisPlymouth30 acresr. 4.147
David and Rebecca DavisMoreland2.75 sq. perches, 16 sq. ft.20.287
Edward DavisWhitemarsh57 acres, 56 sq. perches
James DaviscityCP A-2.161123 Jones Alley
John DavisPlymouth100 acres16.336
John DavisPlymouth64 acres, 54 sq. perches62.375
Lewis DaviscityEF 13.390
Lewis DavisMoyamensing2 acres, 93 sq. perches
Lewis DavisMoyamensing8 acres, 11 sq. perches
Martha Daviscityr. IC 24.477302 S Front St
Richard DaviscityI 14.56459 Walnut St
Samuel DavisPlymouth75 acres, 70 sq. perchesr. D 8.255
Samuel DavisPlymouth96 acresD 4.393
Samuel DavisPlymouth24.5 acres
Samuel and Esther Daviscityr. EF 8.54191 3rd St N137 3rd St N
Samuel and Esther DaviscityH 16.210
Silla DaviscityWBk X.164; r. D 23.455217 S 4th St
Thomas DavisPlymouth174 acresr. 4.141
Thomas DavisUpper Merion150 acresr. 5.252
David Davis EstateMoreland5.5 acres, 32 sq. perches147.203; r. 27.451
David Davis EstateMoreland9.3 acresI 3.356; r. 27.451
George Davis EstatecityEF 11.1313 S 2nd St
James Davis EstatecityI 15.157410-412 Spruce St
James Davis EstatecityI 17.337; r. I 17.338217 Spruce St
Daniel Dawsoncityr. MR 7.29078 4th St N150 4th St N
Esther and Robert DawsonNorthern Libertiesr. D2.102Hanover St
Michael DawsoncityD 17.23
Robert Dawsoncity
Robert Dawsoncity
Robert & Esther DawsonNorthern LibertiesCP Part.
Andrew DayNorthern LibertiesI 14.446
John DayBlockley30 acres, 27 sq. perchesIC 28.607
John Philip de HaascityEF 5.333151 3rd St N
John Philip de HaascityEF 16.451149 3rd St N
John de WettercityI 8.3557 Sugar Alley
Francis DealNorthern Liberties6 acres
Francis DealNorthern Liberties4 acresAM 39.60
John Godfrey DealGermantown12 acres, 148 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X17.241
John Godfrey DealGermantown4.25 acres, 18 sq. perchesGS 21.715
John Godfrey DealNorthern Liberties8 acres, 63 sq. perchesH 13.114
John Godfrey DealNorthern Liberties3 acres, 125 sq. perchesH 13.116
Peter DealNorthern LibertiesAM 75.390Queen/Richmond St
Peter DealNorthern LibertiesAM 75.390Marlborough St
Peter DealNorthern LibertiesI 13.361Queen/Richmond St
Peter DealNorthern LibertiesI 13.361Queen/Richmond St
Henry Dearinger EstateNew Hanover36 acres, 50 sq. perchesI 12.255; r. 2.76
Henry Dearinger EstateNew Hanover46 acres, 131 sq. perchesI 12.255; r. 2.371
Abraham DeavsGermantown
Abraham DeavsGermantown24 acres, 32 sq. perches
Abraham DeavsGermantown2 acresJTO 7.186
Joseph DeavsGermantown6 acres, 78 sq. perchesLRB 202.182
Joseph DeavsGermantown23 acres, 150 sq. perches
Joseph DeavsGermantown2 acresLRB 202.138
Thomas DeavsGermantown31.75 acres, 4 sq. perches
George deBennevilleBristol7 acres, 68 sq. perches
George deBennevilleBristol30.6 acresH 11.
John DedierBristol8 acresr. D 32.230
John DedierGermantown0.25 acresJTO 64.344
John DedierGermantown2 acresTH 123.449
Elizabeth and Peter Dehavencityr. D 13.175
Elizabeth and Peter Dehavencityr. D 13.175129-131 Arch St400-402 Arch St
Elizabeth and Peter Dehavencityr. D 13.175
Elizabeth and Peter Dehavencityr. D 13.175400-402 Arch St
Peter DehavencityAM 9.12035 8th St N
Peter DeHavencityI 10.443714 Mulberry St
Peter DehavencityI 2.104112-114 6th St N
Peter DehavencityI 7.56107 N 6th St
Peter DehavencityI 7.55
Peter DehavencityI 5.486205 Arch St535-537 Arch St
Peter DehavencityD 25.178423 Appletree Alley
Peter DehavencityH 16.53332 N 4th St38 N 4th St
Peter DehavenNew Hanover106.75 acresr. I 17.159
Peter DehavenNorthern LibertiesI 12.37Richmond St
Peter DehavenPassyunk4 acres, 13 sq. perchesI 12.522
Peter DehavenPassyunk7 acres, 154 sq. perches
Peter DehavenPassyunk6 acresI 16.229
John DehnigNorthern Liberties0.75 acres, 4.25 sq. perchesAM 62.377
John DehnigNorthern Liberties0.75 acres, 4.75 sq. perchesAM 62.377
Christopher DeirckPassyunk24 acres, 157 sq. perches
Jacob DeisherUpper Hanover, Hereford and Upper Milford200 acresBerks Co DBk 8.326
Henry DeitzUpper Salford31 acres, 48 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 61.404
George DelbFranconia106 acresH 2.159
George DelbFranconia40 acresH 2.159
Hans George DelpLower Salford146 acres, 10 sq. ft.H 3.232; r. 26.273
Joseph DelvancityD 58.327; r. D 58.323Morris Alley
Hannah and Richard DennisNorthern LibertiesEF 4.289Front St N
John DentonNorthern LibertiesD 32.95
George DerrUpper Hanover22 acres, 119 sq. perchesr. 23.163
Christian DerrickNorthern LibertiesCP ShfBk A-2.30410 Front St N
Christian DerrickNorthern Liberties408 Front St N
Matthias Hollabach, Jacob Leabergut, Henry DerringerNew Hanover56.5 acresH 5.119; r. 1101.486
John DerrycityI 15.378164 S 4th St342 S 4th St
John DerrycityI 16.181166 S 4th St344 S 4th St
David DeshlercityG 11.575
David DeshlercityG 8.35791 Market St237 Market St
David DeshlerGermantown114 sq. perchesH 2.178
David DeshlerGermantown1 acre, 11 sq. perchesH 1.646
David DeshlerNorthern Liberties3 acres, 20 sq. perchesG 10.431
David DeshlerNorthern Liberties8 acres, 100 sq. perchesI 3.104
Elizabeth DeshlercityD 23.8076 N 2nd St126 N 2nd St
Elizabeth DeshlerGermantown10 acresD 20.447
Frederick DeshongPassyunk5 acresI 13.85
Frederick DeshongPassyunk5 acresI 13.85
Peter DeshongPassyunk8 acres, 149 sq. perchesI 11.229
Peter DeshongPassyunk27 acres, 153 sq. perchesI 11.229
Conrad DettererFranconia Twp. and Rockhill Twp.150 acresH 3.402
Felix DetweilerSpringfield9.75 acres, 38 sq. perches
Jacob DetweilerFranconia212 acresr. 10.232
Jacob DetweilerUpper Hanover186 acresr. 5.382
Joseph DetweilerWhitemarsh
Martin DetweilerFranconia159 acresr. 11.321
Magdalen DevinecityGWR 26.48763 S 2nd St107 S 2nd St
Susanna DewarcityI 5.43309 S 2nd St
Susanna DewarcityI 5.43309 S 2nd St
David Potts and William DeweesUpper Merion73.5 acres, 10 sq. perchesr. 11.468
Henry DeweesGermantown0.5 acres
Henry DeweesGermantown8 acres, 23 sq. perchesGWC 81.269
Henry DeweesGermantown19.5 acresGWC 81.263
Henry DeweesGermantown2.5 acresGWC 81.267
Henry DeweesSpringfield120.25 acres
William DeweesWhitemarsh2 acres27.748
William Dewees?Whitemarsh
Peter DickcityD 22.45069 S Front St117 S Front St
Peter DickDistrict of SouthwarkD 4.35Christian St
Peter DickMoyamensingD 51.104
Philip DickcityI 13.9
Israel DickinsonPlymouth122 acresr. D 5.119
Israel DickinsonPlymouth0.5 acres, 21 sq. perchesr. D 5.119
Israel DickinsonPlymouth1.25 acresr. D 5.119
John DickinsoncityD 8.395607-613 Chestnut St
John DickinsoncityD 8.402601-609 Chestnut St
John DickinsoncityD 8.395615-631 Chestnut St
John DickinsonLower Merion240 acresD 19.296
John DickinsonNorthern Liberties4 acres, 63 sq. perches
John DickinsonNorthern Liberties5 acres, 130 sq. perchesD 18.648
John DickinsonNorthern LibertiesI 13.180
John DickinsonNorthern Liberties4 acres, 69 sq. perchesI 13.177
John DickinsonNorthern Liberties4 acres, 63 sq. perches
John DickinsonNorthern Liberties4 acres, 135 sq. perchesI 13.170
John DickinsonNorthern LibertiesI 13.180
John and Mary Dickinsoncity
John and Mary Dickinsoncityr. D 66.374
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties39 acres, 41 sq. perches
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern LibertiesQueen St
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern LibertiesRoss St
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties5 acres, 86 sq. perches
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties4 acres, 150 sq. perches
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties40 acres
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties4 acres, 58 sq. perches
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties36.5 acres
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties27 acres, 68 sq. perches
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties76 acres
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties5.5 acresr. D 51.127
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties40 acres
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Libertiesr. AM 25.6
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties8 acres, 70 sq. perchesr. AM 25.6
John and Mary DickinsonNorthern Liberties5 acres, 15 sq. perchesr. AM 25.6
John and Mary DickinsonRoxborough251 acres, 32 sq. perches
Jonathan Dickinsoncity
Jonathan Dickinsoncity
Jonathan DickinsonNorthern Liberties238 acres
Philemon DickinsoncityD 1.234
Philemon Dickinsoncityr. D 1.318
William DickinsoncityI 11.172306 Cherry St
John Dickinson?Norriton149 acresr. 222.217
Jacob DieglecityI 14.55955 Walnut St
Anna Cunnigunda DielGermantown20 sq. perchesAWM 31.260
Henry DietzUpper Salford100 acres260.51
William DietzcityAM 61.11117 N 5th St19 N 5th St
John Dillaloguecity24 North Alley520 North Alley
George DillwyncityS Front St
George and Sarah DillwyncityEF 1.217
Susanna DillwyncityOC Dkt 9.317Walnut St
Susanna DillwyncityOC Dkt 9.317Chestnut St
Susannah DillwynNorthern Liberties2 acresOC Dkt 9.317Buttonwood St
Ann Dillwyn?Northern Liberties
George Dillwyn?cityEF 1.217Cherry St
George Dillwyn?Northern Liberties24.5 acres
William Dillwyn?Northern Liberties22.5 acres
Jacob DilworthBristolWBk I.180
Jacob DilworthCheltenham108 acresCP A-2.144
James DilworthBristol4.75 acres, 14 sq. perchesr. IC 28.528
James Dilworth Jr.cityD 11.54150 N 4th St118 N 4th St
James Dilworth Jr.cityD 11.541133 Arch St403 Arch St
Jonathan DilworthBristol25 acresD 17.541
Jonathan DilworthBristol11.75 acresD 17.541
Jonathan DilworthBristol5 acres, 134 sq. perchesD 17.541
Jonathan DilworthBristol13 acresD 17.541
Jonathan DilworthcityH 20.476
Jonathan DilworthcityI 6.487343 Walnut St
Jonathan DilworthcityI 6.487343 Walnut St
Jonathan DilworthMoyamensing3 acres, 134 sq. perchesD 36.211
Nicholas DilworthBristol116.5 acresEF 12.298
Joseph DobbinscityH 18.59
Joseph DobbinscityH 10.6123-27 N 5th St
Joseph DobsoncityD 2.487117 Walnut St403 Walnut St
Christopher Dock EstateUpper Salford100 acresPatBk A 7.412
James DonaldsoncityCP A-2.3940 N Front St40 N Front St
Joseph DonaldsonBlockley24 acres, 153 sq. perchesI 17.289
Joseph DonaldsonBristol50 acresD 1.60
Joseph DonaldsoncityD 1.4767 Arch St217 Arch St
Joseph DonaldsoncityI 17.2924th St N
Joseph DonaldsoncityI 5.2891 N Water St
Joseph DonaldsoncityI 17.397501 Arch St
Joseph DonaldsoncityD 1.126
Joseph DonaldsoncityD 1.126
Joseph DonaldsoncityD 1.5780-84 Chestnut St240-242 Chestnut St
Joseph DonaldsoncityI 17.399179 Arch St503 Arch St
Joseph DonaldsonGermantown10 acres, 122 sq. perchesI 16.304
Joseph DonaldsonGermantown8 acres, 133 sq. perchesI 16.304
Joseph DonaldsonGermantown5 acres, 55 sq. perchesI 16.304
Joseph DonaldsonGermantown3.5 acres, 2 sq. perchesEF 18.333
Joseph DonaldsonGermantown61 acresI 17.390
William DonaldsonDistrict of SouthwarkAM 5.21641 Christian St
Hugh Donaldson EstatecityEF 5.80
Hugh Donaldson EstatecityCP A-1.242; r. IW 3.89
Hugh Donaldson EstatecityCP A-1.242; r. IW 3.89
Christian DonatSpringfield5 acres, 51 sq. perches
George DonnetSpringfield47 acres, 20 sq. perches
George DonnetSpringfield63 acres
Jacob DorcityD 23.521247 S 5th St
Isaac DorlandMoreland1.5 acres, 20 sq. perchesCP B-3.68
Benedict DorseycityI 11.326
Benedict DorseycityI 4.507, 51011 S 3rd St
Leonard DorseycityD 1.32
Leonard DorseycityD 1.3264 N 3rd St116 N 3rd St
Leonard DorseycityI 16.449253 Arch St
Joseph DorvilcityD 21.14080 Arch St250 Arch St
Barnhart DottererNew Hanover125 acres, 138 sq. perchesr. 1324.194
Ann Doughertycityr. D 12.511
Dennis DoughertycityCP B-3.19241 S Front St
George DouglascityD 1.265265 S 2nd St
William Dover?Northern Liberties
Elijah DowDistrict of Southwarkr. DHL 31.35839 Christian St
Elijah DowDistrict of SouthwarkI .37Swanson St
William Dowell EstatecityH 1.593342 S Front St
William Dowell EstatecityH 4.50864 N Front St64 N Front St
George DowigcityI 8.4464 N Front St
John and Elizabeth DowningcityTH 95.3518 S 2nd St30 S 2nd St
Thomas DoylecityH 4.45234 Chestnut St130 Chestnut St
Thomas DoylecityGWR 18.572; r. GWR 18.576
Andrew DozcityEF 33.460236 S Front St
Andrew DozcityIC 2.639
Andrew DozMoyamensing4 acres, 56 sq. perches
Andrew DozNorthern Liberties18 acres, 44 sq. perchesGWR 22.619
Andrew DozNorthern Liberties26.75 acres, 10 sq. perchesD 49.32
Martha DozDistrict of Southwark768 S Front St
Daniel DraiscityI 17.18390 4th St N162 4th St N
Peter and Daniel Drais?Northern Libertiesr. CP ShfBk B-3.412Garden St
William Drason Estatecityr. AM 63.25027-29 S 2nd St35 S 2nd St
Matthew Drayson Estatecityr. AM 57.169
Matthew Drayson Estatecityr. AM 57.169
William DrewryMoyamensingEF 7.282
William DrewryMoyamensing1 acre, 70 sq. perches
Daniel DrinkercityD 29.230
Daniel DrinkerPassyunk6 acres, 87 sq. perchesIC 2.181
Henry DrinkercityI 8.441142 Front St N
Henry DrinkerOxford1.5 acres, 15 sq. perchesr. D 24.247
John DrinkercityD 2.437
John DrinkercityGWR 17.212
John Drinkercityr. D 49.102
John DrinkercityGWR 16.230241-243 Pine St
John Drinkercityr. D 44.45442 Delancey St210 Delancey St
John DrinkercityI 11.8430 N Front St
John DrinkerPassyunk11.75 acresEF 1.268
John, Jr., and Tabitha DrinkercityH 21.209
Susanna DrinkerPassyunk10.75 acresr. D 42.392
Henry Drinker and Abel Jamescityr. D 12.80
Joseph Driskillcity
James Dubre EstateMoreland75 acresr. 131.392
Andrew DuchecityD 5.434248 Delancey St
Anthony DuchéDistrict of SouthwarkG 7.552
Anthony DuchéDistrict of SouthwarkG 7.552
Anthony DuchéDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.174; r. I 17.276
Anthony DuchéDistrict of Southwark
Anthony DuchéDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.174; r. I 17.277
Anthony DuchéMoyamensingI 14.174
Anthony Duché Jr., EstateMoyamensingI 14.174
Anthony Duché Jr., EstateMoyamensing
Esther Duchécityr. D 16.404
Esther Bradley DuchéMoyamensing5.75 acres
Jacob DuchecityG 3.57348 S Front St104 S Front St
Jacob DuchéMoyamensing11 acres, 33 sq. perches
Jacob Duche Jr.cityMR 1.464249 Pine St
Jacob Duche Jr.cityr. D 3.473251 Pine St
Jacob Duche Jr.cityr. D 3.473253 Pine St
Jacob Duche Jr.cityD 3.473
John DuchéMoyamensingI 14.174
Sarah Penrose DucheNorthern LibertiesI 12.480Front St N
Swanson DuchéDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.174; r. I 17.321
Swanson DuchéMoyamensingI 14.174
Abraham DuffieldMoreland105 acresD 13.529
Edward DuffieldByberry2 acres, 146 sq. perchesD 11.523
Edward DuffieldcityD 4.511
Edward Duffieldcityr. IC 2.510100 N 2nd St
Edward DuffieldMoreland740 acres
Edward DuffieldNorthern LibertiesTH 160.357331 Queen/Richmond St
Edward DuffieldNorthern Liberties3 acresIC 3.609Marlborough St
Edward DuffieldNorthern LibertiesIC 3.605
Jacob DuffieldLower Dublin100 acresD 13.529
John DuffieldcityEF 22.445
Joseph DuffieldMoreland50 acresD 13.529
Joseph DuffieldMoyamensing5.75 acres
Thomas DuffieldLower DublinD 13.529
John DugancityI 13.257400 S Penn St
John DulisonGermantown2.75 acres, 17 sq. perchesAWM 72.286
Frederick DullPlymouth120 acres3.546
Thomas DunbarDistrict of SouthwarkIC 30.577S Front St
Thomas DunbarDistrict of SouthwarkIC 30.577S Front St
Margaret DuncanDistrict of SouthwarkI 10.413
Margaret DuncanDistrict of SouthwarkD 39.359Christian St
Margaret DuncanDistrict of SouthwarkD 41.184
Margaret DuncanDistrict of SouthwarkI 10.413
Benjamin DunganOxford
Benjamin DunganOxford34 acres, 102 sq. perchesI 14.203
James DunganLower Dublin167 acres, 24 sq. perchesIH 3.165
John DunganLower Dublin138 acres, 40 sq. perchesTH 74.402
John DunganLower Dublin44 acresr. AM 23.737
John DunkanByberry3 acres, 10 sq. perchesD 77.614
Terrence Dunn EstateMoreland2.25 acresr. D15.404
Daniel DupuycityEF 25.6408 S 2nd St20 S 2nd St
Daniel DupuyPassyunk2 acres, 58 sq. perchesr. D 13.273
Daniel DupuyPassyunk2.25 acresr. D 13.273
Daniel DupuyPassyunk6 acres, 14 sq. perchesr. EF 16.535
Daniel DupuyPassyunk5 acres, 50 sq. perchesr. EF 16.535
Daniel & Eleanor DupuyPassyunk5 acres, 101 sq. perchesr. D 13.273
Michael DurdiscityLW 107.203724 Mulberry St
Dutch BaptistsGermantown0.5 acres, 18 sq. perches, 44 sq. ft.D 8.82
Dutch Lutheran CongregationUpper Hanover2 acres945.586
Dutch Lutheran CongregationUpper Hanover92.5 sq. perches945.585
Dutch Presbyterian CongregationFranconia0.75 acres12.213
Mary DuttonNorthern LibertiesD 28.366800-804 Front St N
Mary DuttonNorthern LibertiesD 28.366Front St N
Isaac Dutton EstateNorthern LibertiesD 56.36Queen/Richmond St
Christian DuyGermantown115.75 sq. perchesD 13.399
James DyerMoreland100 acresI 11.343
James DyerMoreland50 acresH 14.515
James DyerMoreland25 acresI 17.212
James DyerMoreland100 acresH 14.515
James DyerMoreland108 acresH 21.227
James DyerMoreland3 acresH 14.515
Martha EarlNorthern Liberties
Henry EarnhartUpper Dublin101 acresr. 9.166
Benjamin EastburnUpper Merion200 acresr. 5.335
Joseph EckDistrict of SouthwarkCP A-2.40
Joseph EckDistrict of SouthwarkD 27.77
Joseph EckDistrict of SouthwarkCP A-2.40
John Eck?Upper Salford59 acres, 66 sq. perchesr. P 61.407
William EckartcityI 12.190323 Lombard St
William EckartcityH 17.524Lombard St
William EckartcityD 28.73Lombard St
William EckartcityI 12.188317 Lombard St
William EckartcityI 11.354323 Lombard St
William EckartcityI 12.190
Adam EckertcityIC 17.598 N 5th St148 N 5th St
John EckfeldtcityD 1.14030 5th St N
David EckoffWhitemarsh50 acres, 11 sq. perchesH 18.10
Barbara EcksteinBristol5.5 acres, 8 sq. perchesWBk N.63; r. D 22.47
Barbara EcksteinGermantown12 acres, 102 sq. perchesD 1.68; r. D 16.119
Christian, Barbara, & Elizabeth EcksteinBristol9 acres, 124 sq. perchesD 1.68
James EddycityCP A-2.3444 Spruce St122 Spruce St
James Eddy EstatecityH 21.212; r. D 29.571S 5th St
James Eddy EstatePassyunk6 acres, 42 sq. perchesH 21.206
George EdelmanGermantown14.5 acresI 16.32
George EdelmanRoxborough8 acres, 90 sq. perchesI 16.31
Philip EdenbornGermantown3.5 acres, 2 sq. perchesCP A-2.37
Philip EdenbornGermantown3.5 acres, 2 sq. perchesr. D 23.179
Philip EdenbornGermantown2.25 acres, 33 sq. perchesr. MR 6.102
Philip EdenbornGermantown2.25 acres, 27 sq. perchesDHL 142.255
Philip EdenbornGermantown2.25 acres, 34 sq. perches
Philip EdenbornGermantown2 acres, 25 sq. perchesDHL 142.311
Philip EdenbornGermantown2 acres, 25 sq. perchesDHL 142.285
Jacob EdgeWhitemarsh183 acres, 40 sq. perches21.547
Alexander EdwardsOxford0.5 acresD 22.385
Enoch EdwardsByberry10 acresWBk R.44
Enoch EdwardsByberry41 acresWBk R.44
Evan EdwardsLower Dublin22.75 acresWBk R.44; r. MB M 1.201
Evan EdwardsLower Dublin14 acresWBk R.44; r. D 18.413
George EdwardsLower Dublin10 acresSHF 11.339
George EdwardsLower Dublin82 sq. perchesSHF 11.339
George EdwardsLower Dublin33 acres, 50 sq. perchesSHF 11.335
Isaac EdwardsBlockley2 acresD 3.298
Jesse EdwardsOxford138 acresr. GS 4.312
Marshall EdwardsByberry12 acres
Marshall EdwardsByberry20 acresD 6.48N
Marshall EdwardsByberry106 acresD 6.53
Marshall EdwardsByberry29.25 acresI 13.145
William EdwardsLower Dublin32 acres, 38 sq. perchesSHF 11.339
William EdwardsLower Dublin7 acres, 12 sq. perchesD 23.65
William EdwardsLower Dublin15 acresr. D 27.33
William EdwardsLower Dublin6 acres, 149 sq. perchesr. D 27.33
William Wishart and Jemima Edwards EstateNorthern Liberties3.25 acresEF 9.87Old York Road
William Wishart and Jemima Edwards EstateNorthern Liberties3 acresEF 9.87Old York Road
Samuel Edwards?Plymouth10 acres, 23 sq. perchesr. 19.92
Lawrence EgbertWhitemarsh93 acres, 66 sq. perchesoriginal deed, Jim Ries Collection
Jacob EggUpper Salford25 acresPatBk A 13.288
Jacob EggUpper Salford100 acresPatBk A 13.288
Joseph EggMoyamensing7 acres, 54 sq. perchesD 45.249
George Adam EgolfNew Hanover100 acresr. MCo MtgBk 16.296; MCo WBk 1.455; r. 300.151
John Jacob Ehrenfichtercityr. IC 9.526417 Appletree Alley
Jacob EhrenzellercityI 14.21034 4th St N40 4th St N
Jacob EhrenzellerPassyunk4 acresACH 71.91
Henry EigelbergerNew Hanover50 acresr. 342.402
Nicholas EitemillerMarlborough21 acres, 101 sq. perchesr. 35.732
Adam EkertcityD 15.308201 Market St503 Market St
John EldridgecityI 11.463112 Chestnut St316 Chestnut St
Hannah Elfrethcityr. EF 22.79
Jeremiah & Josiah ElfrethNorthern LibertiesCP Part.
Jeremiah and Hannah ElfrethcityH 10.54363 N Front St63 N Front St
Josiah and Jeremiah Elfrethcity137-139 N 2nd St
Mary Elfrethcityr. D 22.61
John EllickNorthern LibertiesEF 5.470
John Ellick?Northern Liberties
Robert ElliotLower Merion100 acresr. 25.155
Andrew & Elizabeth (Plumsted) Elliottcityr. EF 17.525S Front St
Andrew & Elizabeth (Plumsted) ElliottMoyamensing6.5 acresD 29.179
Andrew & Elizabeth (Plumsted) ElliottMoyamensing2 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 29.179
Andrew & Elizabeth (Plumsted) ElliottNorthern Liberties15 acres, 40 sq. perches
Andrew & Elizabeth (Plumsted) ElliottNorthern Liberties19.75 acres
Andrew & Elizabeth (Plumsted) ElliottPassyunk35 acres
Christopher ElliottKingsessing54 acres, 60 sq. perchesr. D 7.121
Enoch ElliottKingsessing18.5 acresTH 128.391
Enoch ElliottKingsessing40.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesH 4.85
Enoch ElliottKingsessing10 acresWBk O.431; r. D 77.561
Enoch ElliottKingsessing1 acrer. AM 7.383
Enoch ElliottKingsessingWBk O.431; r. EF 24.585; D 18.566
Enoch ElliottKingsessingWBk O.431; r. IC 16.535
John ElliottcityD 37.1475 Walnut St
Rebecca Gore and Andrew Elliottcityr. D 17.42816 N Front St
John ElmsliecityCP A-2.213
John ElmsliecityAM 19.418
John Elmsliecityr. MR 9.683118 S 2nd St
John ElmsliecityAM 19.41840 Strawberry Alley
John EltoncityH 21.46Mulberry St
Henry ElwesPassyunk25 acres, 2 sq. perchesr. CP C-4.262
Mary ElwesPassyunk41 acres
Mary ElwesPassyunk60 acres
Mary ElwesPassyunk111 acres
Caleb EmlencityEF 7.496
Caleb Emlencity
Caleb Emlencity
Caleb EmlencityChestnut St
Caleb EmlencityEF 7.486Jones Alley
Caleb Emlencity
Caleb Emlencity
Caleb Emlencity
George EmlenBlockley25 acresH 6.700
George EmlenBlockley20 acres, 9 sq. perchesH 6.700
George EmlenBlockley25 acresr. D 32.182
George EmlenBristol5 acres, 102 sq. perchesr. D 13.499
George EmlenBristol3 acres, 48 sq. perchesr. D 13.499
George EmlenGermantown34.5 acres
George EmlenNorthern Liberties2.25 acres
George EmlenNorthern Liberties27 acres
George EmlenNorthern Liberties80 acres
George EmlenNorthern Libertiesr. D 42.415Palmer St
George EmlenNorthern LibertiesH 4.468
George Emlen Jr.cityI 10.38839 Market St123 Market St
George and Caleb EmlencityJTO 85.279 Elbow Lane
George and Caleb EmlencityJTO 85.24Elbow Lane
Samuel EmlencityD 3.166
Samuel EmlencityG 2.499
Samuel Emlencity
Samuel Emlencity
Samuel EmlencityH 9.295137 Pine St
Samuel Emlencity
Samuel EmlencityH 13.4893-11 5th St N
Samuel Emlencityr. GWC 29.325
Samuel Emlencityr. GWC 29.325
Samuel EmlencityH 16.6028 Market St
Samuel EmlencityWBk Q.303; r. D 8.120105 Chestnut St
Samuel Emlencityr. D 8.69103 Chestnut St
Samuel EmlenDistrict of Southwark3.5 acresIC 31.161
Samuel EmlenDistrict of Southwark3.5 acresIC 31.46
Samuel Emlen Jr.cityI 8.14Mulberry St
Samuel Emlen Jr.cityD 2.43144 5th St N48 5th St N
Samuel Emlen Jr.cityI 8.274522 Arch St
Samuel Emlen Jr.cityI 8.74524-526 Arch St
George Emlen EstatecityD 21.192Zane's St
George Emlen EstatecityG 7.428705-709 Market St
George Emlen EstatecityG 7.422Elbow Lane
George Emlen EstatecityH 1.653Elbow Lane
George Emlen EstatecityF 8.41-55
George Emlen EstatecityF 8.41-55
George Emlen EstatecityF 8.41-55
George Emlen EstateDistrict of Southwark7.25 acres
George Emlen EstateLower Dubin40 acresr. D 71.419
George Emlen EstateLower Dubin27 acresG 8.288
George Emlen EstateLower Dubin and Springfield200 acresG 7.359
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing89 sq. perchesEF 7.484
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing6 acresF 6.308
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing6 acresIC 13.1
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing12.5 acresF 6.99
George Emlen EstateMoyamensingH 5.363
George Emlen EstateMoyamensingG 11.74
George Emlen EstateMoyamensingEF 17.536
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing32 sq. perchesH 6.339
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing13 acresG 2.519
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing8.75 acresF 10.316
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing4 acresr. F 10.316
George Emlen EstateMoyamensing12.5 acres
George Emlen EstateNorthern Liberties414 Front St N
George Emlen EstateNorthern Libertiesr. D 18.456412 Front St N
Joshua Emlen EstateNorthern Liberties8 acres, 20 sq. perchesEF 8.156
Joshua Emlen EstateNorthern Liberties4 acres, 74 sq. perchesF 9.168
Joshua Emlen EstateNorthern Liberties
George Emlen [III] EstatecityElbow Lane
George Emlen [III] EstatecityChestnut St
Mary EmleyNorthern Libertiesr. IH 1.13
John EmmreichcityI 11.472
John Theobald EndtGermantown3.5 acres, 34 sq. perchesI 13.89
John Theobald EndtGermantown5 acres, 130 sq. perchesI 13.88
John Theobald EndtGermantown1 acre, 11 sq. perches
John Theobald EndtGermantown9 acres, 3 sq. perches
John Theobald EndtGermantown1.3 acres, 25 sq. perchesH 20.367
Philip EngartUpper Dublin100 acres4.332
John Wilhelm EngelfriedcityH 20.51862 N 5th St116 N 5th St
Ludwick EngelhardGermantown5 acresD 8.49
Ludwick EngelhardGermantown2 acres, 20 sq. perchesGS 29.591-98
Thomas England?city60 N Front St
Benjamin EngleBristol3.25 acresr. EF 26.362
Charles EngleGermantown131 sq. perchesD 75.273
Charles EngleGermantown11 acres, 8 sq. perchesr. D 49.466
Charles EngleGermantown
Charles EngleGermantown1 acre, 67 sq. perchesD 78.254
Charles EngleGermantown0.25 acres, 25 sq. perchesD 75.275
Cornelius EngleGermantown0.5 acres, 79 sq. perchesAM 47.715; r. D 16.316
Jacob EngleBristol6.25 acresCP A-2.62
Jacob EngleBristol13 acresI 4.48
Jacob EngleBristol10 acresSHF 27.599
Jacob EngleGermantown4.75 acresI 4.43
Jacob EngleGermantown32.75 acres, 4 sq. perchesIH 5.771
John EngleGermantown5 acres, 20 sq. perchesTH 32.516
John EngleGermantown34.5 acresIH 5.771
John EngleGermantown5 acres, 112 sq. perchesRLL 2.532
John EngleGermantown50 acresI 17.446
John EngleGermantown5 acres, 20 sq. perchesTH 32.516
John EngleGermantown1 acre, 65 sq. perchesr. IC 23.586
Paul Engle Jr.Germantown8 acres, 114 sq. perches
Harmon EnochLower Dublin112 acresD 53.387
Harmon EnochOxford0.5 acres
Andrew EpleyGermantown12 sq. perches, 116 sq. ft.D 1.215-19
Andrew EpleyGermantownD 1.215-19
Andrew EpleyGermantownD 1.215-19
Frederick EplinGermantown1 acre, 112 sq. perchesFTW 43.169
Godfrey EplinGermantown1 acrer. D 52.14
Andrew EpplecityI 9.14166 N 3rd St122 N 3rd St
Adam ErbenNorthern LibertiesD 16.204151-161 Queen/Richmond St
Martin ErdmanGermantown3 acres, 75 sq. perchesADB 85.461
George ErhartNew Hanover58 acres, 113 sq. perchesI 15.483
Baltes ErnstCheltenham15.25 acres, 2 sq. perchesI 11.159
Baltes ErnstCheltenham30 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 11.159
Baltes ErnstCheltenham1.25 acres, 4 sq. perchesI 11.159
Daniel ErnstNorthern LibertiesD 7.272Richmond St
Henry ErnstGermantownr. D 3.31
Robert ErwincityD 41.16217 6th St N
Robert ErwincityI 8.3487th St S
Robert Erwincity218 Market St624 Market St
Robert ErwincityI 8.348220 Market St626 Market St
Robert ErwincityD 41.16215 6th St N
Robert ErwincityI 8.36347 8th St N
Robert ErwincityI 8.3617th St S
Robert ErwinMoyamensing5 acres, 65 sq. perchesI 11.58
Robert ErwinMoyamensing2 acres, 86 sq. perchesI 11.58
Robert ErwinMoyamensing3 acres, 90 sq. perchesI 8.345
Robert ErwinPassyunk11 acres, 65 sq. perchesr. D 40.219
Samuel ErwinMoreland209.75 acresr. 9.477; 9.484
Margaret EschbachNew Hanover4 acres, 110 sq. perches1101.484
Baltzer EssigGermantown114 sq. perchesLutheran Archives Center; r. EF 15.460
John EterisPlymouth50 acresH 9.519
John EterisPlymouth111.75 acresr. 2.531
John EterisWhitemarsh162 acresH 9.519
Philip EttercityD 66.46429 6th St N
David EvanscityH 17.548
David EvansSouthwarkD 27.82Shippen St
David EvansSouthwarkJTO 205.180Shippen St
David EvansSouthwarkD 27.82Shippen St
Edward EvanscityD 2.402; r. IC 26.2S 2nd St
Isaiah & Barbara EvansGermantown9 acres, 24 sq. perchesD 75.192
James Brook and David EvansNew Hanover141 sq. perchesr. 22.150
James Brook and David EvansNew Hanover13 acresr. 22.150
John EvanscityWBk O.255; r. D 2.347107 Chestnut St
Jonathan EvanscityH 8.98253 S 2nd St
Jonathan EvanscityEF 10.182226-228 Stampers Alley
Jonathan Evanscity10.17853 Lombard St231 Lombard St
Jonathan EvansDistrict of Southwark3.75 acresD 16.155
Jonathan & Joel EvansBlockley47.5 acres
Methusalem EvansUpper Dublin168 acresH 5.558
Rebecca Jervis, Jonathan and Hannah Evanscityr. D 29.12; H 8.10812 Strawberry Alley
Reese EvansNew Hanover45 acresr. 75.60; r. 77.563
Reese EvansNew Hanover138 acres, 151 sq. perchesr. 77.563
Robert EvanscityI 3.53894-96 N 5th St146 N 5th St
Robert EvanscityIC 6.39692 N 5th St142 N 5th St
Robert EvanscityIC 6.40390 N 5th St140 N 5th St
Samuel EvansNorriton120 acresr. 27.367
Samuel EvansNorthern LibertiesEF 23.539312 Cable Lane
Hugh Evans EstateLower Merion156 acres
Joel Evans?cityr. WSV 1010.319224 Stampers Alley
Adam EveUpper Merion31 acres, 107 sq. perches246.393
Adam EveUpper Merion50 acresr. 294.323
Oswald EveNorthern Liberties3 acresr. D 67.634
Oswell EveNorthern Liberties70 sq. perchesI 15.274
Oswell EveOxford202 acres, 135 sq. perchesI 15.274
John EverhardtMoyamensing2 acres, 30 sq. perchesr. D 35.352
John & George David EverhardtMoyamensing1.5 acres, 8 sq. perchesr. D 35.352
John EverlaycityEF 6.19247 S 3rd St
John EverlyPassyunk7 acres, 109 sq. perchesCP B-3.208
John EverlyPassyunk24 acres, 110 sq. perchesH 7.125
Benjamin George EyreNorthern LibertiesD 24.42Queen/Richmond St
Benjamin George EyreNorthern LibertiesEF 27.643Warren St
Jehu EyreNorthern LibertiesI 9.78Queen/Richmond St
Manuel EyreNorthern LibertiesD 16.344Queen St
Manuel EyreNorthern LibertiesD 16.338Queen/Richmond St
Manuel EyreNorthern LibertiesD 16.326
Manuel and John EyreNorthern LibertiesD 16.367Queen/Richmond St
Manuel and John EyreNorthern LibertiesD 16.367Bishop St
Benjamin Eyrescityr. I 17.161197 S 2nd St331 S 2nd St
Hannah Fairlambcityr. D 10.124Pine St
Joseph FalconerDistrict of SouthwarkCP B-3.389
Joseph FalconerDistrict of SouthwarkCP B-3.389743 S 2nd St
Nathaniel FalconerNorthern Liberties96 acres, 65 sq. perchesI 11.268
William FalconercityMtgBk X 12.19041-43 Walnut St127 Walnut St
William FalconercityD 62.38868 Market St222 Market St
John & Margaret FantzNorthern Liberties10 acres
John & Margaret FantzNorthern Liberties10 acres
Margaret FantzNorthern Liberties2 acres
Joseph FareeGermantown3.25 acresI 14.479
Edward FarmerMoreland14.5 acres131.389; r. 131.390
James FarmercityEF 4.40028 S 3rd St
Richard FarmercityH 5.4931 Chancery Lane
Richard FarmercityH 11.298
Richard FarmerMoyamensingH 14.345
Richard FarmerMoyamensingH 14.345
Patrick FarrelcityH 21.400229 Spruce St
Patrick FarrellcityH 21.402Morris Alley
Patrick Farrellcity
Patrick FarrellcityH 21.402Morris Alley
William FaulknerDistrict of SouthwarkD 28.22519 Bulletin St
Lester Faulkner EstatecityD 27.204
John FaustUpper Salford42 acres, 6 sq. perchesr. P 1.83
John FaustUpper Salford102 acres, 155 sq. perchesr. P 1.83
Joseph & Elizabeth FawcettNorthern Liberties47.5 acres, 25 sq. perchesD 1.163
Joseph & Elizabeth FawcettNorthern Liberties9.5 acres, 36 sq. perchesD 1.163
Michael Feadly Jr.New Hanover56 acresI 14.539
John FeaganNew Hanover10 acresI 6.393
Joseph FeinauercityEF 13.63458 Lombard St242 Lombard St
Felix FennerDistrict of SouthwarkI 3.108Christian St
Martin FeringerWhitemarsh80.5 acresr. 14.352
Joseph & Sarah FerreeGermantown12 acresI 14.479
Caspar FetterMoreland10.75 acres, 34 sq. perches27.522
Caspar FetterMoreland150 acres22.499
Caspar FetterMoreland110 acres22.298
Caspar FetterMoreland3 acres, 20 sq. perches27.519
Rudolph FielMoyamensing10 acresD 21.13
Robert & Mary FieldNorthern Liberties11.75 acres, 8 sq. perches
Casper FightRoxborough38 acres
Philip FillmanUpper Salford150 acresr. PatBk AA 4.201
John FinneyLower Dublin28 acres, 105 sq. perchesEF 10.500
John FinneyLower Dublin30 acres, 110 sq. perchesEF 10.500
First Presbyterian ChurchcityD 6.186; r. D 6.18794 S 3rd St226 S 3rd St
William Fishbourn Jr.cityr. D 3.38
William Fishbourn Jr.cityr. D 3.38
William Fishbourn Jr.cityr. D 3.38205 S Water St
William Fishbourn, younger, Estatecityr. D 53.42
Abigail FishercityDHL 133.23539 Arch St125 Arch St
Abigail FishercityI 2.129150 Front St N
Benjamin FisherLower Dublin54.75 acresGWR 32.56
Charles Lyon and Samuel FishercityD 15.5392 Front St N122-124 Front St N
Conrad FisherDouglas71 acres, 91 sq. perchesI 6.413
Conrad FisherDouglas17 acres, 72 sq. perchesr. 58.339
George FisherUpper Hanover23 acres, 46 sq. perchesr. 777.92
George FisherUpper Hanover185 acres, 102 sq. perchesH 18.224
George FisherWhitemarsh
Jacob FisherBristol36 acresH 19.425
Jacob FisherGermantown1 acreACH 88.126
Jacob FisherSpringfield61 acres, 74 sq. perches120.537
John FisherUpper Hanover45 acres, 36 sq. perches
John FisherUpper Hanover150 acresr. 33.293
John FisherWhitemarsh10 acresr. 23.387
John FisherWhitemarsh10 acres9.282
John Fisher Jr.Moyamensing9.5 acres
John Philip FishercityIC 23.174; r. IC 23.176421 Appletree Alley
Joseph FisherAbington12 acres, 6 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 16.63
Joshua FishercityGWR 21.35137 Walnut St123 Walnut St
Joshua FishercityI 8.477S 2nd St
Joshua FishercityI 8.477S 2nd St
Joshua FishercityH 21.365226 S Front St
Joshua FishercityH 21.372257 S 2nd St
Joshua FisherNorthern Liberties11 acres, 37 sq. perchesH 21.369
Joshua FisherNorthern Liberties14 acres, 151 sq. perchesI 1.194
Joshua FisherNorthern Liberties26 acres, 82 sq. perchesI 1.198 & 202
Joshua FisherPassyunk7 acres, 52 sq. perches
Martin FishercityI 10.42640-44 7th St N
Martin FisherNorthern LibertiesI 1.249
Martin FisherNorthern LibertiesI 2.260
Martin FisherNorthern LibertiesD 1.245
Martin FisherNorthern LibertiesI 6.357
Martin FisherNorthern LibertiesI 6.359
Samuel FishercityH 19.400108 Elfreths Alley
Samuel FishercityH 7.2927 Market St109 Market St
Samuel FisherNorthern Liberties37.75 acres
William FishercityD 18.553Water St
William FishercityArch St
William FishercityGWR 6.25578 N Front St108 N Front St
William FishercityI 16.366N Front St
William FishercityD 54.311
William FishercityD 18.40021 Arch St107 Arch St
William Fishercity100 N Front St
William FisherNorthern LibertiesD 18.404Hanover St
John Fisher EstateUpper Salford120 acres, 60 sq. perchesr. Survey D-44.270
Samuel Fisher EstatecityD 16.7690 N Front St120 N Front St
Christian FishmireOxford46.6 acresI 14.405
John FisscityD 22.364180 Race St518 Race St
John FitzwaterUpper Dublin109.5 acres10.463
John FitzwaterUpper Dublin222 acres, 72 sq. perchesr. D 8.207
John FitzwaterUpper Dublin109.5 acresH 5.87
George FlakecityH 4.46685 N 2nd St111 N 2nd St
Frederick FleckensteinGermantownGWC 114.35
Plunkett FleesoncityI 16.504
Plunkett FleesoncityD 5.445
Plunkett FleesoncityD 48.85113 Chestnut St
Plunkett FleesonMoyamensing3.5 acres, 19 sq. perches
Plunkett FleesonPassyunk6 acres, 12 sq. perchesI 16.502
Robert FletcherAbington297 acresWBk U.1; 31.174
Thomas Fletcher Jr.Abington27 acres, 149 sq. perchesWBk U.1; r. 55.471
Thomas Fletcher Jr.Abington49 acres, 100 sq. perchesWBk U.1; r. 55.471
Thomas Fletcher Jr.Abington175 acres, 32 sq. perchesWBk U.1; r. 55.471
Philip FlickcityI 11.344
Ann FlintcityD 43.2517 N Front St13 N Front St
Benjamin FlowercityI 14.9
Elizabeth Flowercityr. IC 13.308Strawberry Alley
Elizabeth Flowercityr. IC 13.308Strawberry Alley
Elizabeth FlowercityIC 27.707
Enoch Flower Jr.cityr. EF 24.43253 Market St621 Market St
Hannah FlowercityCP B-3.77Walnut St
Mary Flowercityr. IC 13.308214 Market St
Mary Flowercityr. IC 13.30858 Market St214 Market St
Mary FlowercityIC 27.707
Samuel Flowercityr. D 27.32514-16 7th St S
Samuel Flowercityr. D 13.361Market St
Enoch Flower EstateDistrict of Southwarkr. D 29.131766 S Front St
Enoch Flower?District of Southwark
Samuel Flowers EstateMoyamensing3 acres, 6.66 sq. perchesGWC 90.147
Simon FogelgesangGermantown57 sq. perchesr. D 56.266
Joseph FolwellMoreland187 acresr. 55.405
Richard FootmanNorthern LibertiesD 3.175Hanover St
Hugh Forbescityr. D 3.364155 Market St341 Market St
Standish FordcityGS 30.48414 5th St N
Standish FordNorthern LibertiesGS 46.434Spring St
Hannah Fordhamcityr. D 3.1117-121 Jones Alley
George ForepaughNorthern LibertiesPatBk AA 9.184117 Callowhill St
James ForrestcityD 22.29421 S 3rd St
Sarah Forrestcityr. D 10.311163 Front St N
Susannah Forrestercityr. D 52.442122 S 2nd St226 S 2nd St
Susannah Forrestercityr. D 52.442
Susannah ForresterMoyamensing8 acres, 11 sq. perches
Susannah ForresterMoyamensing2 acres, 30 sq. perches
Susannah ForresterMoyamensing2 acres, 94 sq. perches
Susannah ForresterPassyunk10.75 acresI 14.366; r. D 31.341
Alice Forster1 acrer. D 68.650
Alice ForsterNorthern Liberties2.5 acresr. D 68.650
Moses Forster EstatecityComBk A 3.121204 Market St610 Market St
John FosterLower Dublin57 acresr. GWR 21.616 & D 36.8
Thomas FosterLower Dublinr. EF 23.660
Thomas FosterMoreland
William FosterLower Dublin50 acres, 106 sq. perchesr. EF 1.422
Caleb FoulkecityEF 16.385223 Market St525 Market St
Caleb FoulkecityEF 9.49841 S 4th St
Caleb FoulkecityEF 9.498
Caleb FoulkeNorthern Liberties10 acres, 31 sq. perches
George FoulkrodOxford50 acresI 5.418
George FoulkrodOxford19 acres, 42 sq. perchesI 5.418
Jacob FoulkrodOxford117 acresD 18.155
Jacob FoulkrodOxford36 acresD 18.155
Abraham FoustNorriton95 acres, 24 sq. perches4.93
Peter FoustFrederick28 acres384.158
Matthias FoutzLower Merion50 acresr. 30.290
Michael FowlerDistrict of SouthwarkD 8.65133 Fitzwater St
George FoxNorthern Libertiesr. CP C-4.117Queen/Richmond St
George FoxNorthern Liberties10 acres, 79.5 sq. perches
John FoxcityI 15.42241 4th St N149 4th St N
Joseph FoxBristol17 acres, 143 sq. perchesFTW 66.51
Joseph FoxBristol180 acresH 3.505
Joseph Foxcityr. D 67.4541-43 N 2nd St
Joseph Foxcity255 Market St
Joseph Foxcity
Joseph FoxcityH 3.505; r. EF 18.40596 Market St306 Market St
Joseph Foxcityr. WSV 155.101
Joseph FoxcityFTW 82.212N 3rd St
Joseph Foxcity117 Market St
Joseph Foxcity11 Coombs Alley113 Coombs Alley
Joseph FoxcityCP B-3.320
Joseph Foxcity
Joseph FoxcityH 3.505Wallis' Alley
Joseph FoxcityH 3.505Wallis' Alley
Joseph Foxcityr. H 3.505; r. D 9.10320 N 3rd St
Joseph Foxcity111 Market St257 Market St
Joseph Foxcity
Joseph Foxcity7-11 N 3rd St11-19 N 3rd St
Joseph Foxcity17 N 3rd St21 N 3rd St
Joseph Foxcity18 Arch St110 Arch St
Joseph FoxNorthern LibertiesG 2.318210-220 Queen/Richmond St
Joseph FoxNorthern Liberties63 acres, 120 sq. perches
Joseph FoxNorthern LibertiesI 6.467
Joseph FoxNorthern LibertiesGS 46.609Noble St
Justus FoxGermantown1 acre, 5 sq. perchesH 19.111
William Fox EstatecityEF 11.3688 Race St240 Race St
John Fraelick EstateNorthern Liberties4 acresH 19.134
Leonard FraileyGermantown3.25 acresEF 6.194
Leonard FraileyGermantown0.75 acres, 33.5 sq. perchesAWM 66.37
Henry FraleyGermantown1 acre, 55 sq. perchesD 10.81
Henry FraleyGermantown1.5 acres, 18 sq. perchesD 9.490
Tench FranciscityWBk L.141
Tench FranciscityAWM 5.307
Tench FranciscityWBk L.141
Tench FranciscityD 73.372101 Chestnut St311-313 Chestnut St
Tench Franciscity28 4th St N
Tench Franciscityr. D 36.10599 Chestnut St307-309 Chestnut St
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties140 sq. perches
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties5 acres, 90 sq. perchesI 5.339
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties14 acres, 20 sq. perches
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties7 acres, 65 sq. perches
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties7 acres, 75 sq. perches
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties13 acres, 148 sq. perchesI 5.339
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties38 acres, 71 sq. perchesI 5.339
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties8 acres, 66 sq. perches
Tench FrancisNorthern Liberties96 acresWBk L.141; r. EF 8.416
Tench FrancisNorthern LibertiesI 5.339
Tench FrancisWhitemarsh20.75 acres, 30 sq. perchesH 17.415
Turbert FranciscityI 14.19630 Market St
Turbert FrancisNorthern Liberties7 acres, 22 sq. perchesD 18.641
Turbert FrancisNorthern Liberties4 acresD 18.641
William Francis youngerAbington70 acresWBk Q.23
Tench Francis & Thomas WillingBlockley50.25 acres, 15 sq. perches
Turbert Francis?Passyunk5 acresCP B-3.469
Jacob FrankcityI 8.12360 N 4th St128 N 4th St
Benjamin FranklincityRDW 157.198116-118 Jones Alley
Benjamin FranklincityH 15.15543 Market St127 Market St
Benjamin FranklincityH 7.417167 Arch St435 Arch St
Benjamin FranklincityD 22.32912 6th St N
Benjamin FranklincityH 7.426
Benjamin FranklincityH 21.481
Benjamin FranklincityH 7.447
Benjamin FranklincityH 7.433, H 7.437
Benjamin FranklinNorthern LibertiesH 7.423
Deborah (Morris) Franklincityr. H 9.295135 Pine St
Thomas FranklincityShf Bk CP B-3.32420 North Alley528 North Alley
David FranksNew Hanover5 acres, 45 sq. perchesr. 8.512
David FranksNew Hanover47 acres, 107 sq. perchesr. 8.512
David FranksNew Hanover156 sq. perchesr. 8.512
David FranksNorthern Liberties12 acres, 4 sq. perchesr. D 2.462
David and Margaret Frankscityr. D 8.34; H 1.556; H 9.40047-49 N 2nd St
George FrantzNorthern LibertiesH 15.439
Jacob FrantzNorthern LibertiesI 15.501; I 15.504Spring St
Joseph FraziercityD 5.211S Penn St
George FreasWhitemarsh62 acresI 11.524
George FreasWhitemarsh20 acresI 11.532
George FreasWhitemarsh20 acresI 11.524
George FrederickUpper Salford150.5 acresH 19.125
George FrederickUpper Salford24 acres, 110 sq. perchesH 19.125
Free Mason's LodgecityI 11.221Lodge Alley
John FreedFranconia130 sq. perchesr. 7.47
John FreedUpper Salford100 acres, 110 sq. perchesr. 19.4
Mark FreemancityI 16.476
Charles FrenchcityGS 21.52329 North Alley510 North Alley
Ulrich FreyhoferGermantown0.5 acres, 25.5 sq. perchesI 9.535
Ulrich FreyhoferGermantown1.25 acres, 12 sq. perchesr. D 4.136
Michael FriedleGermantown4 acresGWC 8.674
Michael FriedleGermantown2.25 acres
Philip FriedtNew Hanover20 acres, 112 sq. perchesr. 3.430
Ann FriesGermantown
Ann FriesGermantownH 2.318
Ann FriesGermantownH 2.318
Ann FriesGermantownH 2.318
Ann FriesGermantown2 acresD 64.227
Jacob FriesOxford0.5 acres, 16 sq. perchesr. D 53.391
Jacob FriesOxford81.25 sq. perchesr. D 53.391
Jacob FriesOxford15 sq. perchesr. D 53.391
Jacob FriesOxford81.5 sq. perchesr. D 53.391
John FritzDistrict of SouthwarkMtgBk X 10.30021 Bulletin St
John FritzDouglas15 acres, 69 sq. perchesr. 18.55
John Fritz?Douglas5 acres, 151 sq. perchesr. 22.115
John Fritz?Douglas14 acres, 129 sq. perchesr. 22.115
John Fritz?Douglas1.5 acresr. 22.115
John Fritz?Douglas1.5 acresr. 22.115
John Fritz?Douglas1 acrer. 22.115
John Fritz?Douglas3.5 acresr. 22.109
John Fritz?Douglas112 acres
John Fritz?Douglas3.5 acresr. 22.109
John FrombergercityD 1.113
John FrombergerMoreland1 acre, 3 sq. perchesI 17.53
John FrombergerMoreland1 acrer. D 7.59
Nicholas FrosbergcityGWC 44.82169 Arch St437 Arch St
Eve FryGermantown0.75 acres, 38 sq. perchesEF 21.560
George FryAbington61 acres, 70 sq. perchesr. 23.445
Gottlieb FryGermantown0.75 acres, 28 sq. perchesI 6.389
John FryFrederick157.25 acresI 4.494
John FryGermantown1 acreI 15.17
John Fry and othersCheltenham69 acresD 21.501; r. 8.136
Bernhard FryerNew Hanover76 acres, 90 sq. perchesD 1.188
Bernhard FryerNew Hanover14 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 1.188
Bernhard FryerNew Hanover9 acres, 50 sq. perchesD 1.188
Joseph FryerNew Hanover76 acres, 50 sq. perchesI 16.98
Ulrich FryhofferLower Dublin20 acresI 7.229
Benjamin Fullercity26 Arch St118 Arch St
Benjamin Fullercityr. EF 7.49162 S Front St322 S Front St
Benjamin FullerNorthern Liberties63 acres, 25 sq. perches
John FullertoncityI 12.13685 Market St231 Market St
John FullertoncityI 7.19144 S Front St
John FullertoncityI 4.550
John FullertoncityI 2.216
John FullertoncityI 4.553Videls Alley
James FultonMoreland24.5 acres241.466, 468, 470
James FultonMoreland1.5 acres241.466, 468, 470
Christopher FunkFranconia63 acres, 19 sq. perches712.315
Christopher FunkFranconia137 acres, 146 sq. perchesH 12.70
Henry FunkBristol100 acresH 5.387
Henry FunkBristol49 acres, 9 sq. perchesH 10.198
Jacob FunkCheltenham125 acres
Joseph FunkNorthern Liberties6.5 acresI 3.119
John FurmanFranconia146 acresr. 1.474
Andrew FyeSpringfield1 acre
Andrew FyeSpringfield1 acre
Andrew FyeSpringfield6 acres, 15 sq. perches
Andrew FyeSpringfield3 acres
Philip GabelUpper Salford285 acresD 4.72
Joseph Galecityr. D 10.424162 Spruce St
William Foster and William Galecityr. D 30.174; r. D 30.177S Front St
John GallmanUpper Hanover82 acres, 102 sq. perchesH 12.156
John GallowaycityI 15.20999 S 2nd St147 S 2nd St
Joseph GallowaycityI 16.162
Joseph GallowaycityI 16.162
Joseph GallowayKingsessing11 acres, 67 sq. perches
Joseph GallowayKingsessing12 acres, 142 sq. perches
Joseph GallowayKingsessing6 acres, 126 sq. perches
Joseph GallowayNorthern Liberties44 acres, 127 sq. perches
Joseph GallowayPassyunk29 acres, 60 sq. perchesH 21.142
Joseph Galloway?city
Joseph Galloway?city
William GamblecityD 34.33346 Delancey St214 Delancey St
Henry GamperBlockley25 acresTH 17.342
Frederick GardnerGermantown1.5 acres
John GardnerBristol7 acres, 28 sq. perchesD 22.46
John GardnerGermantown5 acres, 96 sq. perchesEF 6.500
John GardnerGermantown9 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 14.376
John Jacob GardnerGermantown0.5 acres, 11 sq. perchesIC 16.44
Ann GarratycityI 10.298; r. I 12.30839-41 Delancey St221-223 Delancey St
Marcus GarretsonNorthern Liberties
Marcus GarretsonNorthern Liberties
Andrew Beller & Rosanna M. GarrettDistrict of Southwark4 acres, 120 sq. perches
Ann GarrettBlockley23 acresJTO 210.557
Ann and Nathan Garrettcityr. D 54.284Walnut St
Christopher GarrettNew Hanover1 sq. perch, 41 sq. ft.1.335
Christopher GarrettNew Hanover100 acres64.50
Lawrence GarrettBlockley80 acresEF 5.10
Lawrence GarrettBlockley8.25 acresADB 16.1
Morton GarrettBlockley170 acresr. EF 5.5
Samuel GarriguescityI 14.41076 Chestnut St236 Chestnut St
John GarrisonDistrict of SouthwarkD 54.42
Nicholas GarrisoncityIW 10.96; IW 10.9880 Race St232 Race St
William & Martha GarwoodDistrict of Southwark
William & Martha GarwoodDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
William & Martha GarwoodDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
William & Martha GarwoodDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
William & Martha GarwoodDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
Peter GaskellcityMarket St
John Gasser EstateNorthern LibertiesIH 2.553810-812 Front St N
Martin Gattercityr. D 46.47
Martin GatterNorthern Liberties1.5 acres, 19.5 sq. perchesr. D 12.297
Martin GatterNorthern Liberties6 acresr. D 12.297
Joseph Gavincityr. D 57.33920 N Front St
Christian Matthias GeblerPassyunk4 acresH 6.437
Christian Matthias GeblerPassyunk5 acresH 16.531
John GeigerNew Hanover30 acresI 16.267
Christopher GeiserMarlborough31 acres, 50 sq. perchesr. SurveyBk C-101.363 and PatBk H 10.322
Christopher GeiserMarlborough50 acres, 113 sq. perchesr. SurveyBk C-101.363 and PatBk H 10.322
Johannes GeisselNorthern Liberties
Christopher GeistNew Hanover52.5 acresr. 24.67
John Genselcityr. IC 18.383110 N 2nd St160 N 2nd St
Matthias GenselGermantown40.75 acres, 25 sq. perches
Matthias GenselGermantown1 acre
Matthias GenselGermantown1.5 acres, 14 sq. perchesD 19.355
Matthias GenselGermantown2.75 acres, 12 sq. perchesADB 120.158
Edward GeorgeBlockley62.75 acresWBk P.192; r. RDW 14.156
George GeorgeMoreland20 acresr. 2.635
George GeorgeUpper Merion225 acres39.332
Jesse GeorgeBlockley10 acresWBk L.282
Jesse GeorgeBlockley30 acresWBk L.282
Jesse GeorgeBlockley10 acres
Jesse GeorgeBlockley37 acres, 137 sq. perchesWBk L.282
Jesse GeorgeBlockley150.5 acres, 8 sq. perches
Jesse & David GeorgeBlockley130 acresRDW 14.159
Richard GeorgeLower Merionr. 5.182
Richard GeorgeLower Merionr. 5.182
William GeorgeUpper Merion54.75 acresr. 12.222
William GeorgeUpper Merion125 acresr. 13.329
William GeorgeUpper Merion100 acresr. 13.329
David George trusteesBlockley101 acresI 10.428
David George trusteesBlockley43 acresI 10.428
Amos George, Joseph Bond, Edward GeorgeBlockley210 acres
Michael GephartNorthern LibertiesGWC 88.515
Jacob Gerber EstatecityD 24.19358-60 Race St208-210 Race St
William GergesUpper Salford53 acresI 16.338
William GergesUpper Salford100 acresI 16.338
Conrad GerhardcityI 13.234
Jacob GerhardFranconia150 acres1.478
Peter Gerhard EstateFranconia151.25 acresG 11.553
Peter Gerhard EstateFranconia22 acres, 100 sq. perchesShfBk CP A-1.228
Peter Gerhard EstateFranconia74 acres, 40 sq. perchesShfBk CP A-1.228
Peter GerhartUpper Hanover102 acresr. 355.209
John GerlochNorthern LibertiesEF 9.593Spring St
John GerlochNorthern LibertiesEF 9.593Spring St
German Lutheran ChurchWhitemarsh
German Lutheran ChurchWhitemarsh1.5 acres, 10 sq. perches
German Lutheran CongregationcityI 10.156
German Lutheran CongregationcityD 12.131; r. D 12.13727 4th St N135 4th St N
German Lutheran CongregationcityI 10.172
German Lutheran CongregationcityD 12.150
German Lutheran CongregationcityD 12.148
German Lutheran CongregationcityD 12.121; r. G 10.360, H 18.502, FTW 188.156
German Lutheran CongregationcityH 10.287, D 12.137
German Lutheran CongregationcityD 12.147
German Lutheran CongregationcityI 10.15821 4th St N129-131 4th St N
German Lutheran CongregationcityD 12.131; r. D 12.137325-327 Cherry St
German Lutheran CongregationcityH 10.287, D 12.137
German Lutheran CongregationcityLand Office Survey B-2.89; r. JTO 144.284
German Lutheran CongregationcityLand Office Survey B-2.89; r. JTO 144.284
German Reformed ChurchcityCP B-3.128
German Reformed ChurchcityG 12.160, JO'D 61.335
German Reformed ChurchGermantownI 8.325
German Reformed Congregation of Falkner SwampNew Hanover8 sq. perches
German SocietycityI 16.23; D 24.618-20 7th St S
German SocietycityI 1,94; D 24.122-24 7th St S
Germantown Preparative Meeting of FriendsGermantown2 acres, 10 sq. perchesGtn Meeting Records, Quaker Collection, Haverford College
Adam GerrittPassyunk4 acres, 11 sq. perches
Adam GerrittPassyunk4 acres
Jacob GerryUpper Hanover and Hereford145 acresG 11.81
Casper GeyercityShfBk CP A-2.8311 South Alley521 South Alley
Casper GeyercityAM 26.46024 5th St N
William GeyerUpper Hanover100 acresH 11.600
James GibboncityH 14.392231 Spruce St
John Gibbonscity16 acresD 73.331
Ann GibbscityD 5.83
Ann GibbscityIW 7.59716 N Front St
Ann GibbscityD 6.533S Front St
Ann GibbscityD 6.53360 S Front St116 S Front St
William Skyes and Benjamin GibbscityD 25.293528-534 Arch St
Ann Ball GibsonNorthern Liberties31 acres, 146 sq. perches
Ann Ball GibsonNorthern Liberties47 acres, 29 sq. perches
Ann Ball GibsonNorthern Liberties
Ann Ball GibsonNorthern Liberties
David GibsonDistrict of Southwarkr. D 13.57
David GibsonKingsessing5 acresr. D 12.168
David GibsonKingsessing8 acresr. D 12.165
David GibsonKingsessing12 acres, 20 sq. perchesWBk K.506; r. D 22.313
David GibsonKingsessingWBk K.506; r. D 22.313
David GibsonKingsessing3 acresr. D 12.165
David GibsonKingsessing8 acresr. D 12.165
David GibsonKingsessing12.75 acresDHL 84.534
David GibsonKingsessing10 acres
John GibsoncityI 11.43628 S 4th St
John GibsoncityCP B-3.80139-143 Chestnut St
Nathan GibsonKingsessing14.25 acresD 1.102
Nathan GibsonKingsessing32 acresD 21.506
Nathan GibsonKingsessing31 acresD 21.506
Nathan GibsonKingsessing50 acresD 1.102
James Gibson?cityD 68.2808th St S
Benjamin GilbertByberryr. D 12.523
Benjamin GilbertByberry150 acresr. D 12.523
Henry GilbertNew Hanover150 acresr. 35.587
John GilbertByberry
John GilbertMoreland75 acresr. 11.71
John GilbertNorthern Libertiesr. EF 11.3324 N Front St
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
John Paul and George GilbertDouglassr. D 6.195
Joshua GilbertByberry52.5 acresGWR 24.266
Peter Gilbert EstateMoreland25 acresr, 27.200
Sarah Hansell GillcityH 10.36261 S Front St107 S Front St
Sarah Hansell GillcityH 21.41863 S Front St109 S Front St
John Gillinghamcityr. D 67.14627 Arch St113 Arch St
John Gillinghamcityr. D 67.146Arch St
Adolph GillmanGermantown2 acres, 47 sq. perchesAWM 63.375
Adolph GillmanGermantown1 acreEF 20.536
George Gilmorecityr. D 11.4113 Arch St319 Arch St
Thomas GilpincityI 16.263; r. IC 20.26245 S Front St
John GitzcityI 1.43233 N 5th St113 N 5th St
Jacob GlauseMoyamensingD 41.533
Glebe Land of the Established Church in Oxford TwpOxford40 acres, 60 sq. perchesI 17.76
Glebe Land of the Established Church in Oxford TwpOxford25 acresIC 26.293
Glebe Land of the Established Church in Oxford TwpOxford40 acres, 60 sq. perchesI 17.76
James GlenncityI 11.25Black Horse Alley
John GlenncityI 11.226th St S
Robert Glenn Sr.Oxford4 acres
Jacob GodshalkcityD 53.32973 Arch St223 Arch St
Conrad and Margaret GoodGermantown5 acres, 25 sq. perchesr. D 37.360
Conrad and Margaret GoodGermantown1 acrer. D 37.360
George Michael GoodmancityEF 8.555 South Alley509 South Alley
Samuel GoodmancityD 28.251184 Race St522 Race St
Stephen GoodmanLower Merion66.75 acres257.461
Stephen GoodmanLower Merion100 acresCP A-1.239
Walter GoodmancityG 2.550Water St
Walter GoodmancityG 3.309Water St
Walter Goodmancityr. D 15.331
Walter GoodmancityPatBk A 9.45532-34 N Front St
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties5 acres, 42 sq. perchesGS 3.190
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties2 acres, 100 sq. perchesG 6.33
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties1 acre, 142 sq. perchesG 3.306
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties11 acres
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties1.5 acres
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties19 acres, 34 sq. perchesG 5.293
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties8 acres, 98 sq. perchesG 5.293
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties3 acres, 60 sq. perches
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties12.75 acres
Walter GoodmanNorthern Liberties5 acres
Daniel Goodman EstatecityD 67.49268 Arch St238 Arch St
Daniel Goodman EstatecityD 67.494
Job GoodsonGermantownG 1.310
Hannah GoodwincityWBk Q.96; r. D23.437108 Pine St
John Goodwin EstatecityH 13.430; r. EF 25.65452 Delancey St218 Delancey St
George GoodwynMoyamensing2 acres
Adam GooscityI 13.251
Harry GordoncityH 16.501
Harry GordoncityI 13.71
Lewis and Mary Gordoncityr. I 2.21158 S 2nd St108 S 2nd St
Thomas Gordoncityr. MtgBk X 6.133
Thomas GordoncityCP A-1.266
Thomas GordonOxford151 acres
Thomas Gordon EstatecityH 17.221S 2nd St
Thomas Gordon EstatecityH 17.221
John GorgasGermantown3 acres, 15 sq. perchesSHF 17.182
John GorgasGermantown7 acres, 25 sq. perchesSHF 17.182
John GorgasGermantown3 acres, 138 sq. perches
John GorgasGermantown2 acres, 35 sq. perches
John GorgasGermantown1 acre, 2 sq. perches6901 Germantown Ave
John GorgasGermantown
John GorgasGermantown1.5 acres, 28 sq. perchesSHF 17.182
John GorgasRoxborough
John GorgasRoxborough57 acresH 12.306
John GorgasRoxborough
John GorgasRoxborough37.5 acresH 12.306
John Gorgas Jr.Roxborough62 acres, 28 sq. perches
Jonathan GosteloweMoreland25 acres, 53 sq. perchesI 8.112
Francis GottiercityI 12.159136 S 4th St308 S 4th St
Joseph GovettcityMR 6.636Strawberry Alley
Andrew GraberUpper Hanover210 acres, 151 sq. perchesr. 17.448
Ulrich GraberUpper Hanober171 acres, 140 sq. perchesr. 2.624
Casper Graffcityr. D 59.202100 N 2nd St150 N 2nd St
Jacob GraffcityD 60.70718 Market St
John GraffNew Hanover29 acresr. 11.203
Robert GrahamKingsessing9 acresr. IW 9.297
Joseph GraisburycityRLL 1.432
John GrandomcityMR 1.45274 Delancey St244 Delancey St
John GrandomcityMR 1.473
John GrandomMoyamensing5 acres, 21 sq. perchesExemp 4.59
Lewis GrantNorthern LibertiesD 1.177Bishop St
Lewis GrantNorthern LibertiesD 1.177706 Queen/Richmond St
Lewis GrantNorthern LibertiesD 1.177704 Queen/Richmond St
Lewis Grant?city26 Market St
Robert Grant?Moreland10 acresr. MtgBk 2.240
John Frederick GrasslercityIC 8.35102 N 5th St152-154 N 5th St
George GrayBlockley5.25 acres, 23 sq. perches
George Graycityr. D 17.466220 S Front St
George Graycityr. D 27.28058 S Front St114 S Front St
George GrayKingsessing10 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing83 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing12 acresI 12.527
George GrayKingsessing5 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing286 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing3 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing5 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing25 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing40 acresH 5.529
George GrayKingsessing5 acresCP B-3.93
George GrayKingsessing27.33 acresI 12.527
George GrayPassyunk123 acres
George GrayPassyunk37 acresPassyunk Survey Book, CAP
George GrayPassyunk12.5 acresTH 162.266
George GrayPassyunk66 sq. perchesI 7.136
George GrayPassyunk4 acres
George GrayPassyunk1 acrePassyunk Survey Book, CAP; G 2.142
George Gray Jr.Kingsessing16.5 acresWBk L.459; r. D 55.36
Isaac GrayBlockley24.5 acres, 7 sq. perchesEF 3.303
William GraycityEF 14.65922-26 6th St S22-28 6th St S
William and Joseph GraycityI 2.279171 Market St415 Market St
John GreekcityI 2.341Spruce St
Christopher GreenGermantown1.5 acresD 3.443Germantown Ave
Robert GreenLower Dublin33.75 acres
Sarah GreencityI 15.16016 6th St S
Sarah GreencityH 9.64107 Morris Alley
Thomas GreenMoyamensingI 12.407
Thomas Green EstateNorthern Liberties9 acres
Sarah GreenleafNorthern Liberties3 acresr. AM 59.606
Catharine GreenleafecityWBk P.169; r. EF 29.539
Catharine GreenleafecityWBk P.169; r. EF 19.518
Catharine GreenleafecityWBk P.169; r. EF 11.375
Catherine Greenleafecityr. EF 11.62836 N 2nd St
Isaac GreenleafeBristol11.25 acresr. EF 26.302
Isaac GreenleafeGermantown3.25 acres, 11 sq. perchesCP A-2.55
Isaac GreenleafeGermantown53.75 sq. perchesCP A-2.55; r. D 6.294
Isaac GreenleafeGermantown43 sq. perchesCP A-2.55; r. D 6.294
Joseph GreenwaycityD 13.1879 N Front St11 N Front St
John Greenway EstatecityD 29.295N Front St
Jacob GreinercityEF 7.3158 N 4th St126 N 4th St
Jacob GreisingerUpper Hanover135 acresH 5.618
Elizabeth GreycityD 42.72508 Market St
Elizabeth GreycityEF 11.582172 Market St504-506 Market St
Frederick Grezor EstatecityH 2.33216 Market St622 Market St
William GriesemerUpper Hanover159.5 acresr. D9.60
Sellwood GriffincityD 40.569269 S 2nd St
George & Rebecca GriffithMoyamensing2 acres, 100 sq. perchesI 14.174
George & Rebecca GriffithMoyamensing4.5 acresI 14.174
Mary and Hannah GriffithNorriton780 acres39.163
Samuel GriffithLower Dublin14 acresIC 32.515
William Griffith & Charles NorrisGermantown42.75 sq. perchesDHL 199.121
William Griffith & Charles NorrisGermantown53.25 sq. perchesDHL 199.121
Thomas GriffithsBristol208.75 acres, 35 sq. perches
Elizabeth Griffittscityr. IC 19.522
Elizabeth Griffittscity150 S 2nd St266 S 2nd St
Frances & Elizabeth GriffittsPassyunk12 acres, 13 sq. perches
Garret Grimcityr. D 7.80430-432 Walnut St
Solomon GrimlyUpper Salford and Skippack99 acres, 134 sq. perchesr. PatBk A 14.491
Conrad Grimm69 acres, 140 sq. perches
Conrad Grimm29.5 acres, 31 sq. perches
Samuel GriscomcityD 5.417109 Arch St315 Arch St
Samuel GriscomcityEF 8.386
Samuel GriscomNorthern LibertiesD 65.300Shackamaxon St
Joseph GriswoldNorthern Liberties30 acres
Joseph GriswoldNorthern Liberties57 acres, 6 sq. perchesH 10.356
Jacob GroffUpper Salford200.5 acresPatBk AA 11.89
Thomas GroomByberry93 acresr. IC 12.551
William GroomByberry93 acresr. RLL 18.540
Catherine Keppele Grosscityr. D 54.325
Catherine Keppele Grosscityr. D 54.325
Catherine Keppele Grosscityr. D 54.325; D 42.147
Jacob GrosscityEF 29.505168 Race St508 Race St
Jacob GrosscityEF 29.508
Ann GrotehouseSpringfield
George GrotzcityAM 45.6947 N 4th St15 N 4th St
Anthony GrovecityEF 27.23Front St N
Michael GroverLower Dublin10 acres, 20 sq. perchesEF 12.614
Michael GroverLower Dublin20 acresWBk L.5; r. EF 18.258
Michael GroverLower Dublin17 acresEF 12.617; EF 12.607
Michael GroverLower Dublin6 acres, 20 sq. perchesEF 12.609
Michael GroverLower Dublin14 acresEF 12.611
Michael GroverLower Dublin17 acresEF 12.611
Jane GrovescityI 10.210125 Pine St
Jane GrovesGermantown10 acres, 37 sq. perchesI 15.710
Jane GrovesGermantown9 acres, 60 sq. perchesI 15.710
Jane GrovesGermantown21 acres, 65 sq. perchesI 15.710
Lawrence Growden EstatecityH 11.512Arch St
Lawrence Growden EstatecityH 7.309
Lawrence Growden EstatecityH 11.512
Lawrence Growden EstatecityH 11.512
Conrad GrubbFrederick31 acres36.53
Conrad GrubbFrederick74.5 acres36.53
Daniel GrubbNorthern LibertiesI 3.578Front St N
Daniel GrubbNorthern LibertiesI 11.154Front St N
Henry GrubbBristol6 acres, 10 sq. perches
Henry GrubbNew Hanover31 acresr. 19.385
Henry GrubbUpper Dublin1 acre458.346
Jacob GrubbNew Hanover50 acresr. 109.198
Jacob GrubbNew Hanover100 acresr. 109.198
Jacob GrubbNew Hanover50 acres, 34 sq. perchesr. 109.198
Moses Grubb & Joshua GibsonOxford40 sq. perchesr. D 54.432
Moses Grubb & Joshua GibsonOxford17 sq. perchesr. D 54.432
Moses Grubb & Joshua GibsonOxford17 sq. perchesr. D 54.432
John GruberRoxborough3 acres, 60 sq. perches
Peter GuckerDouglass14 acres, 135 sq. perchesr. 12.417
Peter GuckerUpper Hanover19 acres, 40 sq. perchesr. 12.417
Peter GuckerUpper Hanover46 acres, 85 sq. perchesr. 13.417
Peter GuckerUpper Hanover63 acres, 130 sq. perchesr. 13.417
Frederick GudekunstUpper Hanover58 acres, 50 sq. perches7.287
Frederick GudekunstUpper Hanover23 acres, 13 sq. perches7.287
George GuestGermantown4.5 acres, 19 sq. perchesD 27.254
George GuestGermantown5 acres, 140 sq. perchesD 27.254
James GuestcityD 22.336527 Cherry St
James GuestcityD 22.334525 Cherry St
John GuestcityAM 52.46648 Walnut St218-220 Walnut St
John GuestcityGWR 9.16268 Chestnut St228 Chestnut St
John GuestcityH 1.7968 Chestnut St228 Chestnut St
Adam GuierKingsessing42.5 acres, 39 sq. perchesI 8.533
Adam GuierKingsessing134 sq. perchesD 11.474
Adam GuierKingsessing12.5 acresD 11.474
Francis GurneycityI 10.67328 S Front St
Henry GurneyOxford43.5 acres
Henry GurneyOxford6 acres
Henry GurneyOxford6 acres
Henry and Catharine Gurneycityr. D 40.111149 Arch St417 Arch St
Henry and Catharine Gurneycityr. D 40.111Arch St
Henry and Catharine GurneyNorthern Liberties51.25 acresWill of John Ross
Henry and Catharine GurneyNorthern Liberties3.5 acres, 15 sq. perchesWill of John Ross
Henry and Catharine GurneyNorthern Liberties71.75 acres, 15 sq. perchesWill of John Ross
John GuycityEF 31.570425 S 3rd St
John GuycityH 20.45052 Lombard St236 Lombard St
William GuyerDouglass10 acresr. 1294.16; r. 826.229
Morris Gwin EstateAbington99.5 acresr. 14.123
Adam HaasGermantown0.25 acres, 37 sq. perchesRLL 42.145
Henry HaasMarlborough22 acres, 80 sq. perchesr. 26.529
George HabbelGermantown1.25 acres, 23 sq. perchesTH 124.122
George HabbelGermantown1 acre, 16 sq. perchesTH 124.125
Jacob HackmanFranconia144 acresr. 47.519
Daniel HageyFranconia60 acres3.252
Frederick HagnercityI 9.3205 N Front St
Peter HagnerMoyamensingD 17.599
Elizabeth and Jacob HagyFranconia140 acresr. 187.72
Jacob HagyLower Merion71.5 acresr. 1.112
Jacob HagySpringfield
Jacob HagyWhitemarsh54 acres
Jacob HagyWhitemarsh45.5 acres, 29 sq. perches
Peter HahncityAM 61.5826 North Alley516 North Alley
Philip HahnNew Hanover76 acres, 22 sq. perchesI 13.399
Philip HahnNew Hanover76 acres, 22 sq. perchesI 13.399
Philip Hahn JrNew Hanover150 acresI 6.475
Philip Hahn JrNew Hanover5 acresI 6.475
Philip Hahn JrNew Hanover55 acresI 6.475
Philip Hahn Jr.New Hanover55 acres, 145 sq. perchesI 6.475
Frederick HailercityI 2.6724 Arch St116 Arch St
Margaret Hainescityr. EF 11.628
Reuben Hainescityr. LRB 209.326
Reuben HainescityI 15.459
Reuben HainescityEF 33.491
Reuben HainescityIC 2.615 N 4th St23 N 4th St
Reuben HainescityEF 33.490
Reuben Hainescity38 Arch St130 Arch St
Reuben Hainescityr. LRB 209.326
Reuben Hainescity
Reuben HainescityEF 33.487
Reuben HainescityI 8.30816 S 4th St
Reuben HainescityH 21.112518-520 Arch St
Reuben HainescityH 21.11242 5th St N46 5th St N
Reuben HainesNorthern Liberties3 acresH 21.105
Andrew HainsFranconia141 acres9.290
John HalberstadtcityD 65.367110 Walnut St426 Walnut St
James HaldanecityI 1.375S 2nd St
Daniel HaleycityD 16.84116 Elfreths Alley
Penelope HaleycityAM 39.236; r. EF 3.334115 Jones Alley
Charles HallcityWBk G.63; r. D 4.137
David HallNorthern Liberties6 acres, 106 sq. perchesH 20.420
Harmina Wood HallMoreland6 acres, 8 sq. perchesr. 1.430
Jacob HallGermantown11 acres, 11 sq. perchesI 15.153
Jacob HallGermantown1 acre, 136 sq. perchesLRB 126.485
Jacob HallGermantown2 acresD 18.240
Jacob HallGermantownD 18.240
Jacob HallLower Dublin18.5 acres, 16 sq. perchesr. CP B-3.279
Jacob HallLower Dublin13 acres, 53 sq. perchesr. CP B-3.279
Jacob HallLower Dublin6 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. CP B-3.279
John HallcityI 6.5565 Market St209 Market St
John HallcityD 1.379
John HallPassyunk6 acres, 12 sq. perchesI 10.470
Mahlon HallBlockley10 acresI 2.42
Mahlon HallBlockley1 acre, 123 sq. perchesI 13.27
Mahlon HallBlockley39.75 acresI 2.42
Philip HallcityH 20.51146 Race St418 Race St
Phillip HallPassyunk10.75 acresI 7.182
Phillip HallPassyunk6 acres, 48 sq. perches
Phillip HallPassyunk5 acres, 118 sq. perches
Phillip HallPassyunk2 acres, 124 sq. perches
Samuel HallcityAWM 49.17585 Arch St235 Arch St
Jacob Hall & Benjamin CottmanCheltenham14 acres, 50 sq. perches
Jacob Hall & Benjamin CottmanCheltenham2 acres
David Hall EstatecityH 10.2751 Market St135 Market St
Richard Hall EstatecityH 9.358, 35941 S 2nd St45 S 2nd St
Richard Hall EstatecityH 9.358, 35945 S 2nd St
Jacob Hall?Germantown
Matthias HallebaughNew Hanover34 acres, 95 sq. perchesr. 27.25
Benjamin HallowellAbingtonr. 25.294
Benjamin HallowellNorriton100 acres1769 Provincial Tax List
Israel HallowellcityI 15.479150-154 3rd St N
Israel Hallowellcityr. D 69.317
John HallowellcityD 5.32450 Walnut St220 Walnut St
John HallowellcityEF 30.336228 Carters Alley
John HallowellWhitemarsh
Joseph HallowellByberry70 acres, 118 sq. perchesGS 26.221
Matthew HallowellMoreland5 acres
Matthew HallowellMoreland5 acres
Rynear HallowellAbington144 acres, 24 sq. perchesr. D 10.399
Thomas HallowellcityComBk A-3.300 (Exemp. 5.227)
Thomas HallowellMoreland98.5 acres332.407
Thomas HallowellMoreland6 acres332.407
Thomas Hallowell Sr.Moreland10.5 acres, 17 sq. perches322.412
Thomas Hallowell Sr.Moreland11 acres322.421
William HallowellAbington88 acres, 149 sq. perches15.264
William HallowellCheltenham32 acres4.475
William HallowellCheltenham and Abington178 acres4.475
William HallowellMoreland137 sq. perches16.593
William HallowellMoreland42 acres16.493N
William Hallowell Jr.Abington81 acres, 68 sq. perchesr. 8.696
William Hallowell Jr.Abington49 acres, 28 sq. perchesr. 8.696
Andrew Hamiltoncityr. EF 22.688247-249 S Front St
Andrew Hamiltoncity
James HamiltonBlockley179 acresI 15.314
James HamiltonBlockley
James HamiltoncityI 5.325
James Hamiltoncityr. D 54.20
James HamiltoncityI 5.314
James HamiltoncityI 5.264
James Hamiltoncityr. D 54.20
James Hamiltoncityr. D 54.20
James HamiltoncityWBk F.233; r. IC 4.653
James Hamiltoncityr. D 55.22620 S 3rd St
James Hamiltoncityr. D 4.295111 Chestnut St
James HamiltoncityI 5.325
James HamiltoncityWBk F.233
James HamiltonMoyamensing28 acres, 66 sq. perches
James HamiltonNorthern Liberties20 acres, 80 sq. perchesI 5.321
James HamiltonNorthern Liberties100 acresI 5.261
James HamiltonNorthern Liberties
John HamiltonPlymouth51.75 acresr. 3.116
Mary HamiltoncityWBk H.372; r. H 5.536, D 44.227
William HamiltonBlockley56 acresWBk H.272
William HamiltonBlockleyWBk H.272
William HamiltonBlockley250 acresWBk H.272
William HamiltonBlockley11.5 acresEF 15.402
William HamiltoncityWBk H.372
William HamiltoncityWBk H.372
William HamiltoncityWBk H.372
William HancockcityD 35.32391 N 6th St153 N 6th St
Jacob HangenFranconia110 acresr. 35.41
John HannacityI 12.224
Andrew Hanniscityr. EF 12.549Church Alley
Andrew HannisPassyunk
Andrew HannisPassyunk
Andrew HannisPassyunk115 sq. perchesChew Papers, HSP
John HannisPassyunk87.25 acresI 2.131
John HannisPassyunk130 acresI 2.131
John HannisPassyunk10 acres, 118 sq. perchesCP B-3.206
John HannisPassyunk9.5 acresCP B-3.206
John HannisPassyunk10 acres, 11 sq. perches
John HannisPassyunk
Christopher HansmanNorthern LibertiesPatBk AA 6.447Vine St
Christopher HansmanNorthern LibertiesI 3.185829 2nd St N
Christopher HansmanNorthern Libertiesr. D 23.200Vine St
Benjamin HarbesoncityI 1.50469 Market St213 Market St
Benjamin HarbesonPassyunk10 acres, 2 sq. perchesI 17.305
Robert HardycityComBk A-3.430164 Spruce St
Robert HardycityI 2.415166 Spruce St430 Spruce St
Robert HareNorthern LibertiesD 19.91; IC 13.229
Rudolph HarleyFranconia176 acresr. 13.130
Rudolph HarleyLower Salford52 acres, 73 sq. perchesComBk A-2.248
Rudolph HarleyUpper Salford80 acres, 62 sq. perchesComBk A-3.246
George HarmanUpper Dublin8 acres, 35 sq. perches13.515
Jacob HarmanNorthern Liberties
Jacob HarmanNorthern Liberties
Jacob HarmanNorthern Liberties
Jacob HarmanNorthern Liberties7 acres, 10 sq. perches
Jacob HarmanNorthern Liberties
Jacob HarmanNorthern Liberties5 acres
Elizabeth HarmercityD 40.2635 Strawberry Alley7 Strawberry Alley
Joshua HarmerSpringfield62.5 acres, 38 sq. perches
Michael HarmonLower Dublin6 acres, 34 sq. perchesI 4.187; r. D 64.318
Christian HarnerUpper Dublin150 acres1.310
Robert HarperNorthern Liberties94 acres, 90 sq. perchesD 75.334
Samuel HarperBristol8 acres, 51 sq. perches
Thomas HarperMoreland19.75 acres, 16 sq. perchesI 15.485
William HarpercityI 14.373
Edward Harrington Estatecityr. D 66.225
Elizabeth HarriscityWBk N.27411-13 S 2nd St
Elizabeth HarriscityWBk N.2748 Letitia Court
Francis HarriscityCP A-2.16744 Lombard St228 Lombard St
Francis HarrisNorthern Liberties8.75 acresTH 81.31
Henry HarrisonNorthern Liberties50 acresG 10.437
Henry HarrisonNorthern Liberties88 acres, 138 sq. perchesI 1.194
Henry HarrisonNorthern Liberties
John HarrisoncityI 11.36688 N 5th St138 N 5th St
John HarrisonDistrict of SouthwarkI 12.464
Mary HarrisoncityI 6.20659 Market St143 Market St
Mary HarrisonNorriton165 acres, 17 sq. perchesr. 8.679
Thomas HarrisonBlockley3 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 24.230
Thomas HarrisonBlockley26 acres, 103 sq. perchesD 24.235
Thomas HarrisonBlockley4 acres, 129 sq. perchesD 24.235
Thomas HarrisonBlockley40 acres, 144 sq. perchesD 24.230
Thomas HarrisonBlockley15 acresD 24.233
Thomas HarrisonMoyamensing4.5 acresr. I 17.63
Henry Harrison EstatecityH 4.28813 Coombs Alley115 Coombs Alley
Henry Harrison EstatecityH 11.4036 N Front St
Henry Harrison EstatecityH 11.40Coombs Alley
Richard Harrison EstateNorriton156 acresG 11.71
John Harrison?Kingsessing1.5 acresI 12.462
John HarryWhitemarsh140 acresr. 14.146
Barnabas HartDouglassr. ShfBk B-3.460
Barnabas HartDouglassr. ShfBk B-3.460
Charles HartBristol101.5 acresD 1.393
Jane HartcityEF 15.216N Front St
John HartWhitemarsh8.5 acres, 20 sq. perchesOriginal HSMC, deed 148.
John HartWhitemarsh6.5 acres, 31 sq. perchesr. 8.675
Joseph HartMoreland41 acres, 146.7 sq. perchesD 1.522
Sarah Hartcity46 Arch St218 Arch St
Seymour HartcityD 3.381111 Front St N
Seymour HartNorthern LibertiesD 41.106321-323 N 2nd St
Seymour HartNorthern LibertiesAH 67.39Cable Lane
Seymour HartNorthern LibertiesAH 67.43Cable Lane
Seymour HartPassyunk3 acres, 6 sq. perchesD 78.340
William HartMoreland3 acresr. 53.159
John Martin HartleycityD 56.101142 6th St N
John HartmanPlymouth4 acresr. 15.306
Philip HartmanNew Hanover129 acres7.379
Margaret HartsbachGermantown0.6 acresI 16.383
Ulrich HartzellUpper Salford128.75 acresr. 156.163
Samuel HasselNorthern LibertiesG 12.386
Nicholas HasselbachcityD 52.5340 Moravian Alley148 Moravian Alley
Nicholas HasselbachcityD 52.53
Samuel Hassell EstateNorthern Liberties3 acresr. MR 15.87
Mary HasselwangerNorthern LibertiesI 14.158Queen/Richmond St
Arent Hassert, Jr. EstateNorthern LibertiesI 9.46; r. I 11.387107 Callowhill St
Grace HastingscityCP A-1.34868 N 2nd St118 N 2nd St
Joseph HattersleyMoyamensing5 acres, 157 sq. perchesr. D 18.592
Sebastian HauptNorthern LibertiesShfBk CP B-3.368Garden St
Jacob Hawk EstateFrederick150 acres, 4 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 1.153
Jesse HawkingsLower Dublin158 sq. perchesEF 4.295
Jesse HawkingsLower Dublin13 acres, 30 sq. perchesEF 4.295
George HawkinscityEF 15.465; r. D 2.33217 Walnut St107 Walnut St
George HawkinsSouthwarkAM 22.359410 South St
John HaworthNorthern LibertiesI 9.472
Charles HayBristol39 acres, 5 sq. perches
Charles HayBristol27 acres, 115 sq. perches
Charles HayBristol3 acresD 38.149
Charles HayBristol1 acre, 32.5 sq. perchesD 38.149
Charles HayBristol82 sq. perchesD 38.149
Charles HayGermantown1 acreIC 1.367
Charles HayGermantown3 acresACH 2.495
Charles HayGermantown1 acreIC 1.366
Charles HayNorthern Liberties8 acres
Eden Haydock EstatecityH 8.23422 Market St
Eden Haydock EstatecityI 15.45113 N 4th St21 N 4th St
Eden Haydock EstateMoyamensing1 acre, 107 sq. perchesr. D 13.133
Eden Haydock EstatePassyunk6 acres, 40 sq. perchesr. D 13.133
Sarah HayescityD 53.40120 Bank St
Sarah HayescityD 50.386
Sarah HayescityComBk A-3.8116 Bank St
William HazeltoncityI 1.51318 S Front St
Elizabeth and William Hazletoncity1775 Constable's Return86 4th St N158 4th St N
John HeadcityH 8.961 South Alley501 South Alley
John HeadcityH 8.963 South Alley505 South Alley
John HeadcityH 7.724
John HeadcityH 8.96207 Market St507 Market St
John HeadcityEF 21.88
John HeadMoyamensing13 acres, 100 sq. perches
John HeadMoyamensing13.75 acresH 8.96
John HeadNorthern Liberties14 acres, 21 sq. perches
John Head Jr.cityH 2.12527 N 2nd St
John Head Jr.cityr. ADB 85.47458 Arch St228 Arch St
John Head Jr.cityJTO 274.46164 Arch St234 Arch St
Samuel HeadcityD 29.38076 Arch St246 Arch St
Samuel HeadcityD 19.9657 N 3rd St
Samuel HeadcityD 29.38774 Arch St244 Arch St
Samuel HeadOxford15 acresGWR 11.138
Andrew HeathGermantown1 acre, 11 sq. perchesI 15.127
John Heathcote?Northern LibertiesGarden St
Mary HeatonAbington17 acres, 62 sq. perches15.269
Ann Heaton EstateByberry1 acrer. ACH 11.381
George HeckcityD 13.21154 N 4th St122 N 4th St
Adam Heckman150 acres
Christopher HeebnerNorriton122 acres, 20 sq. perches3.214
Christopher HeebnerNorriton16.5 acres3.217
Christopher HeebnerNorriton1 acre3.217
Christopher HeebnerNorriton77.5 acres3.26
John HeebnerFrederick152 acres, 134 sq. perchesr. 2.434
John HeebnerFrederick100 acresr. A 9.413
John HeebnerFrederick100 acresr. PatBk A 17.244
Casper HeftGermantown1.25 acres, 15 sq. perchesGHS Archives
Casper HeftGermantown20.5 sq. perchesD 23.37
Casper HeftGermantown43 sq. perchesD 23.37
George HeiligUpper Hanover160 acres, 140 sq. perchesI 12.82
George HeiligUpper Hanover145 acres, 70 sq. perchesI 12.81
George HeislerGermantown2 acres, 2 sq. perchesLRB 6.105
George HeislerGermantown1 acrer. D 24.297
George HeislerGermantown1.5 acresLRB 6.105
Peter HeislerGermantown3 acres, 37 sq. perchesD 13.84
Peter HeislerGermantown5 acres, 20 sq. perches
Peter HeislerGermantown3 acres, 108 sq. perchesI 1.513
Peter HeislerGermantown2 acres, 67 sq. perchesI 1.556
Peter HeislerGermantown21.5 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 1.559
Matthias HeissGermantown69 sq. perches
Matthias HeissGermantown3 acresD 14.204
Matthias HeissGermantown9 acresD 15.204
Matthias HeissGermantown4 acres, 60.25 sq. perchesD 15.204
Matthias HeissGermantown43 sq. perchesr. D 16.198
Matthias HeissGermantown15 acres, 153 sq. perchesD 15.204
John HeistDouglass49 acresr. 6.575
John HeistUpper Hanover172 acres, 27.5 sq. perches788.123
Peter HeistMarlborough24 acresD 8.483
Peter HeistMarlborough30 acresD 8.467
John HelfmanOxford41 acres, 105 sq. perchesr. D 4.466
Benjamin HellingscityH 12.411
Adam HelmcityEF 17.56413 N 5th St15 N 5th St
John HeltMoreland1.5 acres, 32 sq. perchesEF 12.665
William HemblecityGWR 21.348137-139 Front St N
William HemblecityGWR 21.34819 N Front St
Benjamin Hemmings?Passyunk8 acres
Robert HenbestKingsessingr. IC 23.203
Alexander HendersonUpper Merion100 acresr. 34.158; WBk P.87
Alexander HendersonUpper Merion100 acresr. 34.158; WBk P.87
Alexander HendersonUpper Merion5.5 acresr. 34.158; WBk P.87
Alexander HendersonUpper Merion27 acresr. 34.158; WBk P.87
John Hendersoncityr. D 2.504267 S 2nd St
Samuel HendersonUpper Merion100 acresr. 15.489
Samuel HendersonUpper Merion25 acresr. 15.489
William HendersoncityD 16.46154 S 4th St330 S 4th St
William HendersoncityGGP 509.8624 S 4th St
William HendersonPassyunk24 acres, 66 sq. perchesr. D 2.200
James HendrickscityD 39.8
James Hendricks Jr.MoyamensingD 21.137
William HendricksAbington135.25 acresI 16.310
James HendrycityI 10.116430-432 S 2nd St
Christopher HenritzyGermantown5.5 acresD 5.553
Christopher HenritzyGermantown3.75 acres
Christopher HenritzyGermantown2 acres, 32.75 sq. perchesD 4.87
Henry HenritzySpringfield16.75 acres, 6 sq. perches
Abraham HenryGermantown21 acres, 80 sq. perchesD 51.659
Elizabeth and William HenryNorthern Libertiesr. EF 17.228Queen/Richmond St
Hugh HenrycityI 17.38638 Chestnut St134 Chestnut St
Robert HenryAbington34 acres, 54 sq. perches11.381
William HenrycityD-2.6.12882 4th St N154 4th St N
William HenrycityI 1.150
William HenrycityI 1.153
William HenryMoyamensing4 acres
William HenryNorthern Liberties6.75 acresLofA D-2.6.144 (Exemp 6.794)
William HenryNorthern LibertiesLofA D-2.6.133Warren St
William HenryNorthern LibertiesLofA D-2.6.135Warren St
William HenryNorthern Liberties8 acres, 100 sq. perchesGS 30.266
William HenryNorthern Liberties8 acres, 105 sq. perchesGS 30.266
William and Elizabeth HenryNorthern LibertiesWarren St
Robert HenvisKingsessing19.25 acresr. CP C-4.72
Jacob HerboldDouglas117 acresr. 2.69; r. 46.217; r. MtgBk 16.108
Jacob HerboldDouglas6 acres, 107 sq. perchesr. 2.69; r. 46.217; r. MtgBk 16.108
George HergerGermantown0.75 acres, 11 sq. perchesD 5.179
Christopher HergesheimerGermantown0.5 acresr. MtgBk X.285
Jeremiah HerpelNew Hanover94.5 acres17.398
George HerringerGermantown42.75 sq. perchesD 4.528
Henry HershUpper Salford10 acres, 102 sq. perches6.199
Henry HershUpper Salford98 acres, 60 sq. perches6.199
George HertzelUpper Salford300 acresI 5.402
Henry HertzelFranconia and Upper Salford150 acresBucks Co DBK 17.477
Henry HertzelRockhill, Bucks County50 acresBucks Co DBK 17.477
Daniel HessGermantown1.5 acres, 7 sq. perchesI 16.111
Daniel HessGermantown0.13 acresI 16.111
Lewis HesscityMR 9.274140 6th St N
Nicholas HesscityAWM 14.364138 6th St N
Nicholas Hesscity118 Race St320 Race St
John HesseliuscityEF 15.58832 Lombard St218 Lombard St
George HesserGermantown4 acresI 16.344
George HesserGermantown1 acreI 9.301
George HesserGermantown3.25 acresI 16.343
George HesserGermantown3.25 acres, 23 sq. perchesI 15.190
John HesserCheltenham50 acres, 27 sq. perches
John HesserGermantown3.75 acres, 12 sq. perchesI 9.304
Edward HestonBlockley100 acresr. GWC 7.94
Christian HetzelDouglassr. 5.468
Christian HetzelDouglassr. 5.468
Christian HetzelDouglassr. 5.468
Christian HetzelDouglassr. 5.468
Joseph HewlingscityI 13.417523 Cherry St
John HewstoneOxford25 acresr. D 26.335
Andrew HeybergerSpringfield4.5 acres, 29 sq. perches1.43
Andrew HeybergerSpringfield
Andrew HeybergerSpringfield6 acres, 60 sq. perches1.53
Balsor HeydrickSpringfield5 acres
Balsor HeydrickSpringfield5 acres
George HeydrickLower Salford76 acres, 112 sq. perchesI 15.404
George HeydrickLower Salford25 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 15.404
George Thomas HeylcityH 7.103
Philip HeylcityH 20.160106 N 2nd St156 N 2nd St
William HeyshamcityI 9.466107 Arch St313 Arch St
Hezekiah HibberdcityI 6.490341 Walnut St
Hezekiah HibberdcityD 34.3389 N 4th St17-7 N 4th St
Aaron HibbertBlockleyI 11.27
Barbara HicksGermantown1.25 acresD 32.51; r. IH 10.127
Nicholas HicksSpringfield
Nicholas HicksSpringfield100 acres
William HicksSpringfield22.5 acres
Abraham HiestandUpper Hanover60 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. 43.41
Abraham HiestandUpper Hanover15 acres, 130 sq. perchesr. 43.41
Isaac HiestandUpper Hanover76 acres, 70 sq. perchesr. 36.29
Daniel Hiester youngerMarlborough10.75 acresI 13.402
Daniel Hiester youngerMarlborough143 acres, 88 sq. perchesI 13.402
Daniel Hiester?Salford34 acres, 49 sq. perchesr. PatBk H 5.302
Daniel Hiester?Upper Salford34 acres, 46 sq. perchesr. PatBk H 5.302
High Dutch Calvinist CongregationOxford140.5 sq. perchesD 1.466
High Dutch Calvinist CongregationOxford106.5 sq. perchesD 1.474
Henry HillcityEF 1.217303 Cherry St
Henry HillGermantown3.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesEF 25.78
Henry HillGermantown1.5 acres, 40 sq. perchesGWC 34.388
Henry HillGermantown22 acres, 41 sq. perchesI 12.366
Henry HillNorthern Liberties4 acres, 88 sq. perchesI 15.545
Henry HillNorthern Liberties9.5 acres, 4 sq. perches
Henry HillNorthern Liberties
Henry HillNorthern Liberties8 acres, 3 sq. perches
Henry HillNorthern Liberties8 acres
Henry HillNorthern Liberties60 acres
Henry HillNorthern Liberties37 acres, 101 sq. perchesI 16.15
Henry HillRoxborough31.25 acresI 10.187
Henry HillRoxborough21 acresI 15.569
Jacob HillNorthern LibertiesI 12.6Richmond St
Jacob HillNorthern LibertiesH 10.68Richmond St
Jacob HillNorthern LibertiesIC 5.676Richmond St
Joseph HillcityTH 179.224122 Elfreths Alley
Joseph HillNorthern LibertiesCP ShfBk B-3.9109 Callowhill St
Richard Hill Estate Eldercityr. EF 8.81Race St
Joseph HillborncityI 10.45287 Chestnut St
Joseph HillbourncityI 10.170, I 12.13210-16 N 4th St18-22 N 4th St
Michael HillebardNew Hanover259 acres, 72 sq. perchesr. 837.511
Adam HillegasUpper Hanover165 acres607.324
Michael HillegascityI 3.510
Michael HillegascityOC Dk 4.1; r. EF 5.655115-117 2nd St N
Michael HillegascityOC Dk 4.1; r. EF 5.655117 N 2nd St
Michael HillegasGermantown8 acresr. D 42.41
Michael HillegasNorthern Libertiesr. EF 30.82222-230 Queen/Richmond St
Michael HillegasNorthern LibertiesCP A-2.48
Michael HillegasPassyunk8 acres, 29 sq. perchesI 14.139
Michael HillegasPassyunk11.75 acres, 19 sq. perchesD 31.189
Michael HillegasPassyunk19 acres, 120 sq. perchesI 14.141
Michael HillegasPassyunk23.5 acres, 37 sq. perchesCP B-3.373
Michael HillegasPassyunk16 acresI 14.143
Michael Hillegas et al?Northern Liberties
Michael Hillegas?Passyunk7 acres, 141 sq. perches
Adam HillegassMarlborough90 acresr. PatBk A 20.270
Adam HillegassUpper Hanover71 acres, 90 sq. perches37.56
Conrad HillegassUpper Hanover216 acresH 12.232
Peter HillegassDouglass66 acresH 19.195
Peter HillegassUpper Hanover256 acres, 140 sq. perchesr. 22.316
Peter HillegassUpper Hanover176 acresr. 22.541
Adam HiltebeitelUpper Salford145 acresr. 31.234; PatBk A 3.141
William HiltnerWhitemarsh30 acres8.489
James HiltonLower Dublin36.5 acresMR 10.474
Jacob HiltzheimercityEF 15.36224 Market St630 Market St
Jacob HiltzheimercityEF 15.39226 Market St632 Market St
Jacob HiltzheimercityI 12.211228 Market St634 Market St
Jacob HiltzheimercityH 16.197 7th St S
Jacob HiltzheimercityD 27.317700 Market St
Jacob HiltzheimerNorthern Liberties6 acresD 76.426
Andrew HimesNorthern LibertiesIC 13.632nd St N
John HinchmancityD 49.447174 Race St514 Race St
Jacob HinkleGermantown2.5 acres, 29 sq. perchesr. D 7.76
John HinkleGermantown1.5 acresCP A-1.186
John HinkleGermantown1.5 acresr. RLL 19.148
Casper HinterleiterMarlborough71.5 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. PatBk AA 4.485
Casper HinterleiterMarlborough76 acresr. PatBk AA 4.485
John George Hirneisen EstatecityAWM 51.40315 Sugar Alley
Michael HirneissencityH 17.375
Ludwig HirshMarborough42 acres, 58 sq. perchesr. SurveyBk B 3.260
George HitnerPlymouth and Whitemarsh61.25 acresr. 7.511
George HittnercityD 76.197158 Market St
Samuel HoaveBlockley100 acresr. D 34.147
Enoch HobartcityD 13.1679 Walnut St
George HockerWhitemarsh200 acres, 20 sq. perches
James HockleyDouglas8 acres, 16 sq. perches2.117; r. 3.340
James HockleyDouglas427 acres, 86 sq. perches2.117
James HockleyDouglas430 acres, 106 sq. perches2.117
William HockleyMoyamensing16 acres, 136 sq. perchesI 7.87
William HockleyNorthern Liberties8 acres, 76 sq. perchesI 15.324
William Branson HockleycityH 13.4264 Market St220 Market St
Richard Hockley EstatecityI 4.152
Richard Hockley EstatecityCP A-1.128
Richard Hockley EstatecityH 12.44640-42 N 3rd St
Richard Hockley EstatecityI 4.156731-733 Mulberry St
Richard Hockley EstatecityI 4.156111-113 7th St N
Richard Hockley EstateMoyamensing1 acre, 116 sq. perchesH 4.159
Richard Hockley EstateMoyamensing25 acresH 13.94
Richard Hockley EstateMoyamensing10 acresPatBk A 19.581
James Hockley?Douglas234 acres, 49 sq. perchesr. SC Continuance Dk April 1790, 497
Andrew HodgecityH 3.412129-135 Water St
Andrew HodgeNorthern LibertiesGWC 27.342
Andrew HodgeNorthern LibertiesGWC 23.305
Hugh HodgecityH 3.236205 Market St
Hugh HodgecityH 3.23661 Market St205 Market St
William HodgecityCP A-2.12592 Race St244 Race St
William HodgeMoyamensing3 acresIC 2.307
William HodgeNorthern LibertiesCP A-1.317
Caeser Hodge EstateMoyamensing
Caeser Hodge EstateMoyamensing
Caeser Hodge EstateMoyamensing
Andrew HoffmanDouglass124 acres, 71 sq. perchesH 9.440
Andrew HoffmanNew Hanover139.25 acresr. 26.526
Anna Maria HoffmanGermantown1 acreGHS Archives; r. D 14.426
Christopher HoffmanLower Salford83 acres, 135 sq. perchesI 15.403
George HoffmanGermantown5 acres, 31 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 12.65
George HoffnerPassyunk1.25 acres, 20 sq. perchesGWR 14.201
George HoffnerPassyunk1 acre, 1 sq. perchGWR 14.205
George HoffnerPassyunk6 acres
Hog IslandChester County
Derick HogelandMoreland99 acres, 62 sq. perchesH 12.208
Derick HogelandMoreland49 acres, 26.6 sq. perchesH 12.204
John HogelandMoreland127 acresr. 43.125; r. 22.418
John HogelandMorelandr. 30.337
Jacob HolcombeAbington1.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesr. 7.532
Jacob HolcombeAbington1.75 acres, 34 sq. perchesr. 7.532
Jacob HolcombeAbington1.75 acres, 34 sq. perchesr. 7.532
Christian HoldemanLower Salford16 acres, 93 sq. perchesr. 26.454
Christian HoldemanLower Salford6 acres, 16 sq. perches26.453
Christian HoldemanLower Salford100 acresI 2.151
Christian HoldemanUpper Salford130.5 acresI 16.265
Christian HoldemanUpper Salford50 acres, 83 sq. perchesI 16.265
William HolgateGermantown22.75 acresI 7.455
John Holgate & Christian SchneiderRoxborough10 acres
Robert HollandLower Merion40 acres, 2 sq. perchesI 13.328
Mathias HollebaughNew Hanover39 acres, 47 sq. perchesr. I 16.200
Yost HollebushFrederick100 acres, 24 sq. perchesr. Survey Bk B-19.137; PatBk P31.450
Yost HollebushFrederick100 acresr. 13.185
Hannah HollingsworthMoyamensing3 acres, 60 sq. perchesFTW 193.112
Levi HollingsworthMoyamensing
Levi HollingsworthMoyamensingCP B-3.155
Anthony HolmanGermantown5 acresRDW 67.358
John HolmanPlymouth39.4 acres
John HolmanPlymouth50 acresI 9.132
John HolmanPlymouth135.5 acresI 9.132
John HolmeLower Dublin240 acres
John and Thomas HolmeLower Dublinr. MR 3.289
Samuel Holmescity89 S 4th St339 S 4th St
Peter HolsteinUpper Merion200 acresr. 4.336
Samuel HolsteinUpper Merion400 acresWBk O.306; r. 19.253, r. 21.271
Adam HoltOxford97 acres, 101 sq. perchesIC 1.285
Arthur Holton EstatecityE-3.5.121126 S Front St
Elizabeth Holton EstatecityF 5.45615 S 2nd St
Thomas HomerByberry15 acres, 22 sq. perchesr. RLL 8.88
William HomerByberry
Mark HonegarcityD 22.505150-152 S 4th St322-328 S 4th St
Joseph HoneycombcityRLL 41.246Sugar Alley
William Honeyman Jr.cityr. GWC 3.157Chancery Lane
William Honeyman Jr.cityr. GWC 3.1573 Chancery Lane
William Honeyman EstatecityI 9.2205 Coombs Alley105 Coombs Alley
Francis & Elizabeth HoodNorthern Liberties11 acres, 8 sq. perches
James & Rachel HoodGermantown0.5 acres, 21 sq. perches
John HoodcityG 7.14475 S 3rd St
Thomas HoodNorthern Libertiesr. MR 7.373Palmer St
Thomas HoodNorthern Liberties8 acres, 65 sq. perchesCP Part 1.295
Thomas HoodNorthern Liberties
Thomas Hood minorNorthern Liberties4 acres, 50 sq. perches
Rebecca Hood & Martha RenshawNorthern Liberties11 acres, 58 sq. perches
Rebecca Hood & Martha RenshawNorthern Liberties8 acres, 47 sq. perches
Thomas Hood EstateNorthern Liberties3 acres, 22 sq. perches
Adam HoopescityI 6.141Water St
Adam HoopescityH 15.129Water St
Adam Hoops EstatecityH 10.43
John HootUpper Salford103 acres, 137 sq. perchesr. 12.462
John HootUpper Salford27 acres, 90 sq. perches
Benjamin HootencityD 22.92
Benjamin HootencityCP A-2; D 16.439, 442
Robert HopkinsNorthern Liberties92 acres, 147 sq. perchesG 3.367
Robert Hopkins youngercityD 23.21137-139 Water St
Samuel HopkinscityFTW 82.219Appletree Alley
Samuel HopkinscityFTW 82.263Appletree Alley
Samuel HopkinscityFTW 82.21956 N 4th St124 N 4th St
Thomas Hopkinscity108-110 Norris Alley
Thomas HopkinsNorthern Libertiesr. D 53.52Hanover St
Elizabeth HopkinsoncityH 14.95421 Walnut St
Francis HopkinsoncityMarket St
Mary HoppleCheltenham100.75 acresI 12.277
Henry HoreyNorthern LibertiesEF 22.669
Henry HoreyNorthern Liberties
George HorlacherUpper Hanover3 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. 387.330
George HorlacherUpper Hanover6 acres, 40 sq. perchesD 10.21; r. 387.330
George HorlacherUpper Hanover and Upper Milford38 acres, 62 sq. perchesD 9.396
Peter HorlacherUpper Hanover2 acres, 123 sq. perchesD 10.23
Peter HorlacherUpper Hanover199.5 acresD 10.23
George HornLower Merion99 acresI 17.266
George HornLower Merion154 acresI 10.386
George HornUpper Merion61 acresr. I 17.379
Benjamin Hornercityr. D 28.44524 N Front St
George Jacob HorterGermantown11.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesLRB 27.218
George Jacob HorterGermantown5.75 acresr. GS 21.721
George Jacob HorterGermantown5 acres, 26 sq. perchesAWM 22.116
George Jacob HorterGermantown5 acres, 22 sq. perchesJAH 84.141
John HouckNorthern Liberties8 acres, 125 sq. perchesD 2.479
Susannah and Samuel HoughNorthern Libertiesr. IH 10.497Queen/Richmond St
Thomas HoughcityI 13.3741 N Front St
Thomas HoughcityI 3.3512 Chancery Lane
Thomas HoughcityI 9.54139 Front St N
John HoulgateRoxborough36 acres, 10 sq. perches
John HoulgateRoxborough41 acres, 130 sq. perches
John HoulgateRoxborough
Abraham HouseWhitemarsh20.75 acresr. 7.689
Jacob HouserWhitemarsh40 acresCP A-2.81
Jacob HouserWhitemarsh50 acresCP A-2.81
Martin HouserGermantown140 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 4.305; Springfield Twp. Hist. Soc.
Alexander HoustoncityD 22.477
Christian HoutzellcityIC 31.126727 Zane St
Conrad Hover?Blockley10 acres
John Howardcityr. GGP 146.52526 S 2nd St38 S 2nd St
John Howardcityr. EF 30.163
John HowardcityStrawberry Alley
John Howardcity
Peter HowardcityI 4.387
Rees Price and Sarah HowardNew Hanover500 acresr. 770.397
Peter Howard?Moyamensing
Peter Howard?Moyamensing
Peter Howard?Moyamensing
Elizabeth Hudson HowellcityWBk D.450
Ephraim HowellByberry26 acres, 18 sq. perchesWBk Q.353; r. D 20.152
Isaac HowellRLL 41.716th St N
John HowellGermantown4 acresGWR 11.24
John HowellGermantown7 acresGWR 11.24
John HowellGermantown6 acresGWR 8.426
Joseph HowellcitySHF 25.118Church Alley
Joseph HowellMoyamensing3.5 acres, 19 sq. perches
Joshua HowellBristol14.25 acresD 57.247
Joshua HowellBristol14.25 acresD 57.245
Joshua HowellcityI 18.24732-734 Market St
Joshua HowellcityI 18.24732-734 Market St
Joshua HowellcityD 18.43862 N Front St62 N Front St
Joshua HowellcityEF 22.469N Water St
Joshua HowellNorthern Liberties40 acres, 60 sq. perches
Joshua and Katherine HowellcityGS 30.58N Water St
Katharine Howellcityr. IW 1.366Wallis' Alley
Samuel HowellcityH 13.182
Samuel HowellcityD 20.146203 Stampers Alley
Samuel Howellcityr. MR 9.36157 Chestnut St213 Chestnut St
Samuel Howellcityr. D 17.490222 Chestnut St
Samuel HowellcityD 21.196
Samuel HowellOxford265 acres, 126 sq. perches
Rebecca Howell?Northern Liberties8 acres, 9 sq. perches
Christian HuberGermantown1 acreI 11.14
Christian HuberGermantown3.25 acresI 11.14
Christian HuberGermantown10 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 11.14
Jacob HuberNew Hanover181.5 acresr. 59.438, 565.396
Michael HuberDouglass118 acres, 127 sq. perches1286.254
Rudolph Huber EstatecityH 21.531; r. EF 16.451
Adam HubleyNorthern Liberties8 acres, 60 sq. perches
Adam HubleyNorthern Liberties
Adam HubleyNorthern Liberties8 acres, 69 sq. perches
Joseph HuddellDistrict of SouthwarkD 1.510
Mary HudsoncityTH 57.5206 5th St N8 5th St N
Mary HudsoncityWBk G.9; r. D 21.128215 Market St515-517 Market St
Mary HudsoncityWBk M.333; r. EF 8.151
Samuel Hudsoncityr. D 29.10445-51 S 3rd St
Samuel HudsoncityWBk M.33393 Walnut St315 Walnut St
Samuel Hudsoncity
Samuel HudsonMoyamensing9 acresWBk M.333
William Hudsoncityr. D 22.102199 Market St501 Market St
John HuffmanNorthern Libertiesr. D 1.271Shackamaxon St
Charles HufftyLower Dublin60 acresr. GS 19.691
Jonathan HuftyLower Dublin22 acres, 20 sq. perchesr. D 23.113
Thomas Dungan and Jacob Hufty?Abington138 acres, 112 sq. perchesr. D 6.450
Isaac HughesUpper Merion257 acresWBk P.248
Isaac HughesUpper Merion28.5 acresWBk P.248
Isaac HughesUpper Merion13.5 acresWBk P.248
Isaac HughesUpper Merion41 acres, 152 sq. perchesWBk P.248
Isaac HughesUpper Merion81 acres, 90 sq. perchesr. 37.429
Isaac HughesUpper Merion6 acres, 20 sq. perchesoriginal unrecorded deed John Hughes Papers, HSP
Isaac HughesUpper Merion72 acres
John Hughes JrcityAM 52.759156 Market St
John Hughes JrcityAM 52.757156 Market St
John Hughes Jr.Lower Merion207 acres
William Hughescityr. MR 14.2624-30 Chestnut St124-126 Chestnut St
William Hughescityr. MR 14.26Chestnut St
William Hughescityr. MR 14.26
Caleb HughscityEF 2.391209 Lombard St
Caleb HughscityEF 2.391211 Lombard St
MIchael Hulings EstateNorthern LibertiesI 4.511; r. IC 10.634
Anthony and Susanna HullNorthern Libertiesr. EF 15.79
Benjamin HumphreyscityCP B-3.394
Benjamin HumphreysLower Merion150 acres52.279; Phila OC 8.185
Benjamin HumphreysLower Merion
Charles HumphreysLower Merion38 acresCP A-1.212
Charles HumphreysLower Merion100 acresr. 32.371
Joshua Humphreyscity48 Spruce St
Joshua Humphreyscity
Joshua HumphreyscityGWC 106.302
Rebecca HumphreysLower Merion35 acresr. 2.370
Richard HumphreyscityH 19.12038 6th St N
Richard HumphreyscityH 19.11440 6th St N
Richard HumphreyscityCP A-2.18042 6th St N
Richard HumphreysMoyamensingI 13.261
Thomas HumphreysNorthern Liberties38.5 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 1.165
William HumphreysDistrict of Southwark2.5 acresH 18.368
Daniel HunnAbington49.5 acres11.32
Daniel HunnAbington10 acres11.32
Marks HunningerPassyunk17.5 acres, 24 sq. perchesH 17.5
Marks HunningerPassyunk17 acres, 109.33 sq. perchesH 17.1
Marks HunningerPassyunk17 acres, 109.75 sq. perchesH 17.2
Abraham HunspergerFranconia102 acresr. 6.478
Abraham HunspergerFranconia102.5 acres27.17
Christian HunspergerFranconia100 acres482.325
John HuntGermantown23 acresD 73.12
John HuntKingsessing163 acresr. D35.42
John HuntKingsessing19.25 acresr. D35.42
John HuntKingsessing16 acresDelaware Co WBk A.39
John HuntKingsessing20 acresDelaware Co WBk A.39
Rachel Huntcity
James HuntercityTH 55.424
James HuntercityD 40.545
James HuntercityCP B-3.21
James HuntercityAWM 10.597Coombs Alley
James HunterMoyamensing5 acres
James HunterSouthwarkI 7.131George St
James and Mary Huntercityr. MtgBk X
Alexander HustoncityMR 15.541145 Arch St413 Arch St
Alexander HustonGermantown7 acres, 130 sq. perchesIC 20.55
Alexander HustonGermantown16 sq. perchesIC 20.57
Alexander and Elizabeth HustoncityH 7.27555 N 2nd St55 N 2nd St
Hannah HustonKingsessing53 acresWBk O.286; r. D 17.360
Hannah HustonKingsessing35.5 acresWBk O.286; r. D 17.360
James Hustoncityr. IC 10.515
James Hustoncityr. IC 8.352
John HydecityCP A-2.163
Lydia & Elizabeth HydeBlockley74.5 acresD 31.376
John IlligcityD 22.26112 Race St314 Race St
Catherine IngelsMoyamensingD 2.22
Joseph IngelsLower Dublin45 acresD 26.73
William InglefriedcityD 6.36186 Race St238 Race St
Catherine InglescityD 2.27438 Spruce St
John InglisUpper Merion10 acres, 136 sq. perchesr. 6.513
John InglisUpper Merion100 acresr. 6.513
John Inglis EstateDistrict of SouthwarkI 12.229
John Inglis EstateDistrict of SouthwarkI 12.229
John Inglis EstateDistrict of Southwark6 acres, 10 sq. perchesH 15.203
John Inglis EstateDistrict of SouthwarkComBk A-3.96 (Exemp. 5.98)
Matthew IngramBristol84 acres
Thomas IngramBlockley86 acres, 90 sq. perchesWBk 5.189
William IvesDouglas106 acres, 116 sq. perchesI 16.120
David JaagNew Hanover137 acres, 80 sq. perchesr. 5.138
John JacksonByberry16 acres, 64 sq. perchesr. D 69.95
John JacksonByberry12 acres, 6 sq. perchesr. D 69.95
John JacksonByberry107 acresr. D 69.95
John JacksonByberry107 acresr. D 69.95
Joseph JacksonLower Dublin112 acresEF 13.672
Joseph JacksonLower Dublin70 acresEF 13.672
Joseph Jackson SrLower Dublin20 acresRLL 52.426
Matthew JacksoncityD 1.77
Matthew JacksonRoxborough9.5 acres
Matthew JacksonRoxborough13.75 acres
William JacksoncityI 11.547136 Walnut St
William and Rachel JacksoncityWBk K.158; r. D 76.37693 Market St239 Market St
John Jackson?Moreland1 acre, 27 sq. perchesr. IH 6.439
Dubre JacobMoreland40 acresi 12.362
Israel JacobscityD 1.4803-5 N 2nd St
Christopher JacobyGermantown138 sq. perchesEF 17.64
Christopher JacobyGermantown138 sq. perchesD 22.421
Abel JamescityI 6.105114 Race St316 Race St
Abel Jamescityr. D 7.312Water St
Abel Jamescityr. D 7.312Water St
Abel JamescityI 11.360Front St N
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties3 acres, 116 sq. perches
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties34 acres
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties50.25 acres
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties16 acres
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties64 acres, 70 sq. perches
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties21 acres, 142 sq. perches
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties21 acres, 142 sq. perches
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties83 acres, 138 sq. perches
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties44 acres, 74 sq. perches
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties38 acres
Abel JamesNorthern Liberties2 acres
Ann Page JamesDistrict of Southwark4.5 acres, 31 sq. perchesD 4.398
Ann Page JamesPassyunk12.5 acres, 30 sq. perches
Ann Page JamesPassyunk3.75 acres, 21 sq. perchesI 13.132
Ann Page JamesPassyunk5 acres, 2 sq. perchesI 17.132
Hugh JamescityEF 17.82408 Locust St
Hugh JamescityEF 23.452408 Locust St
Hugh JamescityEF 9.71404 Locust St
John Reynell & Abel JamescityH 19.476; r. D 4.39452 N 2nd St
John JansonUpper Salford40 acres, 5 sq. perchesI 16.267
John JansonUpper Salford31 acresI 16.267
John JansonUpper Salford100 acresI 16.267
Joseph JanviercityD 51.22433 Delancey St215 Delancey St
John JarrettWhitemarsh219 acres, 69 sq. perchesD 1.309
Charles JarviscityD 26.4424 Strawberry Alley
John JarvisDistrict of Southwark3 acres, 97 sq. perches
Eleanor Jaunceycityr. D 68.2795 S Front St143 S Front St
Jacob JeanesMoreland145 acresr. 48.545
Jacob JeanesMoreland3 acresr. 14.341
William and Levi JeanesMoreland23 acres, 94 sq. perchesr. 46.135
William and Levi JeanesMoreland139 acres, 94 sq. perchesr. 46.135
William and Levi JeanesMoreland7 acres, 158 sq. perchesr. 46.135
Joseph Jeanes EstateMoreland36 acresH 6.72; r. 6.135; WBk M.540
Joseph Jeanes EstateMoreland39 acres, 112 sq. perchesr. 6.48; r. 6.50
William Jeanes EstateMoreland100 acresr. D 4.403
Joseph JeansWhitemarsh176.5 acres, 12.5 sq. perches358.46
Lydia JenkinsAbington
Lydia JenkinsAbington88.25 acres17.138
Mary JenkinscityGWR 13.337
Mary JenkinscityI 12.152
Mary JenkinscityWBk K.360; r. EF 4.60
Mary JenkinscityWBk K.360
Mary JenkinscityI 12.152423 Walnut St
Phineas JenkinsAbington3 acres, 14 sq. perches15.220
Phineas JenkinsAbington92.5 acresr. 22.527
Phineas JenkinsAbington4 acres, 47 sq. perches15.225
William JenkinsAbington3 acresr. 11.449
William JenkinsAbington151 acres, 144 sq. perchesWBk M.191; WBk O.214; r. 50.482
William JenkinsAbington3 acres, 15 sq. perchesr. D 7.66
Sarah Jenkinsoncityr. D 7.488Cherry St
Jordan JeremiahDouglass4.112
Jordan JeremiahDouglass4.112
Charles JervisPassyunk2 acresD 19.230
Charles JervisPassyunk5 acresD 4.480
John Jerviscityr. D 47.371S 2nd St
John Jerviscityr. AWM 67.6232 Strawberry Alley
John Jervis Jr.cityAWM 57.5834 Strawberry Alley
Robert JewellcityRLL 39.187
Robert JewellcityRLL 39.174
Matthew JohnsMoyamensing6.75 acres
Matthew JohnsMoyamensing6.25 acresEF 18.325.
Benjamin JohnsonLower Dublin88 acres, 31 sq. perchesTH 55.104
Closs JohnsonBlockleyr. IW 6.337
Conrad JohnsonLower Dublin4 acres, 80 sq. perchesr. D 8.62
David JohnsonMarlborough1 acre6.205
Jacob JohnsonLower Dublin127 acresr. EF 1.541
John JohnsoncityD 7.18160-162 S 4th St338-340 S 4th St
John JohnsoncityCP A-2.4938 N 2nd St
John JohnsoncityD 7.99138 S 4th St310 S 4th St
John JohnsonFrederick47 acres, 140 sq. perchesr. 7.63
John JohnsonFrederick55.5 acresr. 7.63
John JohnsonGermantown128 acres, 19 sq. perchesD 22.84
John JohnsonGermantown42.75 sq. perchesDHL 199.100
John JohnsonGermantownEF 6.300
John JohnsonGermantown6.25 acresD 33.350
John JohnsonGermantown12.25 acres, 42 sq. perchesChew Papers, HSP
John JohnsonGermantown10 acresEF 6.297
John JohnsonGermantownr. AM 30.644
John JohnsonGermantown10 acresEF 6.309
John JohnsonGermantown2 acresGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown1 acre, 23 sq. perchesGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown
John JohnsonGermantown5 acres, 20 sq. perches
John JohnsonGermantown
John JohnsonGermantown4 acres, 67 sq. perchesChew Papers, HSP
John JohnsonGermantown32.75 sq. perchesEF 2.305
John JohnsonGermantown13 acres, 27 sq. perchesChew Papers, HSP
John JohnsonGermantown
John JohnsonGermantown2 acres, 4 sq. perchesEF 6.312
John JohnsonGermantown31 acresGS 20.628
John JohnsonGermantown13 acres, 37 sq. perchesGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown11 acresGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown13 acres, 27 sq. perchesChew Papers, HSP
John JohnsonGermantown13 acresGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown4 acres, 121 sq. perchesGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown43 sq. perchesr. MR 20.35
John JohnsonGermantown4.75 acres, 36.5 sq. perchesGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantown5 acres, 15 sq. perchesEF 6.312
John JohnsonGermantownD 22.84
John JohnsonGermantown7 acres, 127 sq. perchesChew Papers, HSP
John JohnsonGermantown2 acresGHS Archives
John JohnsonGermantownD 22.84
John JohnsonLower Dublin25.5 acresF 10.211
John JohnsonNorthern Liberties11 acres, 67 sq. perchesD 48.275
John JohnsonPassyunk12 acres, 100 sq. perchesD 5.40
John Johnson Jr.Germantown3 acresIC -.669
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of Southwarkr. ADB 1.159
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of Southwarkr. ADB 1.159
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of Southwarkr. ADB 1.159
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of SouthwarkH 5.193
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of Southwarkr. ADB 1.159
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of SouthwarkADB 6.91
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of Southwarkr. ADB 1.159
Joseph JohnsonDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
Joseph JohnsonGermantown1 acrer. EF 32.302
Joseph JohnsonMoyamensing2.5 acresGS 21.364
Joseph JohnsonMoyamensing12 acres, 143.5 sq. perchesGS 21.367
Margaret and Joseph JohnsonLower Dublin70 acresWBk L.208; r. AWM 11.308, IH 7.250
Margaret and Joseph JohnsonLower Dublin19 acresWBk L.208; r. AWM 11.308, IH 7.250
Mary JohnsonLower Dublin23 acresr. I 17.252
Peter JohnsonLower Dublin42 acres, 136 sq. perchesI 16.368
Philip JohnsoncityCP B-3.286321 Cherry St
William JohnsoncityI 16.4399th St N
William JohnsoncityI 16.4399th St N
William JohnsonGermantown50 acresEF 4.79
William JohnsonGermantown18.5 acresEF 4.79
William JohnsonOxford5.5 acres, 11 sq. perchesI 13.527
William JohnsonOxford8.5 acres, 31 sq. perchesI 13.527
William JohnsonWhitemarsh23 acresI 15.19
Abraham Johnson EstateDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.673
John Johnson EstatecityH 14.21460 S 2nd St110 S 2nd St
John JohnstonUpper Merion97 acres, 78 sq. perchesH 11.189
Charles JollyLower Merion51 acresI 7.366
Neels JonasonKingsessing112 acresWBk L.441
Abraham JonesDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Abraham JonesDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Abraham JonesDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Abraham JonesDistrict of SouthwarkI 14.194753-755 S 2nd St
Amey JonesWhitemarsh
Amey JonesWhitemarsh
Anna Lobdell JonescityEF 9.444
Aquilla JonescityG 9.37074 N 2nd St124 N 2nd St
Aquilla JonescityWBk H.533; r. GWR 26.29684 Market St244 Market St
Aquilla Jonescity154 Market St
Aquilla and Elizabeth JonesUpper Dublin6 acresI 4.377
Aquilla and Elizabeth JonesUpper Dublin90.5 acresI 4.377
Aquilla and Elizabeth JonesUpper Dublin89 acres, 110 sq. perchesI 4.377
Blaithwaite JonescityTH 91.70311 S 2nd St
Blaithwaite JonescityTH 91.72311 S 2nd St
Blaithwaite and Mary JonescityCP Part. 1.143; r. CP D-5.91
Catharine & Samuel JonesLower Merion116 acresr. 11.157
Daniel JonesNorthern LibertiesRDW 51.185Shackamaxon St
David JonescityI 15.32Dock St
Edward JonescityLRB 71.339115 N 6th St
Edward JonesPassyunk11 acres, 17 sq. perchesIC 8.467
Hannah JonesAbington2.75 acresr. 12.291
Hugh JonesLower Merion209.5 acresCP A-1.143
Hugh JonesLower Merion100 acresr. D 2.84
Isaac JonesCheltenham210 acres
Isaac JonesCheltenham200 acres79.154
Isaac Jonescity44 N Front St
Isaac JonesDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Isaac JonesDistrict of SouthwarkAM 47.685
Isaac JonesGermantownGHS Archives
Isaac JonesNorthern Libertiesr. MR 20.430
Isaac JonesNorthern LibertiesACH 49.470Marlborough St
Israel JonesLower Merion111.5 acres
Jacob Jonescityr. IC 5.26342 N Front St42 N Front St
Jacob JonesLower Merion231 acres89.197
Jacob JonesWhitemarsh84.25 acresr. 6.558
James JonesLower Merion37.5 acres126.527
James Jones Jr.Blockley20 acres
James Jones Jr.Blockley40.25 acresRLL 30.556
James Jones Jr.Blockley15 acres, 27 sq. perchesRLL 30.572
James Jones Jr.Blockley97 acres, 59 sq. perchesRLL 13.646
James Jones Jr.Blockley10 acresRLL 30.574
James Jones Jr.Blockley1.5 acres, 35 sq. perchesRLL 13.646
James Jones Jr.Blockley15 acres
Jesse Jonescityr. D 15.55191 Arch St241 Arch St
Jesse JonescityD 15.16693 Arch St243 Arch St
Jesse JonescityD 15.166
Jesse JonesLower Merion119.75 acres, 6 sq. perches
John JonescityD 1.14223 S 5th St
John JonesGermantown12 acres, 148 sq. perchesGWC 52.511
John JonesGermantown3 acres, 28 sq. perchesH 17.246
John JonesGermantown
John JonesGermantownGWC 52.511
John JonesGermantown1 acre, 99 sq. perchesI 1.497; I 2.45
John JonesGermantown8 acres
John JonesMoyamensing4.5 acresI 13.153
John JonesWhitemarsh192.75 acresCP A-1.110
John Jones Jr.Germantown3 acres, 91 sq. perchesIC 14.293
John Jones Jr.Germantown126.6 sq. perchesI 10.296
John Jones Jr.Germantown33 sq. perches
John Jones Jr.Germantown114 sq. perchesIC 14.292
John Jones Sr.cityGS 7.673, 675108-110 Chestnut St
Joseph JonesBristol30 acres
Joseph JonesCheltenham20 acres
Joseph JonesCheltenham60 acres, 60 sq. perches
Joseph JonesCheltenham65 acres123.133
Joseph JonesPlymouth272.4 acresH 17.351
Joseph JonesPlymouth43.4 acresG 2.508
Joseph JonesPlymouth3.7 acresacquistion date undercertain; before 1782 (D 5.241)
Joshua JonesLower Dublin4 acres, 102 sq. perchesIC 30.209
Joshua JonesLower Dublin139.5 acresRDW 119.230
Joshua JonesMoreland6.5 acresr. D 67.271
Joshua JonesMorelandH 14.378
Lewis JonesBlockley12.75 acresH 1.390
Lewis JonesBlockley5 acres, 54 sq. perchesI 4.212
Lewis JonesBlockley43 acresG 1.334
Lewis JonesBlockley1 acre, 73 sq. perchesI 4.212
Lewis JonesBlockley92 acres, 101 sq. perchesWBk D.430
Lewis JonesKingsessing40 acresG 5.114 & 117
Lewis, Robert and James JonesUpper Merion16 acres, 18 sq. perchesr. 25.145
Lewis, Robert and James JonesUpper Merion3.75 acresr. 25.145
Margaret JonesLower Merion20 acres, 60 sq. perchesr. MtgBk M1.242
Margaret JonesLower Merion24 acres, 25 sq. perchesr. MtgBk M1.242
Margaret JonesLower Merion20 acres, 60 sq. perchesr. MtgBk M1.242
Margaret JonesLower Merion4 acres, 112 sq. perchesr. MtgBk M1.242
Margaret JonesUpper Merion24.25 acres, 39 sq. perches2.397
Mary JonesNorthern LibertiesI 16.225310 Cable Lane
Mary and Blaithwaite JonescityCP Part 1.14323 Strawberry Alley
Mary and Blaithwaite Jonescityr. D 12.26
Matthew JonesKingsessing172 acres, 86 sq. perchesD 63.5
Matthew JonesKingsessing117 acresD 63.5
Matthew JonesKingsessing17 acresD 63.5
Nathan JonesLower Merion10 acres, 18 sq. perchesI 8.529
Neils JonesKingsessing6 acresr. IW 2.408
Owen JonescityIW 8.4943 N 4th St11 N 4th St
Owen JonescityG 9.31095 S 2nd St143 S 2nd St
Owen JonescityG 9.31095 S 2nd St143 S 2nd St
Owen JonescityIW 9.511337 Market St
Owen JonescityEF 15.378206 Carters Alley
Owen JonescityAM 34.553
Owen JonescityEF 26.349
Owen JonescityEF 15.37870 S 2nd St120 S 2nd St
Owen JonesLower Merion7 acres27.588
Owen JonesLower Merion50 acres
Owen JonesLower Merion346 acresWBk O.546
Owen JonesLower Merion101 acres15.451
Paul JonesLower Merion136 acres7.461
Richard JonescityD 5.38667 N 6th St117-119 N 6th St
Richard JonescityAM 26.5711 N 4th St19 N 4th St
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 6.17354 N 2nd St102 N 2nd St
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 19.314
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 19.314
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 13.543
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 19.314
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 1.49257 Arch St205 Arch St
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 13.54379 Arch St229 Arch St
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 13.54381 Arch St231 Arch St
Robert Strettell Jonescityr. D 15.11087 Arch St237 Arch St
Robert Strettell JonescityEF 6.17268 N 3rd St124 N 3rd St
Samuel JonesCheltenham46 acres, 122 sq. perches
Samuel JonesCheltenham
Samuel JonesLower Dublin24 acresr. GS 34.591
Silas JonesLower Merion133.5 acres29.1
Whitehead JonescitySugar Alley
William JonescityIC 32.7925 6th St N
William JonesMoyamensing270 acres, 60 sq. perchesI 7.83; r. D 63.5; r. D 38.319
William JonesMoyamensing3.5 acres, 25 sq. perches
William JonesMoyamensing30.5 acres, 55 sq. perchesEF 17.293; r. D 63.5
William JonesPassyunk8 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 14.385
William JonesPassyunk7 acres, 40 sq. perchesI 14.385
William JonesPassyunk7 acres, 90 sq. perchesCP B-3.216
William JonesPassyunk12 acres, 13 sq. perchesD 41.453
Daniel Jones estatecity
Robert Jones EstateLower Merion329 acresH 7.499
Robert Jones EstateLower Merion104 acres, 92 sq. perchesH 6.257
Jones Family Burial GroundcityH 1.166
Isaac Jones?Cheltenham
Samuel Jones?Lower Dublin108 acresr. IC 6.662
Jeremiah JordanDouglass154 acres, 16 sq. perches6.123
William JordancityI 16.4419th St N
Daniel JoyPassyunk2 acresD 42.557
Daniel JoyPassyunk2 acresD 45.271
Daniel JoyPassyunk7 acres, 140 sq. perchesCP B-3.355
Daniel JoyPassyunk6 acres, 148 sq. perchesCP B-3.177
Daniel JoyPassyunk0.25 acres, 28 sq. perchesD 45.271
Daniel JoyPassyunk6 acres, 141 sq. perches
Daniel JoyPassyunk0.5 acres, 26 sq. perchesD 42.557
Sirach JudyOxford0.75 acresr. D 37.354
Charles JusticeKingsessing173 acresr. SHF 5.381
Charles Justice Jr.Kingsessing30 acres
Charles Justice Jr.Kingsessing32.5 acresWBk M.188; r. IC 12.385
John JusticeKingsessing65.75 acres, 16 sq. perches
John JusticeKingsessing59.5 acresIC 14.585
John JusticeKingsessing27.5 acresIC 14.585
George JustiscityD 23.415155 3rd St N
Peter KabelMarlborough11 acres, 130 sq. perchesr. 116.22
John KaighncityD 1.915 N 4th St13 N 4th St
John KaighncityD 1.91339 Market St
John KaighncityD 1.91
John KaighnDistrict of SouthwarkH 17.492749 S 2nd St
Jacob KailNew Hanover157 acres, 76 sq. perches8.106
Ludwig KarchercityI 16.9
Jacob KargerSpringfield5.75 acres1.103
George KastnerWhitemarsh15 acres, 15 sq. perchesr. 32.299
Andrew KatzWhitemarsh113 acres
Andrew KatzWhitemarsh
Henry KatzSpringfield0.75 acres, 20 sq. perches
Henry KatzSpringfield
Henry KatzWhitemarsh17.75 acres
William KearlsMoyamensingD 74.210
William KearlsMoyamensingCP A-2.178
John KearsleyNorthern Liberties3 acres
John KearsleyNorthern Liberties40 acres
John KearsleyNorthern Liberties19 acres, 117 sq. perches
John Kearsley EstatecityD 14.48; r. D 8.42
John Kearsley EstatecityD 14.48
John Kearsley EstatecityD 14.496111 Arch St317 Arch St
John Kearsley EstatecityF 7.187
John Kearsley EstatecityI 2.460
John Kearsley EstateNorthern Liberties0.75 acres
John Kearsley?Northern Liberties5 acres
John KeastMoyamensingI 12.115
John KeblecityI 11.391
John KeblecityI 13.131
Jacob KeeblerGermantown11.5 acresMR 15.507
Jacob KeeblerGermantown92 acres, 30 sq. perchesMR 15.507
Michael KeelyPlymouth6 acres, 12 sq. perchesr. 9.336
Esther KeenMoreland2 acresr. CP B-3.429
Esther KeenMoreland0.5 acres, 25 sq. perchesr. CP B-3.429
Matthias KeenLower Dublin35.5 acres
Matthias KeenLower Dublin26 acres, 20 sq. perches
Matthias KeenOxford120 acres
Peter KeenNorthern Liberties212 acres
Reynold Keencity20 6th St S
Reynold KeencityI 14.298251 Market St619 Market St
Reynold KeenDistrict of SouthwarkEF 5.174
Reynold KeenDistrict of SouthwarkEF 5.174
Reynold KeenMoyamensing14 acres, 23 sq. perches
Reynold KeenMoyamensing53.5 acresH 21.2; r. D 9.263
Reynold KeenMoyamensing28 acres
Reynold KeenMoyamensing1 acre, 1 sq. perchCP A-2.22
Reynold KeenMoyamensing3 acres, 53 sq. perchesCP A-2.22
Reynold KeenMoyamensing1 acre, 146 sq. perchesCP A-2.22
Peter Keen estatecityIC 12.311236 Market St
Christiana Keen HeirsMoyamensing6 acres, 23 sq. perches
Christiana Keen HeirsMoyamensing10.5 acres
Christiana Keen HeirsMoyamensing7 acres
Christiana Keen HeirsMoyamensing28 acres
Christiana Keen HeirsMoyamensing20 acres, 96 sq. perchesr. EF 6.177
Christian KeisterSpringfield30.25 acres
George KeitelGermantown3 acres, 61 sq. perchesGWC 17.51
George KeitelGermantown1 acre, 57 sq. perchesGWC 17.51
John KeithcityI 16.237320 S 2nd St
George KemblecityI 3.385
George Kemble & Andrew McNaircityI 3.3846th St S
Joseph Kennard EstateMoreland50 acresr. 13.172
David KennedycityEF 19.43132 Market St402 Market St
David KennedyMoreland136.5 acresr. 27.404
George KennedycityI 10.510S Front St
David Kennedy?Moreland10 acresr. 38.416
John KennerSpringfield16 acres, 56 sq. perches
Kensington Burying GroundNorthern LibertiesD 18.615
George KentonOxford20 acres
Hannah KentonOxford158.5 acresIC 27.555
Andrew KepnerNew Hanover104 acresr. 17.283
Henry KeppelUpper Salford161 acres, 106 sq. perchesr. 122.387
Henry KeppelecityI 7.20730 5th St N32 5th St N
Henry KeppelecityLofA D-2.6.173 (Exemp 6.812)98 Market St308 Market St
Henry KeppelecityH 5.285129 Market St313 Market St
Henry Keppelecity3 acres, 78.7 sq. perchesD 40.238
Henry KeppeleNorthern LibertiesH 4.234
Henry KeppeleNorthern LibertiesIC 8.26
Henry Keppele Jr.Northern Liberties1 acre, 145 sq. perches
Henry Keppele Jr.Northern Liberties20 acres
Henry Keppele Jr.Northern Liberties
Henry Keppele Jr.Northern Liberties1 acre, 145 sq. perches
Henry Keppele Jr.Northern Liberties7 acres, 120 sq. perches
Henry Keppele Jr.Northern Liberties5 acres, 100 sq. perches
Jacob KerberUpper Hanover97 acres, 140 sq. perchesr. 445.9
Hannah and John KerlincityWBk Q.96; r. D22.418
Hannah and John KerlincityWBk Q.96; r. EF 15.716102 Pine St
Hannah and Sarah KerlincityWBk Q.96; r. I 17.327119 Walnut St
John KerlinPlymouth1.75 acresr. 4.306
John KerlinPlymouth10 acresr. 4.306
Sarah and William KerlincityWBk Q.96; r. D 11.245Pine St
William KerlincityD 38.30S Front St
William KerlincityWBk Q.96; r. D23.418104 Pine St
Julius KerperGermantown125 acresD 47.384
Adam KerrcityD 10.27799 3rd St N145 3rd St N
George KerrCheltenham2 acres29.212
George KerrCheltenham5 acres, 96 sq. perches29.209
Rebecca and James KerrcityD 20.18654 S 2nd St
Godfried KerschneckUpper Salford2 acresr. 9.256
Godfried KerschneckUpper Salford59 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. 9.256
Andrew KesslerNorthern LibertiesMR 20.228Richmond St
Leonard KesslercityD 29.483125 Arch St331 Arch St
Leonard KesslercityD 42.30633 8th St N
Andrew KeyserAbington5 acres, 136 sq. perchesI 7.734
Andrew KeyserAbington119 acresI 7.734
Andrew KeyserCheltenham5 acresI 15.437
Benjamin and Joseph KeyserGermantown1.25 acres, 37 sq. perchesJAH 79.481
Dirk KeyserGermantown
Dirk KeyserGermantown5.25 acresJTO 263.550
Jacob KeyserGermantown5.75 acresr. D 18.233
Jacob KeyserGermantownr. D 18.233
Jacob KeyserGermantown
Jacob KeyserGermantown5.75 acresr. D 18.233
Jacob KeyserGermantown57 sq. perches
Jacob KeyserGermantown
Jacob Keyser Jr.Germantown3 acres, 25 sq. perchesH 11.202
Jacob Keyser Jr.Germantown18.75 acresRLL 2.323
Jacob Keyser Jr.Germantown14 acresRLL 2.329
Jacob Keyser Jr.Germantown6.5 acresGWC 15.489
Jacob Keyser Jr.Germantown29.75 acresRLL 2.323
Jacob Keyser Jr.Germantown6.5 acresGWC 15.489
Jacob Keyser Jr.?Germantown
John KeyserBristol1.25 acres, 27 sq. perchesH 6.586
John KeyserGermantown1 acre
John KeyserGermantown20 acresH 11.575
John KeyserRoxborough12 acresI 13.390
Joseph KeyserGermantown5.25 acres, 31 sq. perchesr. AM 45.506
Joseph KeyserGermantown1.75 acres, 22 sq. perchesI 13.186
Joseph KeyserGermantown5.25 acres, 31 sq. perchesr. AM 45.508
Mary KeyserGermantown5.5 acres
Mary KeyserGermantown50 sq. perchesr. MR 1.17
Michael KeyserGermantown3.75 acres, 11 sq. perchesGS 26.480
Michael KeyserGermantown1.5 acres, 36 sq. perchesI 16.452
Michael KeyserGermantown1.75 acres, 36 sq. perchesI 16.202
Michael KeyserGermantown1.5 acres, 21 sq. perchesGS 26.480
Michael KeyserGermantown2.75 acresr. LRB 6.109
Michael KeyserGermantown5.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesI 16.202
Peter KeyserGermantownr. RDW 107.9
Peter KeyserGermantown1 acre, 13 sq. perchesr. RDW 107.9
Peter KeyserGermantown9 acres, 30 sq. perchesGWC 8.401
Peter KeyserGermantown0.75 acresr. RDW 107.9
Peter & Mary KeyserRoxboroughr. JAH 195.51; Will of Wm. Levering
William KeyserGermantown2 acres, 85 sq. perchesGS 4.168
Joseph Keyser?Germantown1.5 acres
Matthew Keyser?Germantown1 acre, 96 sq. perchesH 16.435
Andrew KeyslercityD 34.289153 3rd St N
John KiddLower Dublin4 acresI 4.126
John KiddOxford10 acresI 4.126
John KiddOxford12 acresI 4.126
Henry KileNorthern Liberties4.5 acresH 16.238
Adam Kimmelcityr. D 46.360
John KindigFranconia and Upper Salford112 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. 391.126
Martin Kindig Jr.Franconia90 acres, 36 sq. perchesWBk N.8
John Kindig?Upper Salford69 acresr. 17.457
Ann KingcityI 3.22647 Market St131 Market St
Daniel KingMoyamensing3.75 acres
John KingcityEF 10.60326 Lombard St212 Lombard St
Joseph KingcityWBk P.416; r. EF 16.662
Joseph KingcityH 6.60
Joseph KingPassyunk17 acres, 109.33 sq. perchesr. AWM 87.27
Thomas KingMoreland2.5 acres93.113
Thomas KingMoreland21.75 acresCP A-1.237; 93.111
Thomas KingMoreland23.25 acres12.80
Tobias KingcityEF 10.398172 Race St512 Race St
George & Martha KingleGermantown25 acresr. D 12.371
George & Martha KingleGermantown14 acresr. D 12.371
John KinnerWhitemarsh50 acresr. 7.690
John Kinsey Estatecityr. D 17.234
John Kinsey EstatecityExemp 5.4; H9.530; r. D 25.449
John Kinsey EstatecityExemp 5.4; H9.530; r. D 25.449
John Kinsey EstatecityExemp 5.4; H9.530; r. D 18.96
Abraham KintzingcityJTO 20.272
Abraham Kintzingcityr. IW 2.166239 Market St607 Market St
Abraham Kintzingcityr. ADB 74.235Sugar Aley
Abraham Kintzing EstatecityD 27.223185-187 Market St431 Market St
Balthazar KintzlercityComBk A-3.25213 Sugar Alley
Jacob KirkAbington200 acresr. 13.163
Jacob KirkBristol108.25 acres
Mary KirkMoreland87 acresr. 9.238
Jacob KirknerOxford60 acresD 17.192
William KirkpatrickcityI 14.291
William KirkpatrickcityD 6.117, I 14.357
Joseph Britt and Sarah Kirlcityr. IH 5.514
Isaac KiteBlockley100 acresWBk G.350
John KittlerWhitemarsh116 acresH 20.158
George KittscityI 7.18152 7th St N
Casper KlecknerPassyunk20 acresH 9.411
Jacob KleinUpper Salford134 acresI 15.147
Jacob Klein Sr.Upper Salford50 acresI 15.146
Michael Klein Sr.Upper Hanover105 acres, 20 sq. perchesr. 703.258
Peter KleincityH 14.29096 4th St N168 4th St N
Richard KleinUpper Salford24 acres, 110 sq. perchesH 10.152
Richard KleinUpper Salford150 acresH 10.152
Frederick KnappSpringfield4.5 acres, 15 sq. perches
Frederick KnappSpringfield4.5 acres
Joseph KnausRoxborough15.5 acres
Daniel KnightByberry180 acresG 12.713
Deborah, Margaret & Lydia KnightPlymouth6 acres, 1 sq. perchI 15.409
Giles Knight Jr.Byberry0.75 acresI 13.22
Giles Knight Jr.Byberry113 acresI 13.324
Giles and Phebe Knightcityr. GS 29.357
Isaac KnightAbington202 acresr. 7.926
Isaac KnightMoyamensing2.25 acresI 2.255
Isaac Knight Jr.Abington200 acres26.671
John KnightAbington107 acres
John Knightcityr. D 13.175402 Race St
Jonathan KnightByberry299 sq. perchesGGP 196.386
Jonathan KnightByberry200 acresr. GS 44.660
Joseph KnightByberry42 acres, 10 sq. perchesD 44.254
Joshua KnightAbington10 acres, 40 sq. perchesr. 7.169
Joshua KnightAbington24 acresr. D 13.265
Joshua KnightAbington102 acresH 6.218
Peter KnightNorthern LibertiesI 1.440Queen St
Phebe and Giles KnightLower Dublin26.25 acresI 15.499
Thomas KnightByberry10 acres, 12 sq. perchesRLL 54.519
Thomas KnightByberry240 acresMartindale, A History of the Townships of Byberry and Moreland (1867), 163
Thomas KnightOxford0.5 acresMR 5.470
Jonathan Knight?Byberry
George KnittleGermantown5 acresr. EF 20.156
Michael KnobDouglas4 acresI 5.463
George KnorrPassyunk6.75 acresJAH 267.538; Land Office Plan 3448, State Archives, PMHC
Jacob KnorrGermantown3.5 acres, 1 sq. perchGS 4.170
Jacob KnorrGermantown2 acres, 35 sq. perchesEF 1.454
John KnorrGermantown6 acres, 6 sq. perchesI 14.215
John KnorrGermantown1 acre, 28 sq. perchesI 14.215
John George Knorrcityr. D 18.59637-39 4th St N145-147 4th St N
John George KnorrcityGWR 30.32535 4th St N143 4th St N
Matthias KnorrGermantown25.25 acres, 34 sq. perchesGWC 99.20
Matthias KnorrGermantown2 acresGWC 99.20
Peter KnorrWhitemarsh150 acres123.145
Peter KnorrWhitemarsh20 acresr. 4.1
Jacob Knorr?Germantown3 acres, 33 sq. perches
George Knowlescityr. GWR 7.42685 Front St N113 Front St N
John KnowlescityGWR 6.133
John KnowlescityH 2.198
John KnowlescityIC 15.16
John KnowlesMoyamensing4.5 acresD 35.250
John KnowlesOxford82 acres, 34 sq. perchesIW 3.180
John and Elizabeth (Tatnall) KnowlesKingsessing
Andrew KnoxNorriton & Worcester120 acresCP B-3.274&1/2; 22.196
Andrew KnoxNorriton & Worcester100 acres147.146
Hugh & Catharine KnoxLower Merion120 acresH 12.138; r. 36.293
Jane and Robert KnoxNorthern LibertiesH 14.200Front St N
Robert KnoxDistrict of SouthwarkI 15.115,117; r. D 41.520826-828 Swanson St
Sarah and Robert KnoxNorthern LibertiesH 14.200Front St N
Robert Knox?Passyunk7 acres, 130 sq. perches
Paul KoberNorthern LibertiesSHF 20.782nd St N
Jacob KockPassyunk11 acres, 6 sq. perchesr. GWR 27.580
Matthias KohlNorthern Libertiesr. EF 14.134
Dillman Kolb Jr.Franconia238 acres, 44 sq. perches3.355
George KolbNew Hanover110 acres, 97 sq. perchesr. 843.384
Jacob KolbUpper Salford88 acres, 54 sq. perches752.527
Joseph KolbNew Hanover118 acres, 30 sq. perchesr. 46.65
Michael KolbUpper Hanover18 acres, 105 sq. perchesr. 12.416
John KookGermantown3.5 acres, 25 sq. perchesr. AM 6.6
John KookGermantown11 sq. perches, 86 sq. ft.I 1.497
John KookGermantown56 sq. perchesI 1.497
John KookGermantown1.5 acres, 102 sq. perchesADB 156.445
Seth Koylecityr. D 34.1240 S Front St
Peter KraftcityI 14.295
Peter KraftcityI 11.433104 3rd St N156 3rd St N
Peter KraftcityMisc EF 1.155
John George KrampNorthern LibertiesD 1.340Richmond St
Valentine KratzUpper Salford163 acres, 70 sq. perchesPatBk A 7.435
Valentine Kratz [Jr]Upper Salford100 acresr. 46.344
Johann George KrauskopfNorthern LibertiesSHF 8.488Palmer St
Baltzer KraussUpper Hanover60 acresr. 970.496
Baltzer KraussUpper Milford140 acresPatBk A 15.386
Christopher KraussUpper Hanover71 acresr. 10.386
Christopher KraussUpper Hanover218 acres, 120 sq. perchesPatBk AA 14.628
Christopher KraussUpper Hanover4 acresr. 10.386
George Henry KraussFrederick Twp.150 acresr. 7.927
Michael KraussFrederick170 acresr. 3.306
Yost Bitting and Michael KraussFrederick6.5 acresr. 3.306
Henry KrearAbington23 acres, 47 sq. perches63.353
Henry KrearAbington100 acres, 73 sq. perchesr. 10.65
Michael KrebsNew Hanover31 acres, 28 sq. perches1251.390
Philip KrebsNorthern Liberties18 acres, 122 sq. perchesI 16.223
Michael Krebs EstateNew Hanover200 acresr. 15.214
Michael Krebs EstateNew Hanover150 acresr. 15.214
John KreiderUpper Salford300 acresr. PatBk H 2.556
Martin KreidercityD 1.257
Martin KreidercityD 25.444
Jacob Dasht and Daniel Kreider?Upper Salford24 acres, 43 sq. perchesr. 9.259
Daniel Kreiter?Marlborough8 acres, 140 sq. perchesr. 1.476
Derick KrewsonMoreland163 acres, 64 sq. perchesD 4.373
Philip KrichbaumLower Merion100 acresD 1.137
John KriderUpper Salford72 acresr. PatBk AA 11.390
Andrew KriebelLower Salford106 acres, 57 sq. perches17.512
Christopher KriebelLower Salford157 acresr. 10.92
George KriebelLower Salford37 acres, 9 sq. perchesI 16.159
George Kriebel Jr.Lower Salford64 acresI 16.159
Paulus Kripnercity23 N 3rd St27 N 3rd St
Paulus KripnerGermantown100 sq. perchesr. IC 1.293
Paulus KripnerGermantown1 acre, 68 sq. perches
Paulus KripnerGermantown2.25 acresH 16.356
Paulus KripnerGermantown
Paulus KripnerGermantown6.25 acresH 16.356
Paulus KripnerGermantown2 acres, 3.25 sq. perches
Paulus KripnerGermantown27 sq. perches, 13 sq. ft.
Henry KrousNew Hanover175 acresI 13.445
Nicholas KrugerMarlborough121 acres, 88 sq. perchesI 5.293
John KrumbholtzNorthern LibertiesD 18.563
Frederick Kuhlcityr. IC 2.471160 Market St
Frederick Kuhlcityr. IC 2.471162 Market St
Frederick KuhlcityD 31.283164 N 2nd St
Adam Simon KuhncityH 7.184179 Market St425 Market St
George KuhnGermantown12 acres, 4 sq. perchesFTW 66.25
John Kuhn Estatecityr. GWR 5.130
Michael Kuhn?Moyamensing
Isaac KulpBristol139 acresD 21.327
Leonard KulpWhitemarsh51.75 acresI 13.531
Michael KuntzFrederick70 acresr. 53.406
Michael KuntzFrederick70 acresr. 53.406
Lawrence KunzecityD 17.102222 Race St
Christian KurtzNew Hanover106 acres, 154 sq. perchesr. 2.165
Christian KurtzNew Hanover59 acresr. 2.168
Christian KurtzNew Hanover70 acresr. 2.168
Henry Kurtzcityr. MR 16.31125 N 2nd St153 N 2nd St
Henry KurtzcityI 11.533127 N 2nd St155 N 2nd St
Henry and Peter KurtzcityEF 6.637
Henry and Peter KurtzcityEF 6.641
Katherine KurtzGermantown3 acres, 67 sq. perchesGS 22.203
Michael KurtzNew Hanover27 acres, 60 sq. perches5.10
Michael KurtzNew Hanover27 acres, 60 sq. perches5.10
Michael KurtzNew Hanover126 acres5.10
Peter KurtzcityI 13.113129 N 2nd St157 N 2nd St
William KurtzGermantown15.5 acresI 11.62
Jacob KymeGermantown1 acreI 14.58
George Ernst LaechlercityD 19.55208 Market St
Thomas LakePlymouth10 acresI 17.214
Thomas LakePlymouth105.5 acresI 17.216
Thomas LakePlymouth120 acresI 17.214
Thomas LakeRoxborough50.5 acres
Mary and Thomas Lamarcityr. D 51.101152 Race St
Joshua LambaterNorthern LibertiesD 4.290
Joshua LambaterNorthern LibertiesD 4.290Vine St
John LamparterNorthern LibertiesH 11.467
John LamparterNorthern LibertiesEF 15.14
John LamparterNorthern LibertiesH 20.399
Conrad LampaterNorthern LibertiesD 10.219; r. D 1.244Garden St
Thomas LancasterWhitemarsh165.5 acres, 12 sq. perchesH 8.117
Thomas LancasterWhitemarsh80 acresr. 1.538
Matthias LandenbergercityI 12.352
Henry LandesUpper Salford73.5 acresr. 7.439
Jacob LandesUpper Salford150 acresr. PatBk A 9.254
Jacob Landes Jr.Franconia113 acresr. 2.11
John LandesFranconia82.5 acres701.136
Yellis LandesFranconia and Upper Salford82 acres, 40 sq. perches17.467
Yellis LandesUpper Salford16 acres, 140 sq. perches17.467
Yellis LandesUpper Salford5 acres, 108 sq. perches17.467
Frances Lardnercityr. LRB 151.115; WBk L.485123 3rd St N
Frances Lardnercityr. LRB 151.115; WBk L.485
Hannah Lardnercityr. GGP 24.321125 3rd St N
Hannah Lardnercityr. GGP 24.321
John, Frances and Hannah Lardnercityr. EF 21.1977th St S
Lynford LardnercityH 7.363
Lynford LardnercityH 7.369
Lynford LardnercityH 7.371
Lynford LardnercityH 11.208
Lynford Lardnercityr. GWR 24.10280 N 2nd St130 N 2nd St
Lynford LardnercityH 7.371
Lynford LardnercityH 7.371
Lynford LardnerOxford100 acres
Lynford LardnerSpringfield94 acres
Lynford LardnerSpringfield97.75 acres
Elizabeth Lardner EstatecityH 7.36278 N 2nd St128 N 2nd St
Benjamin LascumKingsessing1 acre, 1 sq. perchWBk L.468; r. EF 21.397
Edward LaskeycityAM 9.12737 8th St N
Rudolph LatchLower Merion77.25 acresr. 95.17
Godfredt LauerPassyunk3 acres, 139 sq. perchesH 6.483
Godfredt LauerPassyunk6 acres, 92 sq. perchesH 6.486
Peter LauerUpper Hanover158 acres, 50 sq. perchesr. 1059.488
Peter LauerUpper Hanover108.5 acresr. 6.287
Jacob LaughlinLower Dublin215 acresr. IH 2.401
Peter LaurensonLower Dublin115 acresI 12.369
Charles LawrenceNorthern LibertiesCP ShfBk A-2.117Front St N
John LawrencecityD 25.332
John LawrencecityD 11.2326th St S
John LawrencecityD 11.214
John Lawrencecityr. D 31.165157 Chestnut St
John LawrencecityIC 10.144
John Lawrencecity155 Chestnut St
John LawrencecityD 49.389Cherry St
John LawrenceNorthern Liberties3 acres, 130 sq. perchesEF 30.154
John LawrenceNorthern Liberties3 acres, 130 sq. perchesEF 30.152
John LawrenceNorthern Liberties3.33 acresEF 30.151
John LawrenceNorthern Liberties1 acre, 130 sq. perchesEF 30.152
Thomas LawrenceMoyamensing
Thomas LawrenceNorthern Liberties
Thomas LawrenceNorthern Liberties39 acres, 19 sq. perches
Thomas LawrenceNorthern Liberties24 acres, 33 sq. perches
Thomas LawrencePassyunk10 acres, 90 sq. perchesr. AWM 82.116
Thomas LawrencePassyunk8 acresAWM 83.222
Thomas LawrencePassyunk4 acres, 87 sq. perchesr. MR 14.627
Thomas LawrencePassyunk8 acresAWM 83.222
Thomas LawrencePassyunk10 acres, 68 sq. perchesr. AWM 82.116
William LawrencecityWBk Q.40; r. EF 32.6497 Chestnut St305 Chestnut St
William LawrencePlymouth18 acres, 24 sq. perchesr. D 4.381
William LawrencePlymouth22 acres, 112 sq. perchesr. D 4.381
Martha Lawrence EstatecityD 8.538
Martha Lawrence EstatecityD 8.53899 Arch St249 Arch St
Duncan LeachcityD 4.31
John LeacockcityD 39.462238 S Front St
Joseph LeacokLower Merion28 acres, 102 sq. perchesI 17.493
Matthias Leamy Estatecityr. LW 176.463207 Stampers Alley
John LearPassyunk5 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 11.73
John LearPassyunk5 acresI 11.73
Elizabeth Ledliecityr. D 12.385
Abraham Leech Jr.Oxford0.5 acres
Abraham Leech Sr.Oxfordr. D 13.23
Ann and Joseph LeechLower Dublin25 acresI 15.499
Duncan LeechcityD 27.220150-152 Spruce St414-416 Spruce St
Duncan LeechcityH 20.49154-156 Spruce St
Isaac LeechCheltenham42 acresr. 40.293
Isaac LeechCheltenham123.5 acres
Isaac LeechOxford44 acres, 47 sq. perchesr. D 18.317
Isaac LeechOxford8.5 acres, 10 sq. perchesr. D 12.2; CP Partition
Isaac LeechOxford3 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. D 12.428; CP Partition
Jacob LeechCheltenham174.25 acresr. 15.143
Samuel LeechCheltenham167.7 acresr. 121.106
Thomas Leechcityr. D 45.405N Water St
Thomas Leechcityr. D 54.143; WBk M.27033 N Front St
Thomas LeechcityI 9.499
Thomas Leechcityr. D 45.405N Water St
Thomas LeechNorthern Liberties2 acres, 112 sq. perchesWBk M.270; r. D 42.274
William LeechcityWBk M.270; r. MR 10.11935 N Front St
John Leech EstateNorthern LibertiesGWR 1.155
William Leech Estatecityr. D 1.41161 Chestnut St217 Chestnut St
William Leech EstateNorthern Liberties2 acres, 112 sq. perchesWBk M.270; D 44.99, r. D 42.274
William LeedomCheltenham116.75 acresD 7.260; 63.142
James LeescityD 7.321324-326 S 2nd St
James Leescityr. D 6.51Delancey St
Joseph LeesBlockleyr. MtgBk X 10.460
Joseph LeesBlockleyr. MtgBk X 10.460
Joseph LeesBlockley
John LeevanGermantown5 acres, 10 sq. perchesD 1.296
Jacob LeGaycityWBk P.35895 Arch St245 Arch St
Jacob LehmanGermantown3.5 sq. perchesLRB 213.432
George LeibNorthern LibertiesD 1.413
Peter LeibenguthNew Hanover129 acres, 82 sq. perches
John LeibertGermantown0.5 acres, 34 sq. perchesI 10.498
John LeibertGermantown8 acresG 6.522
John LeibertGermantown2 acresG 6.522
Peter LeibertGermantown23 acres, 91.5 sq. perchesD 37.356
Peter LeibertGermantown1 acre, 60 sq. perchesD 37.364
Peter LeibertGermantown4 acresEF 9.529
Peter LeibertGermantown23 acres, 91.25 sq. perchesD 37.356
Peter LeibertGermantown1 acre, 60 sq. perchesD 37.364
Peter LeibertGermantown
Peter LeibertGermantown2.5 acresH 20.280
Jacob LeidyFranconia246 acres, 52 sq. perchesI 7.70
Andrew Erdman LeinaucityExemp 5.62144 3rd St N
Andrew Erdman LeinaucityMR 1.235101 3rd St N147 3rd St N
Conrad LentnerPassyunk5 acres, 141 sq. perchesD 40.70
Christopher LentzRoxborough96.75 acres, 12 sq. perchesr. EF 33.169
Christopher LentzSpringfield52 acres
Michael Leobold?Douglas4 acresr. 63.281
John Henry LeppehMoyamensing
George LescherMoyamensing21 acres
George LescherPassyunk10.5 acres
George LescherPassyunk10.5 acresComBk A-3.79 (Exemp. 5.79)
Zachariah LeshcityD 65.313170 Race St510 Race St
Henry LesherNorthern Liberties1 acreRLL 38.193
Jacob LesherGermantown0.25 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 17.179
Jacob LesherGermantown3.75 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 17.179
Jacob LesherOxford1 acre
Jacob LesherOxford1 acrer. D 52.314
William LesherGermantown66 sq. perchesEF 12.474
William LesherNorthern Liberties8.5 acresEF 29.14
William LesherNorthern LibertiesEF 29.14
Christian LessighDouglas91 acres, 88 sq. perches8.665
Ezekiel and Hannah LettscityEF 4.400
Jacob LevengoodDouglas117 acres, 120 sq. perches102.373
Jacob LevengoodNew Hanover103 acresr. 28.63
John LevengoodDouglas40 acres, 120 sq. perchesr. 424.267
John LevengoodDouglas15 acres, 126 sq. perchesr. 424.267
Aaron LeveringRoxborough0.5 acresr. D 13.481 and Will of Wm. Levering
Aaron LeveringRoxborough21.5 acresI 12.537
Aaron LeveringRoxborough9 acres
Aaron LeveringRoxborough3 acresI 12.537
Abraham LeveringLower Merion114 acres, 114 sq. perchesr. MtgBk X 4.97
Abraham LeveringRoxborough
Abraham LeveringRoxborough85 acres
Abraham LeveringRoxborough4 acres, 18 sq. perches
Benjamin LeveringRoxborough63 acres, 62 sq. perches
Benjamin LeveringRoxborough53 acres
Enoch LeveringRoxborough54.75 acresI 12.537
Jacob LeveringRoxborough1 acre, 60 sq. perches
Nathan LeveringRoxborough2.5 acres
Nathan LeveringRoxborough46 acresI 12.537
Nathan LeveringRoxborough
Wigard LeveringPlymouth80 acres4.164
Wigard LeveringPlymouth154.75 acres4.162
William LeveringRoxboroughI 12.537
William LeveringRoxborough5 acresTH 19.558
William LeveringRoxborough9 acres, 94 sq. perchesr. SHF 11.724
William LeveringSpringfield
William LeveringSpringfield19.5 acresr. MCDBk 22.439
William Levering Jr.Roxborough38 acres
David LevyNew Hanover10 acres
David LevyUpper Hanover26 acresI 6.379
David LevyUpper Hanover156.5 acresI 14.297
Nathan LevycityD 5.27513-15 Norris Alley
Sampson LevycityI 9.8588 Chestnut St246 Chestnut St
Sampson LevyDistrict of SouthwarkI 13.264Christian St
Ellis LewiscityI 15.540140 S 2nd St
Ellis LewiscityI 16.211138 S 2nd St244 S 2nd St
Ellis Lewiscityr. AM 18.102415 S 3rd St
Isaac and Ann LewiscityWBk Q.287; r. MR 9.489
Jacob LewiscityI 6.548
Jacob LewisNorthern Liberties18 acres, 13 sq. perchesI 8.246
Jacob LewisNorthern Liberties3 acres, 48 sq. perchesI 8.246
Joseph LewisLower Dublin260 acres
Mordecai Lewiscity262 S 2nd St
Robert LewisLower Dublin4 acres, 30 sq. perchesEF 6.329; r. EF 6.332
Robert and Ellis LewisLower Dublin16 acresI 19.125, 128
Samuel LewiscityH 8.16977 S 3rd St
Samuel LewiscityI 12.385113 N 6th St
Samuel LewiscityH 17.254
Samuel Lewiscityr. D 61.20015 Carters Alley218 Carters Alley
Samuel LewisNorthern Liberties8 acres, 120 sq. perches
Sarah LewiscityD 2.4979 S 3rd St
Sarah LewiscityI 6.54354 Walnut St226 Walnut St
William LewisKingsessing6 acresI 13.326
William & Ruth LewisLower Merion312.5 acresr. 11.365
William & Ruth LewisLower Merion30 acresF 6.404; r. 11.365
John Lewis?Moreland0.5 acresr. CP B-3.409
John Philip LeydichFrederick28 acresr. 3.130
John Philip LeydichFrederick105 acresr. 3.137
John Philip LeydichFrederick22 acresr. 3.130
John Philip LeydichNew Hanover49 acres, 104 sq. perchesr. 3.130
John Philip LeydichNew Hanover75.75 acresr. 3.130
Library Co of Philacity
Martin LichtyUpper Salford32.5 acresr. 4.36
Martin LichtyUpper Salford42.5 acresr. 4.36
Abraham LiddoncityI 3.13036 N 3rd St52 N 3rd St
Abraham LiddoncityI 3.130
Abraham LiddonNorthern Liberties36 acres, 76 sq. perchesD 65.178
John LidyardMoreland83.5 acresr. 13.249
Jacob LightDouglas34 acres, 111 sq. perches4.181
Thomas LightfootMoyamensing5.5 acresD 12.180
Thomas LightfootMoyamensing2.75 acres, 13 sq. perches
Thomas LightfootMoyamensing2 acres, 15 sq. perches
Thomas LightfootMoyamensing4 acres
Abraham LincolnKingsessing36.5 acresTH 67.224
Abraham LincolnKingsessing15 acresRLL 21.50
Abraham Lincon EstatecityI 2.312; r. EF 10.671113 Jones Alley
George Ernst LindenbergercityD 2.24919 Sugar Alley
John Linderman EstateNew Hanover143 acresr. 8.494 and 12.392
Susanna LindleyPassyunk2 acresI 14.171
Susanna LindleyPassyunk11 acres, 54 sq. perches
Susanna LindleyPassyunk3.75 acres, 21 sq. perchesI 14.171
John LinleycityD 23.19562 Arch St232 Arch St
Mercy LinncityI 12.37132 Delancey St122 Delancey St
Daniel LinsenbiglerNew Hanover117 acres, 149 sq. perchesI 7.355
Paul Linsenbigler Jr.New Hanover69 acres, 65 sq. perches358.364
Paul Linsenbigler Jr.New Hanover62 acres, 48 sq. perches358.364
John LintoncityLRB 36.79; LRB 36.74
Nicholas LintzGermantown54.75 sq. perchesI 13.433
Reston Lippencottcityr. D 8.2657 Market St203 Market St
Deborah Lippincottcityr. D 7.38956 N Front St56 N Front St
Deborah Lippincottcityr. D 43.3134 Chancery Lane
Elizabeth and John LippincottAbington103 acresr. 14.19
Nathaniel Lippincottcityr. EF 27.50568 N 5th St118-120 N 5th St
Henry Lislecityr. FTW 19.20
Henry Lislecityr. FTW 19.20
Henry LisleMoyamensing2 acresH 15.40
John LisleUpper Merionr. 31.25-28
Alexander Lisle EstatePlymouth38.5 acres, 12 sq. perchesr. MontCo MtgBk 2.219
Alexander Lisle EstatePlymouth12.25 acresr. MontCo MtgBk 2.219; ShfBk A-1.28
Alexander Lisle EstatePlymouth0.5 acresr. MontCo MtgBk 2.219
Henry Lisle?Moyamensing2 acres, 32 sq. perchesr. AM 6.281
Edward LithgoecityD 6.13215 S 4th St
Hannah LithgowcityIC 12.71689 Arch St239 Arch St
Hannah LithgowcityEF 22.64669 Arch St219 Arch St
John LittlecityI 2.410
John LittlecityD 59.187
John LittleNorthern Liberties11 acres
Simon LitzenbergerKingsessing3 acresI 13.481
Jonathan LivezeyLower Dublin75.75 acresADB 48.87
Jonathan LivezeyLower Dublin6 acres, 108 sq. perchesADB 48.87
Joseph LivezeyLower Dublin4 acres, 70 sq. perchesGWR 15.168
Joseph LivezeyLower Dublin27.5 acresGWR 15.168
Joseph LivezeyLower Dublin21 acres, 62 sq. perchesGWR 15.168
Joseph LivezeyLower Dublin12 acres, 26 sq. perchesIC 25.699
Joseph LivezeyLower Dublin12 acres, 87 sq. perchesGWR 15.168
Joseph LivezeyLower Dublin31.5 acresEF 5.54
Joseph Woolen, Jr. and Thomas LivezeyGermantown61 acresGWC 81.242, 256, 259
Nathan LivezeyLower Dublin25 acres, 71 sq. perchesH 19.206
Nathan LivezeyLower Dublin67 acres, 96 sq. perchesGS 27.12
Thomas LivezeyGermantown3 acresoriginal unrecorded deed
Thomas LivezeyGermantown5 acres, 10 sq. perchesH 10.427
Thomas LivezeyGermantown20 acresH 10.431
Thomas LivezeyLower Dublin280 acresr. D 6.454
Thomas LivezeyRoxborough45.25 acresI 4.184
Thomas LivezeyRoxborough13 acresD 4.219
Thomas LivezeyRoxborough8.5 acresH 10.422
Thomas LivezeyRoxborough14 acres, 92 sq. perchesI 4.186
Thomas LivezeyRoxborough20 acresH 10.431
Thomas LivezeyRoxborough3 acres, 18 sq. perchesG 8.489
Thomas LivezeyUpper Merion70 acresI 16.124
Thomas LivezeyWhitemarsh116.25 acres, 30 sq. perchesI 16.124
Thomas LivezeyWhitemarsh42.25 acresI 16.124
John LlewellynLower Merion400 acresWBk K.16; r. I 7.427
Hannah Lloydcity
Hannah Lloydcityr. IC 4.27737 S 2nd St
Hannah Lloydcity
Isaac LloydcityAM 24.39057 Lombard St235 Lombard St
John LloydMoreland14 acres, 116 sq. perchesr, 5.237
John LloydMoreland42.25 acresr. 5.235
John LloydMoreland40 acresr. 5.235
John LloydMoreland43 acresr, 5.237
Rebecca LloydPlymouth21 acres, 132 sq. perchesr. 34.229
Thomas LloydMoreland0.5 acresr. 27.837
Thomas LloydMoreland97.5 acresI 13.55
Thomas LloydMoreland4.75 acresI 13.57
Thomas LloydMorelandI 13.57
Thomas LloydMoreland10 acres, 20 sq. perchesr. 12.8
Thomas LloydMoreland6 acres1.57
Thomas LloydMoreland1 acre, 133 sq. perchesr. 27.837
Thomas Lloyd Jr.Moreland4.5 acres344.75; r. 344.80
John Lloyd EstatecityF 6.6913-15 S 3rd St
John Lloyd EstateLower Merion50 acresI 7.427
Robert Lloyd Estatecityr. D 24.330
Samuel Lloyd Estatecityr. D 24.33081 Market St227 Market St
Anna LobdellcityEF 8.670
Isaac and Rebecca Lobdellcityr. D 4.442Chestnut St
Samuel LobdellcityI 15.540336 Spruce St
Samuel LobdellcityEF 9.320
Isaac Lobdell EstatecityEF 8.668
Isaac Lobdell EstatecityRDW 145.362232-238 Spruce St
Isaac Lobdell EstatecityD 52.381; r. D 59.2116 6th St N
Isaac Lobdell EstatecityD 12.47147 Spruce St237 Spruce St
Isaac Lobdell EstatecityD 12.472
Nicholas LochmancityCP A-1.34711 Sugar Alley
Nicholas Lochmancityr. EF 25.3179 Sugar Alley
John and Elizabeth Lockcity62 Walnut St234 Walnut St
Patrick Lockart EstateMoreland27 acresr. CP B-3.423
John LocktoncityI 14.360120 Delancey St
Peter & Mary Louise LoeschPassyunk3 acres, 107 sq. perchesIH 3.396
Christian LoeserUpper Dublin50 acres7.673
Christopher LoeserWhitemarsh16 acresr. 2.568
Charles Logancityr. IC 2.418
James LogancityH 14.401
James Logancityr. D 39.411
James LogancityWBk I.510; r. D 48.157Walnut St
James LogancityWBk I.510; r. D 48.157Walnut St
James LoganNorthern Liberties11 acresWBk I.510; r. EF 10.648Ridge Ave
William LoganBristol
William LoganBristol
William LoganBristol15 acres, 36 sq. perches
William LoganBristol2 acres, 19 sq. perches
William Logancityr. EF 28.64162 S 2nd St112 S 2nd St
William Logancityr. EF 28.641
William Logancityr. EF 28.641
William LoganGermantown30 acresD 68.10
William LoganMoyamensing11 acresIW 3.7
William LoganNorthern Liberties
William LoganNorthern Liberties
William LoganNorthern Liberties10 acresWBk I.510; r. D 24.393Ridge Ave
William Portsmouth Logancityr. D 41.114
William Logan EstatecityWBk I.510Chestnut St
Loganian Librarycityr. D 34.2256th St N
John Jacob LongMarlborough30 acres, 11 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 1.151
John Jacob LongMarlborough151 acres, 22 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 1.
John Jacob LongMarlborough50 acres, 23 sq. perchesr. PatBk P 1.150
Isaac LongstrethMoreland1 acrer. 3.324
Isaac LongstrethMoreland6 acresr. 6.520
Isaac LongstrethMoreland122 sq. perches85.215
Robert Loosleycityr. D 34.34035 Walnut St121 Walnut St
Isaac LortcityD 44.23616 Cherry St312 Cherry St
George LoschNorthern Liberties8 acres
John George LoschGermantown1 acreEF 12.428
John George LoschGermantown2.5 acres, 15 sq. perchesCP A-2.25
John LoughboroughMoreland126 acres, 154 sq. perchesr. D 2.494
Lower Burial GroundGermantownGrund- und Lager Buch, p. 207
John LownescityI 17.29
John LownescityEF 24.61627 S 3rd St
John LownesMoyamensingr. MR 14.365
John LownesMoyamensing28.5 acres
John LownesMoyamensing161 sq. perchesD 5.393
John LownesMoyamensing27 sq. perches
John LownesPassyunk14 acres
John LownesPassyunk102 acres
Joseph LownescityH 10.136257 S 2nd St
Joseph LownesPassyunk3.75 acres, 2 sq. perchesr. D 77.507
Joseph LownesPassyunk12.75 acres
Joseph LownesPassyunk5 acres, 2 sq. perchesr. D 53.318
Sarah LownescityWBk G.269
Sarah Lownescityr. D 52.87
Sarah LownescityWBk G.269
Sarah LownescityWBk G.269
Sarah LownesMoyamensing7 acresr. D 9.353
Sarah LownesMoyamensing16.25 acres, 8 sq. perches
William LownesPassyunk12.75 acresI 6.528
William LownesPassyunk3 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 6.528
John Lownes?Moyamensing20 sq. perchesr. D 57.95
John Lownes?Moyamensing8 acres, 90.5 sq. perchesr. D 15.283
Robert LowreycityD 46.4149 Lombard St227 Lombard St
Samuel LowreycityD 38.44748 S Front St
Peter LowyNorthern LibertiesEF 19.168Lawrence St
Benjamin Loxleycity
Benjamin Loxleycityr. I 17.520115-117 Arch St321-323 Arch St
Benjamin LoxleycityI 10.172
Benjamin Loxleycity
Benjamin Loxleycity302 Cherry St
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.477
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.475
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.475
Benjamin LoxleycityD 32.306144 S 4th St316 S 4th St
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.477
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.481S Front St
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.477307 S 2nd St
Benjamin LoxleycityEF 10.483
Benjamin LoxleyDistrict of Southwark1 acre, 52 sq. perchesEF 10.482
Benjamin LoxleyMoyamensing15 acresH 11.534
Benjamin LoxleyMoyamensing15 acresH 11.534
Jane Loyd EstateAbington87 acresr. 30.109
Christopher LudwigcityH 21.528
Christopher LudwigGermantown3 acresCP A-2.53
Christopher LudwigGermantown8 acres, 87 sq. perchesCP A-2.154
Christopher LudwigGermantown11 acres, 145 sq. perchesCP A-2.154
Christopher LudwigGermantown9 acresCP A-2.53
Christopher LudwigNorthern LibertiesH 21.525806 Front St N
Christopher LudwigNorthern LibertiesD 7.528808 Front St N
John LukencityEF 5.414Strawberry Alley
John and Rachel Gregory LukencityEF 5.410; r. EF 5.395Strawberry Alley
Joseph LukenWhitemarsh200 acres10.393
Daniel LukensGermantown12.25 acresAWM 33.415
Daniel LukensGermantown12.25 acresAWM 33.415
Daniel LukensGermantown12.25 acresAWM 22.407
Daniel LukensGermantown8 acres, 100 sq. perchesr. D 10.244
Dirk LukensBristol50 acres
Dirk LukensBristol100 acres
Dirk LukensBristol2 acresD 19.404
John LukensBristol
John LukenscityI 6.449263 Market St
John LukenscityI 6.452
John LukenscityI 6.452
John LukenscityI 6.449
John LukenscityI 6.449
John LukenscityI 6.452
John LukensPassyunk8 acres, 40 sq. perchesCP B-3.272
Joseph LukensAbington7 acresr. 17.395
Joseph LukensUpper Dublin103 acres, 72 sq. perchesI 13.14
Joseph LukensUpper Dublin8 acres, 84 sq. perchesI 13.14
Rynear LukensCheltenham10 acres
Rynear LukensUpper Dublin116 acres, 52 sq. perchesI 13.13
William LukensMoreland37 acres, 83 sq. perches370.273
Lutheran and Reformed CongregationsUpper Salford38.25 acres3455.133
Lutheran ChurchGermantown0.5 acresLutheran Archives Center
Lutheran ChurchGermantown0.5 acresLutheran Archives Center; r. I 8.387
Lutheran ChurchGermantown1.75 acresLutheran Archives Center; r. I 8.387
Lutheran Church of MerionLower Merion113 sq. perchesI 14.198
Lutheran CongregationFranconia1 acreWBk H.207
Lutheran CongregationNew Hanover21 acres, 142 sq. perches65.560
Lutheran CongregationNew Hanover5 acres, 40 sq. perches65.560
Lutheran CongregationNew Hanover49 acresr. 1324.437
Henry Emanual Lutterlow?New Hanover20 acresr. 4.165
Adam LutzNorthern LibertiesEF 1.4942nd St N
Adam LutzNorthern LibertiesEF 2.712nd St N
Andrew LycanLower Dublin139.25 acresr. EF 18.268
John LyndellOxford5 acres
John LyndellOxford41 acres, 23 sq. perches
John LynncityComBk A-3.91 (Exemp. 5.92)45 Market St129 Market St
John LynnNorthern Libertiesr. D 15.326
John LynnNorthern LibertiesGWC 118.507
John LynnRoxborough40 acresI 17.174
Joseph LynnCheltenham83 acres, 30 sq. perches
Joseph LynnNorthern LibertiesEF 25.16Hanover St
Joseph LynnNorthern LibertiesEF 25.16Hanover St
Joseph LynnNorthern LibertiesEF 25.16Hanover St
Mary and John Lynncityr. D43.3135 Chancery Lane
Mary and John Lynncityr. D 24.11754 N Front St54 N Front St
Mary and John Lynncityr. EF 7.586
Charles LyoncityCP B-3.192; r. RLL 40.511309 Cherry St
Henry MaagPassyunk13 acres, 95 sq. perchesI 6.120
Henry MaagPassyunk11 acres, 150 sq. perchesI 10.69
Henry MaagPassyunk5 acres, 86 sq. perchesI 6.120
Henry MaagPassyunk27.75 acres, 4 sq. perchesI 5.392
Henry MaagPassyunk12.5 acresI 6.120
Arthur MacFarlandNorriton156 acres, 150 sq. perchesI 9.360
Alexander MackGermantown
Alexander MackGermantown1.25 acresACH 56.433
Alexander MackGermantown
John MackUpper Hanover149.75 acresPatBk 11.70; r. 21.47
Daniel Mackinett Jr.GermantownD 9.496
Daniel Mackinett Jr.GermantownD 9.496
Magdalene MackinettGermantown1 acre, 8 sq. perchesr. D 2.170
John MacPhersonNorthern Liberties38 acres, 106 sq. perchesI 6.503
John MacPhersonNorthern Liberties26 acres
John MacPhersonNorthern Liberties21 acres, 80 sq. perchesI 6.519
John MacPhersonNorthern Liberties31 acres, 151 sq. perchesI 6.503
James MacubbinNorthern Liberties15 acres, 30 sq. perches
Mary Maddoxcityr. EF 33.7151-55 N 3rd St
Mary Maddoxcityr. IH 1.2563-9 S 2nd St
Mary MaddoxcityWBk E.53; r. D 9.268Chestnut St
Mary MaddoxcityWBk E.53; r. D 9.26812 Chestnut St110 Chestnut St
Mary Maddoxcityr. IC 30.11832 Arch St124 Arch St
Mary MaddoxcityWBk L.251; r. D 9.26810 Chestnut St108 Chestnut St
Mary MaddoxNorthern Liberties
Mary MaddoxNorthern Liberties3.5 acresI 16.257
Mary MaddoxNorthern Liberties11 acresH 1.31
Mary MaddoxNorthern Liberties10.5 acresI 16.257
George MakemsonKingsessing1 acreJTO 186.223
Margaret Malcolmcityr. D 23.64225 S 2nd St
John ManderfieldNorthern Liberties34 acres, 50 sq. perches
George Adam Mangold?Marlborough
Peter MannNorthern Libertiesin I 1.66Spring St
Peter MannNorthern LibertiesShfBk CP A-2.71Spring St
Manor of SpringettsburyNorthern Liberties
Manor of SpringettsburyNorthern Liberties
Conrad MarkUpper Hanover36 acres, 112 sq. perchesBucks Co DBk 29.131
Conrad MarkUpper Hanover and Upper Milford145 acres, 68 sq. perchesBucks Co DBk 29.131
Market SquareGermantown"Raths Buch," 6d 11m 1703/4 session
Abraham MarkleyNew Hanover116 acres, 27 sq. perches1.54
Abraham MarkoecityCP B-3.29073 S 2nd St117 S 2nd St
Levy MarkscityD 14.190Morris Alley
Levy MarksPassyunk5 acres, 155 sq. perches
Abel MarpleMoreland3 acres, 108 sq. perches105.409
David MarpleMoreland144.5 sq. perchesr. 5.358
David MarpleMoreland97 acres, 23 sq. perchesr. 5.379
Richard Marple EstateMoreland9 acres, 108 sq. perchesAWM 16.682; CP C-3.299
Joseph MarriottcityD 56.37673 Walnut St
Joseph MarriottDistrict of Southwark8 acresr. D 41.358
Joseph MarriottMoyamensing2 acresAM 61.598
Joseph MarriottMoyamensing19.75 acres, 18 sq. perches
Joseph MarriottMoyamensing0.5 acres
Joseph MarriottNorthern Liberties3 acres, 60 sq. perchesI 4.216
Joseph MarshDistrict of SouthwarkGWC 112.6517 Christian St
Joseph MarshDistrict of SouthwarkI 13.46619-21 Christian St
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.123Carters Alley
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.123226 Carters Alley
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.12359 Chestnut St215 Chestnut St
Benjamin MarshallcityD 39.485Strawberry Alley
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.123Chestnut St
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.173
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.173
Benjamin MarshallcityI 12.173
Benjamin MarshallMoyamensing2 acres, 152 sq. perches
Charles MarshallcityI 11.393
Charles MarshallcityI 11.393
Charles MarshallcityI 11.393
Charles MarshallcityI 11.393
Charles MarshallcityI 11.393Carters Alley
Christopher MarshallNorthern LibertiesD 74.252
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.376
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.376
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.376
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.371224 Carters Alley
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.371214 Carters Alley
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.371216 Chestnut St
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.371Carters Alley
Christopher Marshall Jr.cityI 11.37115 Carters Alley
Christopher Marshall Jr.Moyamensing1 acre, 107 sq. perchesI 11.371
Christopher Marshall Jr.Moyamensing3 acresI 11.371
Elizabeth Flower MarshallMoyamensing12.5 acres, 39.5 sq. perchesOC Partition
Elizabeth Flower MarshallMoyamensing19 acres, 37 sq. perchesr. EF 20.692
John MarshallcityEF 1.497205 Stampers Alley
John MarshallLower Dublin96 acres, 20 sq. perchesEF 19.125
John MarshallSouthwarkr. D10.305South St
Sarah MarshallcityH 15.138; r. EF 10.685
Sarah and Benjamin MarshallNorthern LibertiesH16.180N Front St
Sarah Lynn MarshallNorthern Liberties317 N 2nd St
Thomas Marshall Jr.Blockley10 acres, 60 sq. perchesEF 2.211
Thomas Marshall Jr.Blockley40 acresGS 19.610
Thomas Marshall Sr.Blockley25 acresJAH 187.268
William Marshall EstateByberry50 acresr. D 77.461
William Marshall EstateByberryr. D 77.461
William Marshall EstateByberry60 acresr. D 77.461
Casper MartinAbington and Cheltenham81 acresr. 28.456
John MartinRoxborough10.25 acres, 10 sq. perchesr. EF 22.448
John MartinRoxborough147 acresr. EF 22.448
Martha and Richard MartinLower Dublin26.25 acresI 15.499
Richard MartinCheltenham56 sq. perches6.277
Richard MartinCheltenham50 acres, 12 sq. perchesI 8.47
Yost MartinUpper Salford29 acres, 10 sq. perchesPatBk AA 8.152
Yost MartinUpper Salford58 acres, 11 sq. perchesPatBk AA 8.152
Abraham MasoncityI 1.404204 S 2nd St416 S 2nd St
Benjamin MasonNorthern Liberties50 acres
Benjamin MasonNorthern Liberties6 acres, 85 sq. perches
Benjamin MasonNorthern Liberties37.25 acresGWC 53.4
Christopher MasonWhitemarsh105 acres11.506
Christopher MasonWhitemarsh129.5 acres5.354
Richard MasonBristol152 acres, 15 sq. perches
Richard MasonBristol13 acres, 114 sq. perches
Richard MasonBristol10 acres, 26 sq. perches
Richard Masoncityr. D 2.352N Water St
Thomas MasonOxford75 acres, 27 sq. perchesI 13.455
Thomas MasonPassyunk22 acresI 13.459
Thomas MasonPassyunk11 acresI 13.459
Ann and Charles Masseycityr. IC 29.63463-65 Pine St237-239 Pine St
Charles Masseycityr. IC 31.350; r. D 5.211
Wight Massey Estatecity
Mary Masterscityformerly the property of her father Thomas Lawrence901-913 Market St
Mary MasterscityCP B-3.
Mary MastersGermantown1.5 acresIC 13.397
Sarah Masterscity
Sarah Masterscity
Sarah Masterscityr. JAH 158.19
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties10 acres, 33 sq. perches
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties4 acres, 80 sq. perches
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties64 acres, 115 sq. perches
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties25 acres, 100 sq. perches
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties4 acres
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties110 acres
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties26 acres, 40 sq. perches
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties14 acres
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties12 acres
Sarah MastersNorthern Liberties
William MastersNorthern Libertiesr. D 59.416Queen/Richmond St
William Masters EstatecityD 34.434
William Masters EstatecityD 34.434
William Masters Estatecity
William Masters EstatecityD 34.434
William Masters Estatecity
William Masters EstatecityD 34.434
Bartholomew MatherCheltenham90 acres
Benjamin MatherCheltenham190 acresWBk Q.336; r. 368.159
Isaac MatherAbington1 acre, 50 sq. perches7.188
Isaac MatherAbington150 sq. perches7.187
Isaac MatherCheltenham89 acres, 117 sq. perches7.185
John Shoemaker and Richard MatherCheltenham1.75 acresI 5.454; D 17.238
Dieterick MathewNew Hanover80 acres72.486
Dieterick MathewNew Hanover41 acres, 92 sq. perches72.486
Dieterick MathewNew Hanover32 acres, 93 sq. perches72.486
Dieterick MathewNew Hanover9.75 acres72.486
Frederick MathewDouglassr. 9.281
Josiah MatlackcityD 1.112Spruce St
Timothy MatlackcityD 4.225420 Walnut St
John Matsinger?Kingsessing
Henry MatsonUpper Merion178 acresWBk R.207; r. I 17.193
Peter MatsonUpper Merion178 acresG 3.145
John MatthewsPlymouth2 acres83.107
Rebecca Matthewscityr. AWM 49.10325 4th St N133 4th St N
Peter MattisNorriton31 acres, 98 sq. perchesr. 7.837
Thomas Maule EstatecityH 4.152; r. D 14.241
Thomas Maule EstatecityH 5.136; r. D 14.241
Jacob MaulsbergerNew Hanover25 acres, 56 sq. perchesr. 29.477
Jacob MaulsbergerNew Hanover206 acresr. 29.477
Merchant MaultsbyWhitemarsh40 acresI 14.
Merchant MaultsbyWhitemarsh100 acres
Merchant MaultsbyWhitemarsh100 acres7.492
Peter MaurerUpper Hanover110 acresH 11.550
Sarah and Stephen MaxfieldNorthern Libertiesr. GWC 91.91323 Cable Lane
Frederick MayUpper Salford74 acres, 60 sq. perches745.554
Peter MayUpper Hanover96 acres, 54 sq. perchesPatBk AA 3.82
Thomas MayberryMarlborough111 acres, 76 sq. perchesr. PatBk AA 13.543
Thomas Mayberry EstateMarlborough80 acresPatBk A 11.45
Thomas Mayberry EstateUpper Salford1,000 acresG 3.527
William Mayberry EstateMarlborough152 acresr. 28.578
William Mayberry EstateMarlborough & Frederick103 acresr. 28.578
William Mayberry EstateMarlborough & Frederick895 acresr. 28.578
Christian MayerFranconia170 acresI 4.171
John MayercityRLL 12.6189 Appletree Alley425 Appletree Alley
Mary McBeanDistrict of SouthwarkI 10.53
Mary McBeanDistrict of SouthwarkI 2.305; r. SHF 12.634
Ann McCallNew Hanover10 acres, 15 sq. perches14.185
Archibald McCallcityD 2.1187 S 2nd St
Archibald McCallcityI 17.393
Archibald McCallDouglassr. MtgBk M1.41 and r. 4.170
Archibald McCallPlymouth17 acres, 130 sq. perchesD 2.10
Archibald McCallPlymouth2.5 acres, 10 sq. perchesD 2.10
Archibald McCallPlymouth59.5 acresD 2.10
Archibald McCallPlymouth3.5 acres, 30 sq. perchesD 2.10
Samuel McCall, Jr EstateDouglas40 acres, 139 sq. perchesr. 10.164
John McCallacityCP A-2
John McCallacityD 2.325Lombard St
William McCalmont EstateNorriton90 acres, 50 sq. perchesH 17.102
Alexander McCamanNorriton115 acres, 40 sq. perches278.75
Joseph McCleanWhitemarsh244 acres
James and Jennett McClellancityr. D 48.50
Blair McClenahancityD 12.515
Blair McClenahancityD 10.8666 S 2nd St116 S 2nd St
John McConnellcityGWR 9.73377 N 6th St139 N 6th St
Walter McCoolWhitemarsh25 acres, 137 sq. perches244.46
Walter McCoolWhitemarsh32 acres, 60 sq. perches244.48
Joseph McCreaNorriton122.5 acres2.550
Samuel McCroreyUpper Dublin19 acres1.213
Samuel McCroryUpper Dublin10 acres1.202
Hugh McCullochcityD 23.132137-139 Front St N
Hugh McCullochNorthern Liberties6 acresEF 3.278
Rachel McCullochMoyamensing3 acres, 109 sq. perchesD 57.43
James McCulloch HeirsPassyunk4 acres, 4 sq. perchesEF 5.553
James McCulloch HeirsPassyunk28.25 acresMtgBk X 8.149
Hugh McCulloghNorthern LibertiesIC 19.416Crown St
Rachel McCulloughcityWBk L.516; r. IC 12.42967 Market St211 Market St
Thomas McDonnellDistrict of Southwarkr. D 22.236131 Fitzwater St
Alexander McDowellUpper Dublin140 acresr. 3.331
William McDowellcityD 16.21281 S 4th St331 S 4th St
Archibald McElroycityD 30.8661 S 2nd St105 S 2nd St
Michael McGannoncityEF 26.526S 5th St
Michael McGannoncityMR 5.150
William McGargelCheltenham64 acres
Henry McGlatheryNorriton90 acres, 50 sq. perchesr. 16.320
John McKaghancityr. D 54.26487 S 4th St337 S 4th St
Allen McLaneWBk Q.287; r. D 3.292
Samuel McLaneWBk Q.287; r. D 3.292412 Locust St
John McLaughlinCheltenham46.5 acres7.369
John McLaughlinCheltenham16 acres7.369
Allen McLeancityWBk Q.287; r. D 53.26152 Walnut St224 Walnut St
Allen McLeanecityI 11.14871 Walnut St
David McMurteriecityI 16.473; r. IC 27.627
David McMurteriecityI 16.473; r. IC 27.627
William McMurtriecityJAH 171.108301 S 3rd St
William McMurtriecityD 3.299Willings Alley
William McMurtriecityD 3.299Willings Alley
William McMurtrieOxford85 acres, 146 sq. perches
Anthony McNealMoreland50 acres92.215
John McNealcityD 1.291400 S 2nd St
McNeil and Tolbert?city84 Race St236 Race St
Benjamin McVaughOxford44 sq. perchesI 15.375
Benjamin McVaughOxford47 sq. perchesI 15.375
Benjamin McVaughOxford0.75 acres, 21 sq. perchesD 8.224
Edmond McVeaghLower Dublin96 acres, 36 sq. perchesr. IW 8.480
Robert Meadecity67 S Front St115 S Front St
Isabella Moylan Measecityr. IC 21.63S Front St
James MeaseMoyamensing4 acresCP B-3.48
John MeaseGermantown2.2 acresI 17.108
Samuel MechlinGermantown9.75 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 9.302
Samuel MechlinGermantown0.75 acresD 9.308
Samuel MechlinGermantown5 acres, 131 sq. perchesD 9.304
George MedercityD 29.412142 3rd St N
Roger Megargill EstateAbington32 acres, 110 sq. perches30.188; r. 30.207
Roger Megargill EstateAbington6.5 acres, 4 sq. perches165.284; r. 30.207
Frederick MehlGermantownr. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantown1 acrer. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantownr. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantown1 acrer. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantown1 acre, 1.75 sq. perchesH 17.505
Frederick MehlGermantownr. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantown1 acrer. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantownr. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantownCP A-2.7; r. RDW 10.561
Frederick MehlGermantownr. RDW 10.561
Leonard MelchorcityMtgBk M 1.265
Leonard Melchorcity131 2nd St N
Leonard MelchorcityG 11.221133-135 N 2nd St
Leonard MelchorGermantown0.75 acresI 17.169
Leonard MelchorNorthern Liberties1 acre, 4 sq. perchesI 17.26
Leonard MelchorNorthern Liberties4 acres, 37 sq. perchesI 4.439
Leonard MelchorNorthern LibertiesI 4.375Queen/Richmond St
Mary Smith and Sarah MeltoncityI 1.429126 Elfreths Alley
Patrick MenanWhitemarsh50 acresr. 7.535; original HSMC
Christopher MengGermantown116.3 sq. perchesTH 86.144
Christopher MengGermantown114 sq. perchesTH 86.146
Melchior MengGermantownAWM 13.525
Melchior MengGermantown6.5 acres, 1 sq. perchEF 15.515
Melchior MengGermantownAWM 13.522
Melchior MengLower Merion33.75 acresI 17.203.
Melchior Meng?Germantown2.75 acres, 20 sq. perches
Johannes MengenNorthern LibertiesH 15.316N 2nd St
Mennonite MeetingGermantown
Charles MeredithcityH 4.399
Charles MeredithNorthern Liberties3 acres, 154 sq. perchesI 14.38
Daniel MeredithMoyamensingI 16.30
David MeredithGermantownI 15.329
Elizabeth Miller and Mary MeredithcityH 13.30615 N Front St
Jonathan MeredithcityI 11.332S 3rd St
Jonathan MeredithcityI 16.518S 3rd St
Jonathan MeredithcityI 11.332S 3rd St
Jonathan MeredithcityI 11.332S 3rd St
Moses MeredithPlymouth152 acresG 6.296
Moses MeredithPlymouth259 acresG 6.296
Reese MeredithBlockley25 acresCP A-2.15
Reese Meredithcityr. D 21.487
Reese MeredithcityI 10.509
Reese MeredithcityG 2.215
Reese MeredithcityH 4.123
Reese MeredithDistrict of Southwarkr. D 53.139
Reese MeredithMoyamensingEF 10.695
Reese MeredithMoyamensing8 acres, 85 sq. perchesCP B-3.155
Reese MeredithNorthern Liberties8 acres, 100 sq. perchesEF 22.593
Reese MeredithNorthern Liberties8 acres, 100 sq. perchesEF 22.593
Reese MeredithNorthern LibertiesEF 22.593
Reese MeredithNorthern Liberties98 acres, 100 sq. perchesEF 22.593
Reese MeredithPassyunk19 acres, 90 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk2.75 acres
Reese MeredithPassyunk14 acres, 15 sq. perchesr. D 73.209
Reese MeredithPassyunk13 acres, 100 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk9 acres, 150 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk6 acres, 64 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk13 acres, 25 sq. perchesI 15.360
Reese MeredithPassyunk29 acres, 140 sq. perches
Reese MeredithPassyunk7 acres, 157 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk9 acres, 80 sq. perchesr. D 17.32
Reese MeredithPassyunk9 acres, 30 sq. perches
Reese MeredithPassyunk13 acres, 98 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk6 acres, 10 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk9 acres, 95 sq. perchesCP B-3.232
Reese MeredithPassyunk15.25 acres
Reese Meredith & William JonesPassyunk52 acres, 59 sq. perchesCP B-3.369
Reese Meredith & William JonesPassyunk4 acresCP B-3.348
James Meredith EstateLower Merion96 acres41.47
Philip MerewineRoxborough50 acres
Merion Preparative Meeting of FriendsLower Merion0.5 acres, 6 sq. perchesExemp 7.156
Merion Preparative Meeting of FriendsLower Merion7.25 acres, 23 sq. perchesG 7.131
Merion Preparative Meeting of FriendsLower Merion23 sq. perches
Conrad MerkleRoxborough23.75 acres
Richard Merrin EstatecityComBk A-3.146 (Exemp. 5.119); r. EF 24.287
Richard Merrin Estatecityr. EF 24.287
John MessemerPassyunk1 acre, 7 sq. perchesEF 25.133
John MessemerPassyunk4 acres, 13 sq. perchesD 23.93
John MessemerPassyunk6 acres, 107 sq. perchesEF 25.135
Henry MesserSpringfield9 acresI 11.311
John Andrew MessersmithcityD 13.49170 4th St N142 4th St N
John Andrew MessersmithcityD 10.25272 4th St N144 4th St N
Cassimer MessimerNew Hanover119 acres, 60 sq. perches386.91
Cassimer MessimerNew Hanover40 acres, 100 sq. perches85.198
Cassimer MessimerNew Hanover50 acres, 73 sq. perches85.202
George MetzgercityH 15.4106th St N
John MetzlerGermantown1 acre, 10 sq. perches
Casper MeyerGermantown0.25 acres, 20 sq. perchesD 20.507
George MeyerFranconia and Upper Salford56.75 acresr. 6.359
George MeyerRockhill, Bucks County20 acresr. MontCo 6.359
Henry MeyercityI 17.47025 North Alley518 North Alley
Henry MeyerUpper Salford77.75 acresI 13.284
Henry MeyerUpper Salford116 acresI 13.284
Henry MeyerUpper Salford115 acres, 59 sq. perches7.5
Jacob MeyerCheltenham77.5 acres
Jacob MeyerFranconia and Hilltown82 acresr. BucksCo 26.389
Jacob MeyerOxford24 acres, 12 sq. perches
Jacob MeyerOxford50.5 acres, 5 sq. perches
Joseph MeyerMoyamensingMR 21.631
Matthew MeyerNorthern LibertiesGS 48.5552nd St N
Matthias Meyer EstatecityEF 33.268; r. IC 1.53
George Wickard and George MichaelFrederick189 acres, 65 sq. perchesr. 8.741