Mapping Penn: Land Acquisitions 1870-Present

Parcel Detail

Registry Plan No.:004S15-0117
Address:523-525 S 20TH ST
Area:2,087.8 sq ft

Transaction 1 of 2

Deed Book/Page:51660874
Other included parcels:
003S21-01581803-1829 LOMBARD ST
004S15-0002517 S 20TH ST
004S15-00221939 NAUDIN ST
004S15-0075 NAUDIN ST
004S15-0112515 S 20TH ST
004S15-0113511 S 20TH ST
004S15-01361937 NAUDIN ST
004S15-02511933-1935 NAUDAIN ST
1933-1935 NAUDIN ST
004S15-02891900-1914 LOMBARD ST
004S15-0290519-521 S 20TH ST
004S15-0297532 S 19TH ST
004S15-0316520-526 S 19TH ST
004S15-03311800-1846 LOMBARD ST
004S16-0001518 S 20TH ST
004S16-0016520 S 20TH ST
004S16-0104516 S 20TH ST
004S16-0128522 S 20TH ST
005S06-04901700 SOUTH ST
005S06-04911740 SOUTH ST
005S07-00651836 SOUTH ST
005S07-00731807 KATER ST
005S07-00761834 SOUTH ST
005S07-01121808 SOUTH ST
005S07-01711820 SOUTH ST
005S07-0176608-610 S 18TH ST
005S07-01781806 SOUTH ST
005S07-01801819 KATER ST
005S07-01831838 SOUTH ST
005S07-02011832 SOUTH ST
005S07-02201817 KATER ST
005S07-02471804 SOUTH ST
005S07-03081800 SOUTH ST
005S07-03091802 SOUTH ST
005S07-03541812 SOUTH ST
005S07-03581842 SOUTH ST
005S07-03761844 SOUTH ST
005S07-03851840 SOUTH ST
005S07-0393612-614 S 18TH ST
005S07-04571810 SOUTH ST
005S07-04631821 KATER ST
005S07-04641822 SOUTH ST
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Tenet Health System Graduate
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania

Transaction 2 of 2

Deed Book/Page:CAB 1303/90
Property File No.:43
Other included parcels:
004S15-0075 NAUDIN ST
Seller/Grantor: Buyer/Grantee:
Buckman, Charles L., and Rose, his wife, and Buckman, Melvin J., and Buckman, Coleman, and Gertrude K., his wife, and Auritt, Louis, and Dorothy, his wife
Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania